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How do Websites Make Money Without Ads?

by emily joyce

For many people, making money through a website is like their daydream becoming a reality. Adwords is one of the ways to earn money on your website. As per research, over 2.5 million business owners spend maximum money. For sure, your website would reach a positive ROI. What about the money you spend on ads? Are you reaching the best result?

AdWords is an expensive tool. If you are a business owner spending lots and lots of money on AdWords and want to save your money then, you’re at the right place. This article will guide you on how to make money without ads. You should not rely only on Adwords to make money.

Whether it is a Small or large business, their primary goal would be focusing on customer’s attention and drive maximum traffic. Once the website started receiving traffic, there are different approaches to make money without ads. All you need to be wise to focus on a few key points in mind when you get started with your website.

However, there are multiple ways to make money without ads.

Since every website needs to be considered differently.

Following are great marketing approaches to earn money for your website without ads:

Selling Products or Services Online

No matter what type of business you choose, there are two kinds of products to sell.

  1. Commoditized products

Commoditized products are the most popular products that maximum people shop online. These products are clothes, footwear, beauty, medicines, etc.

  1. Niche products

Niche products focus on a particular section of a large organization and market. Niche products are expensive than commoditized products. Organic food, personalized products, retro styles, etc are a few good examples of these type of products.

Selling products or services is a great way to earn money through your website. If you are planning to start selling your products or services online.  Build a strong website with powerful e-commerce functionality.

This may sound complicated for you, but it’s surprisingly honest approach if you choose the perfect website builder for your business.

Sell quality products or services to your potential customers. Quality plays a major role in customers buying decision.

  • Know your products or services
  • Explain the offer in one sentence
  • Know your prospects
  • Set a presentation goal
  • Reach maximum revenue

Affiliate Marketing

If your website is driving huge traffic, then affiliate marketing is a powerful approach to monetize your website.

Affiliate marketing is a popular sales approach. It allows a business entrepreneur to increase sales for their products by targeting the same audience.

This approach works in a simple way.

After getting into an affiliate marketing program. You will get an individual URL, that URL consists of their affiliate unique ID. Now, you can share that unique affiliate URL with your visitors on the social platform by using the text links or banner ads. When a user clicks on that unique link, at that moment affiliate software records that user click and status of a product in the affiliate account.

The price of the product or service would be the same through an affiliate and directly from merchant platform.

Sponsored Post

These days it’s increasingly challenging to make money with your website. A sponsored post has filled the gaps to earn additional income for your website.

Sponsored posts are an amazing way to get started with healthy revenue while maintaining complete control of your website.

Sponsored posts can be long or short articles that a website owner has offered a few dollars to another website to publish their article. These type of post may be related to that websites niche or trending tops.

There are various formats of sponsored posts

  • Product review
  • Product information
  • Offer promotion
  • How to videos
  • Infographics

Apart from your website, with strong social media followers, you can also make money easily. Make sure to give a ‘nofollow link’ for a sponsored post.

Target Long-Tail Keywords

There are two types of keywords – short and long. A keyword that has more than two words are considered as short tail keywords. Keywords that have more than three words can be considered as long-tail keywords.

Short tail keywords are now ancient history as people feel there is an essence of incompleteness. Most of user search term is saturated and it’s quite impossible to compete. Therefore, you should focus maximum time on targeting long-tail keywords.

Using long tail keywords you can connect in a better way with customers. Long tail keywords are those 3 or 4 keyword phrases. These keywords are more specific for which you are selling. Whenever a user searches for a highly specific phrase, the user is most likely looking for a product that they are going to purchase.

Create an ‘Email List’

Building a strong email list should be the primary goal. Most people are abundantly using emails. Marketing experts state that ‘money is in the list’. The saying is perfect. But how? Is it an easy way to earn money through an email list?

As per marketing research, email marketing generates over 3800% ROI.

Email marketing is a long-term marketing strategy. Because you won’t get millions of dollars overnight. It’s one of the profitable approaches to grow your website or blog into a full-fledged, revenue generating website.

It can take some time to work out on ‘how to earn money with your website’. But, don’t try to chase all approaches at once. It’s always great to pick two or three from this list that resonates perfectly with your website.

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