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Top 5 SEO Trends That Will Influence Digital Marketing

by emily joyce

Nowadays, search engine optimization is playing a key role in all type of businesses. SEO is a great combination of different elements used together to achieve maximum ROI. It is important for a webmaster to understand the exact meaning of SEO. How SEO helps to increase the potentials of a business?

What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is the process of getting traffic to the webpage from many sources. Often referred as free, editorial and organic results. In short, SEO is significant because it allows your brand visibility and provides more traffic for your website. Thus, more opportunities to convert visitors into potential customers.

SEO helps to create a user-friendly website that can improvise the ranking in algorithmic search engine results.

Why SEO is important for businesses?

Search engine optimization is a key tool for entrepreneurs to gain more traffic on their website. Additionally, it is easily understandable for both search engine robots and customers.

SEO is not only for search engines but also a good SEO will often lead to greater user experience and website usability for a customer.

It’s obvious that a user trusts on search engines. Having your website presence in the top position for their searched keyword will increase your website trust.

Following are top 5 SEO trends that will influence digital marketing for every business.

Invest in Technical SEO

Understanding the technical SEO for modern business is very important. There are two key factors to focus on technical SEO – loading speed and JavaScript.

Loading Speed – The speed of your website has a huge impact on website ranking as Google crawls a website which quickly loads. A site speed completely relies on how quickly a website is responding for web requests. Improvising the loading speed of the website is important for website owners and internet users. Internal studies state that a visitor spends less time on the sites that take a very long time to load.

JavaScript – Nowadays JavaScript SEO is used by many of the business. JavaScript is a core component for creating a dynamic web page. During the technical process, JavaScript is either placed in HTML document or referenced. There are multiple frameworks and libraries like jQuery, Angular JS, ReactJS, polymers etc that are used for modern scripting.

Google’s Mobile First Algorithm

Mobile-first indexing is indicated as a mobile version of the website. Predominantly Google will rank a website which is mobile friendly. When a user requests a query on a search engine Google indexing mainly used to display the desktop version of a website. Since the majority of mobile users are higher than desktop users, Google has continued to prefer mobile indexing first.

Mobile-first indexing addresses the indexing but not ranking. Indexing is nothing but reading and storing the information on the webpage by Googlebot. When Google visits and crawls the page, the website content is automatically stored in an index.

Link Building

The term “link building” has mostly used everywhere in the SEO world. It will remain a prior Google ranking factor. Before diving into link building, firstly you need to know whether the link is a good or a bad link. While building backlinks for your website, one of two things can take place.

  1. Build high-quality links – A high quality backlinks points the relevant sources in your niche. Quality of the link will be determined by a domain’s sitewide authority.
  2. Build bad quality links – A bad quality backlink comes from untrusted or unrelated websites. These links will have a negative impact on your SEO.

To overcome low-quality backlinks, you need to perform a website audit and plan accordingly to build high-quality backlinks.

Link building is a great strategy that helps users to switch between relevant web pages on the internet. Additionally, it helps search engines to crawl between the web pages on your website.

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a powerful strategic approach mainly focuses on creating relevant and consistent content to attract the audience. Content plays a prominent role in every business, marketing your product is impossible without quality content. As per the market insights, more than 85% of marketers are using content marketing in their businesses for better traffic. The leading brands which are making great use of content marketing strategy are P&G, Cisco, Microsoft, and others.

Make your content marketing more effective with these following tips:

  1. Create a plan
  2. Know your audience
  3. Schedule the plan (when and where to post)
  4. Focus on quality, not quantity
  5. Mix up content (text, infographics, video, images and more)
  6. Optimize your content
  7. Test, analyze and improve

Video Engagement

Video marketing is not a new concept for marketers, it’s been trending from decades. It’s a valuable marketing solution that can help you extend the business reach and create brand awareness. And if you are the one who is not taking the advantage. Then, it’s the right time for you to concentrate on video engagement.

As per the analysis report, video content will represent 79% of all internet traffic.

Most of the social videos are watched on mobile devices. Make sure, your video duration should be shorter when they are used on social media platforms. Most of the audience prefer to watch videos that are less than 10 minutes.  


As digital marketing is ruling today’s business, SEO plays a key role in getting the audience to your website, guest articles, blogs or other content assets. As per the market insights the websites which are shown on the first page of Google results receive almost 95% clicks. That leads to a higher conversion rate of the website. Follow these SEO trends that will shape your business effectively.

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