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What is Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

by emily joyce

How do you handle the recruitment process in your business? How much time does it take? What is your budget limit to manage for the recruitment process? You spend maximum time and amount on this phase right!! Since recruitment is an imperative phase in every business. Choosing the right employee for the right position will make your business productive and successful. What if you hire the wrong person for your company? Ultimately your business will end up with the loss. So to compensate with all these here comes “Recruitment Process Outsourcing”.

What is RPO?

RPO is a form of ‘business process outsourcing where you can transfer recruitment functions to an ‘external service provider’.

It is a defined business model. Here your company can outsource the management of the recruitment process to a third-party expert. Overall it drives cost, efficiency, flexible services, quality and scalability.

The outsourcing company is responsible for hiring new people to your company. In other words, RPO does more than just filling a requirement. It’s all about improving your recruitment function. When managed effectively with a quality manager, RPO can reduce your time to hire by over 50%.

RPO providers offer their company staff to recruitment. Sometimes owns your organization staff and hiring methodologies to manage your recruitment process.

Why consider Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

The process for recruitment is getting complex day by day. In order to recruit talent person, you need to navigate everything.

Whether you’re a newbie to RPO or looking for more value out of the existing program. Following are a few advantages the perfect RPO can deliver:

  • Expanded talent pool
  • Employer branding expertise
  • Assuring compliance
  • Mitigating risk
  • Enhanced speed of hire
  • Latest technologies
  • Flexibility
  • Improve scalability
  • Better insight through reports

There are multiple ways to select an applicant for employment. Most probably the hiring process may depend upon the company requirements and methods. However, small and large companies follow a structured process to hire a new employee.

If you’re an HR executive, you go through the job applicant profile thoroughly before scheduling the interview. Recruitment process undergoes into 3 stages

  1. Planning
  2. Recruitment
  3. Employee selection

Hiring the right employee for the desired position is a daunting task. You post specific jobs on your company website. Here job applicants can easily search and review the job and apply for the available job online. Few companies schedule an interview online during skype call or writing exam online, etc.

Apart from posting a job on a company website, you can also post a job on other platforms such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Naukri, etc. These groups act as a great platform where employers find applicants easily.

How does Recruitment Process Outsourcing work?

RPO undergoes  4 stages approach such as source, screen, recruit and report.

Source: There are various networking portals specially designed for recruitment. In which 81% of new jobs are just found via networking. Can’t imagine right? The brief sourcing expertise is one of the imperative components in recruitment.

Hero RPO team will develop concentrated sourcing techniques in order to address the requirements of specific companies such as

  • Talent pipeline
  • Screening
  • Assessment
  • Predictive analytics
  • Talent analytics
  • Recruitment messaging

Screen: Accurate screening includes background and reference checks. With skill assessments and in-depth screening of a candidate, RPO creates an open pool. Thereby, they schedule a drive for a candidate who is interested to join. Screening everything is important to ensure the right fit for the candidate positions and for your business.

Also, it assures your client receives the right candidate for a requirement who is well suited for your company culture.

Recruit: RPO companies specialize in hiring passive & active candidates. It helps to find the right person for a specific post. Here the RPO providers will act as your company representative.


  • Promote your brand consistently
  • Schedule interview for candidates
  • Administration salary negotiation
  • Maintains and manage tight quality control

Report: The organization remains responsive to its clients and contributes a regular analysis report of metrics includes

  • Cost per hire
  • Time consumed to fill the positions
  • Retention allowance
  • Productivity

Benefits of ‘Recruitment Process Outsourcing’

Positive and smart working employees are the backbone of any organization. RPO will help your business in recruiting felicitous employees. The outsourcing is responsible for handling the overall recruitment process with respect to your goals, objective, culture and values.

Cost Reduction

How much money do you spend on advertising a job on online boards? How much time will you take on screening, tracking or other recruitment technology? You actually require huge money and time. A great way to escape is to reach out RPO provider. RPO offers a dedicated recruiting services the cost per hire will be reduced. Avoid unnecessary candidate for recruitment and hire a candidate with the right candidate with minimal cost.


Time-saving is a notable advantage when you reach out for RPO providers. If you have an urgent requirement and what if that vacancy doesn’t get filled for a longer period. This can lead to a negative impact on your company performance. It’s an open fact that RPO providers have great experience and can assist you with the right candidate at the right time.

Enhanced candidate quality

How do you select a candidate for your position? You undergo various process right from experience to education background. In order to fill the position, your HR team needs to screen thousands of profiles. While screening thousands of profiles, you may miss the right one or select the wrong person for your organization.

Recruitment process outsourcing service providers will completely bound to screening profiles. Also, helps you to find the right profile in a given time as per your requirement.

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