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What are the Digital Skills Every Tech Company Need?

by emily joyce

Do you agree that the 21st century has become the milestone of digital transformation? Of course yes right. Because technology has filled every phase of our daily lives. The way you live, learn, watch movies and play – everything has been changed.

If you want to purchase a dress, then you would’ve spent time visiting a fashion outlet near your home. But now there are many online fashion portals where you can shop right at your fingertips. Sounds amazing right!! The digital transformation made everyone’s life easy and flexible. The way you order clothes, food, travel, communication and banking, digital transformation is a fingertip away.

There is no doubt, in the coming future the technology will develop in such a way that it will embrace the duties and roles undertaken by a common person (human).

As per reports, over 83% of organizations have digitalized their processes and workflow. Most businesses are employing AI (artificial intelligence) to streamline the work process and supply chain.

Why are industries going digital?

Today the digital transformation is imperative to the presence of every business set up either public or MNC sector. It helps your organization meet the challenging user demands. Also allows them to develop efficiently in a continually shifting digital economic aspect.

Every company should embrace digital transformation. The advancement in technology helps to speed up the process in an effective manner. Can you imagine, by 2025, 35 billion virtual objects will be connected via the internet? Yes, it’s will happen. Therefore all companies have to go digitally, if you’re not keeping up the pace then you’ll be not in the race of competition.

If you’re looking to modify the work process and eager to dive into digital technology. But have no idea about what skills you require to launch? Here is a solution for you. Maximize your marketability by introducing technical skills in demand for the coming future.

Machine learning

Have you ever heard about the word ‘machine learning’? If you’re a tech-savvy person then you would’ve heard it countless times. It is a great approach to ‘artificial intelligence’ that is purely focused on building machines. It is a fun learning technique as you don’t require programming knowledge.

Key features of automated machine learning are as follows:

  • Preprocessing of data
  • Automatically engineer the latest features
  • Diverse algorithm to test
  • Better and faster algorithm selection
  • Training and tuning
  • Ensembling and head to head model competitions
  • Human-friendly analytics
  • Easy deployment and model monitoring

As digital technology is ruling the world, there are multiple artificial intelligence techniques has been introduced. Among them, machine learning is the evergreen technology trends in the past few decades. As machine learning turns out, integrating them with your business can make you grow even better.

Machine learning can be integrated into various industries such as healthcare, education, fashion, finance, and more. There are endless possibilities, with respect to your interest you can integrate a machine learning skills to your company.

Mobile development

How do you stay connected with your friends, family or business associates? Mobile phone right. It is an effective way to get connected quickly. The mobile phone has become a basic need for everyone throughout the globe. Can you imagine your day without a mobile? Scary right!! A few decades ago, mobile phones are capable of calling and receiving a person.

With the advancement in technology mobile phones are capable of

  • Storing data
  • Capturing pictures
  • Surfing the internet
  • Video call
  • Audio messages

Do you have a company website? Ofocurse yes right. Do you’ve got a mobile application for your business? If not then you’re losing something big. If you want to stay at the top, then you must surely have a mobile application too. Having effective mobile development skills can come with a perk. With the skill, you can build an application for yourself and also for others. Sometimes you can sell your won application as well.

Mobile application features

  • Integrate social media sharing
  • Customize app as you like
  • Eliminating unnecessary clicks
  • Include in-depth analytics
  • Adds potential values on user experience

If you’re a real-time game player then you would’ve heard about ‘Pokemon Go’. This is an interesting game where you can engage with real players around the globe. Same way develop a mobile application with blending technology and head into reality.

SEO/SEM marketing

Employers are looking for people with strong digital marketing skills to improve visibility and web presence in search engines. SEO is the process of getting traffic from various resources organically. Search engine marketing (SEM) is an effective channel to advertise your product/services and grow your business. SEO and SEM is a digital technical skill required for every business for various reasons. It includes improving conversions, driving traffic, sales to the website.

If you’re a creative and data-minded person, SEO and SEM can be an amazing fit for you. Since the responsibilities include various interesting things such as constant testing, measuring and reviewing to watch out the right approach. Accordingly, modifications can be done based on metrics and observation.

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