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Top 12 Essential Tips for Blogging Success

by jane bryon

Are you a blogger? What is your blog about? Is it about food, travel, technical or anything else? Whatever it is, you’re spending time and money on the blog you would definitely want to see flourish and grow.

How is your strategy for your blog’s success coming along? Is it working well or it is time for you to change or upgrade it. And if you’re a new blogger you must be wondering about pros and con’s in your strategy.

If you want to be a blogging superhero? Here are tips that can help you in becoming a pro blogger.

Quality Content

However beautiful your blog is at the end of the day, content is what ultimately drives your blog to success. It’s not that other factors are less important.

It’s just that quality content is more imperative for your blog’s success. Choose topics that serve a purpose to your audience. It is important to write on topics that your audience are interested as it drives more traffic to your blog. If your content has the quality google is looking for, it will automatically rank high in search results. And see that whatever content you’re posting on your blog is useful and provides a solution to your audience.

Build relations

Building relations is a huge part of blogging. Be it other bloggers in the industry or audience it is important for you to build a relationship. It helps you in understanding your audience better and catering their needs better. If you have great relationships with other bloggers you could write guest posts on their blog and reach new audience base i.e., their regular audience base.

You can even promote your content on their blogs and other social media platforms. So the part of building relationships with your audience include sending them newsletters and constantly keeping them on the loop about your recent activities. Interacting with your audience may broaden your view and provide you with ideas for your next post.

Leave them wanting more

There are so many blogs that are delivering a similar type of content. So why should your audience choose your blog out of others? Think about it. If you want to build some regular audience base and more subscribers then you should buckle up and give them a reason to come back and that reason would be your content. Provide them with content that would not like to miss out. Perhaps then they would subscribe and visit your website regularly.

Catchy Headlines & Images

Writing great content is one thing and attracting audience attention towards it is a whole another story. What could you do to attract that attention from your audience? Add catchy headlines to your content. These headlines help you in selling your content. If your headlines are catchy then naturally your audience dive in and read your content.

Your headline should define the topic in a nutshell with few words. Not only headlines but images will also help you in keeping your audience in your blog. Make sure that your images are in line with your content. Don’t overdo the images use them in moderation just use where they are necessary and relevant.


Social media takes the most time of anybody’s day. Don’t you agree? How often do you open your Insta, FB profiles? It would be more than 5 times a day right. See the potential these platforms offer. They are allowing you to connect with your audience in a larger class and create a digital image to your company. Notify them about your new blog posts and send them newsletters regularly so that you can stay in touch with them and keep them updated easily. You can even guest post in other blogger sites. So that you can explore their audience too.

Try new things but in moderation

Try experimenting with new things, don’t be stuck to providing your audience with the same type of content over and over. Provide them with some variety. Don’t be afraid to break your mould. Keep your message the same but change the way you deliver it. Check other blogs and improve your blog posts. Don’t change your message that may confuse your audience, but always deliver it with a difference, don’t follow the crowd, lead it.

Read your Blogs

Once or twice a month read your blogs. Why you’re wondering? You always concentrate on other blogs, referring and understanding them. But what about you? Seeing you’re blog will help you see it from your point-of-view. You can check whether your images and font are looking compatible or not. Reading your blogs will help you see whether you’re blogs are interesting, helpful and informative or not.

Maintain a Deadline

Before starting your article always keep a deadline. Why the deadline? Maintaining a deadline will create a discipline while you’re writing your content. It will improve your commitment to finish you’re working on time. And making you more reliable when it comes to writing. And you would actually finish your work on time this way.

Mobile Friendly

Mobiles have become an integral part of people’s life. There wouldn’t be a time you would find people without their mobiles. Millennials are always on the go attending meetings, taking client calls. So mobile is must and should for everyone. Have you ever entered a meeting without a mobile? Very rare right. So having your website mobile friendly will increases more chances of increasing your traffic. Make sure that it is not taking forever to load, your viewers may leave, if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. So keep it simple and easy.


Make sure that you post consistently on your blog. Don’t make your audience ever feel abandoned. Be regular in your posts and always check whether you font, images are in alignment with your website or not. Check you’re a website at least once a month from laptop or mobile to see your website from your audience point of view.

Revenue Sources

It is also important to understand your revenue source. At some point, your blog may start becoming your primary source of income. There are so many ways to make money using blogs, used to be clear what ideas are going to choose. You can consider affiliate marketing, promote products on your blog. With Google Adsense, you can run display ads also. All these streams are traffic based so once you must create great content to drive more traffic.

Edit, Edit, Edit

Don’t forget to edit once you’re done with your first draft. Take your time, don’t rush it. Edit it as many time as you please to make your posts perfect. And you can even ask your friends or colleagues to proofread it for you. You know, sometimes a comma or spelling error can miss your eye. It is good to have an extra pair of eyes scrutiny your work and rectifying mistakes.

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