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Top 10 Best Automation Testing Tools

by jane bryon

Every generation is bringing something new to the table with changing times. Don’t you agree? From great innovations to technology everything went through the charm of getting better. And all these changes are making our life and work easy. The software has also been experiencing these changes. Developing software is not an easy job, automating some of its processes can make it easy and less tedious.

Testing is the most important phase in building software. So Automating this process will help you in developing your application or software fast. There are many automation tools now available in the market to perform the job.

Choosing the right automation tool is definitely important. There are both commercial test and open-source automation solutions. So choose an automation testing tool that increases your businesses productivity and satisfies all your terms.

Here are the 10 best automation tools that would make testing easy.


Selenium is undoubtedly one of the popular automation testing tools. It is an open source automation testing tool and focuses on web applications across different platforms and browsers. Selenium is a suite of software, each serving different testing needs. Testing performed using this software is called Selenium Testing.

This tool goes way back to 2004. It was developed by Jason Huggins. This tool helps the users to write programs in many programming languages like PHP, C#, Groovy, Python, Ruby, Java and Perl. It even supports some of the largest browsers. Selenium framework has even become important for other open-source automation testing tools also. And all of this is for free. Yup, you heard it right, Selenium is free.<


UFT( Unified Functional Testing) is a functional testing automation software. It performs intelligent test automation for mobile, API, RPA, hybrid, enterprise apps and web. UFT speed ups your end-to-end functional testing efforts. It supports mostly every major environment and software application i.e., Oracle, SAP, mainframes, embedded frames, headless browsers, salesforce and etc. It’s Micro Focus on-demand test lab allows you to add your testing to the cloud, enabling to perform your testing on any device or browsers.

It allows you to run tests parallelly on both mobiles and web browsers using the mobile centre. It mix-and-matches scripted and recorded processes and builds devices through advanced visual identification. Give a try on their trial version for 60-days with all the features. You can get a run-time engine for $2300/annum, UFT for $3200/annum. Contact them for a customized solution.

Kalton studio

Kalton Studio is one of the most powerful tools for automation testing. It provides you with solutions for a web application, web services and mobile. This software is built on frameworks like Appium and Selenium, and it takes the primacy of these frameworks for software automation. This tool makes it easy for both programmers and non-programmers. A non-IT team can also now easily finish the automation testing project, whereas programmers can save ample of time by using this automation tester.

It can be meshed and works great with CD/CI processes and other popular tools. ALM integrations, Plugins and frameworks are included in a single package for Linux, macOS and Windows. Its user-friendly UI is making it easy for users to create, maintain and execute tests. Automation users across 160 countries are using Kalton Studio and are satisfied. And to top it off this software is FREE, making it even more desirable.

IBM Rational Functional Tester

IBM RFT is a regression testing tool and automated functional testing. It offers automated testing capabilities for GUI, data-driven, regression and functional testing. It supports a wide range of web-based applications such as Java, Seibel, SAP, terminal emulator-based app’s, Ajax, PowerBuilder, Dot Net, Dojo Toolkit, Adobe Flex, GEF, Adobe PDF documents, zSeries, pSeries, iSeries.

The testing tool offers storyboard testing, in which it simplifies editing, test visualization using rendered screenshots and natural language. IBM RFT also offers automated testing, under which it allows testers to automate your tests based on frequent application UI changes with ScriptAssure technology. It also offers data-driven and test scripting testing and it even integrates well with other software. You can even use its trial version before making your decision.


Watir is based out of Ruby libraries. This tool is a web automation testing tool and it is an open course. It even supports cross-browser testing including Opera, Firefox, IE and headless browser. Watir also integrates with BBD tools like Test/Unit, RSpec and Cucumber and supports data-driven testing. It even offers advanced interactions like waiting, mobile site & device testing, headless, browser certifications, browser windows, browser proxies, cookies, alerts and etc. Watir is powered by Selenium, the best automation testing tool.

Tricentis Tosca

Tricentis Tosca provides broad features set for continuous testing includes integrations, analytics and dashboard that would support DevOps and agile methodologies. It helps the users in optimising test assets reusability. This automation tool supports many technologies such as mobile, API, web. It even offers features for risk analysis, distributed execution and integration management. It offers automation for more than 150 technologies. You can try the free trial versions or demos of Tricentis Tosca.

TestPlant eggPlant

This tool is an automated functional testing tool based on images. It even enables testers to connect with AUT same as end users. This tool is completely different compared to other traditional testing tools. Non-programmers with less or no experience in testing will also easily learn and apply test automation. The testing software offers both CI integration and lab management. It follows the approach of modelling user point of view rather than test scripts often viewed by testers.

Test Complete

Test Complete is a commercial testing tool developed by Smartbear. This software supports many scripting languages such as VB Script, JavaScript, Python, C++ Script. You can perform data-driven and keyword driven testing using it. It’s GUI capability of object recognition will automatically update and detect UI objects, this capability maintains the effect of your test script even when your AUT is changed.

In a CI, this software integrates with Jenkins. You can undoubtedly say that this tool is the best Automation testing tool with artificial intelligence. You first check out their trial version. Prices are ranging from $2398 for Desktop module, $3,118 for mobile and $2398 for the web. You can get all these three, floating platform and add-ons & extensions at $8400.

Robot Framework

This tool is an open-source automation framework. Implementing a key-word driven approach for ATDD. This software satisfies test automation needs by providing them with frameworks. Its test capability can be extended by implementing additional test libraries by using Java and Python. Most popular external library used in Robot Framework. This software is used for web, Android, iOS test automation.


Ranorex is a commercial tool used for testing for mobile, web and desktop. It features capabilities like GUI recognition, record/playback and recyclable test scripts. Ranorex offers useful features like Codeless test creation, this feature helps the new testers to apply and learn automation. The software supports Selenium combination making it easy for web application testing. You can distribute test execution across several platforms by using Selenium Grid. You can now try their trial version and the prices are ranging from $2990 for premium node locked, $4990 for premium floating and $6490 for premium floating with enterprise support.

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