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How to Build Customer Experiences Digitally?

by emily joyce

In the present marketing world, there is a buzz around customer experience emerging as a key factor to drive huge traffic to the website. But, what exactly is digital customer experience? how does it impact on many businesses?

Digital customer experience is like something ‘WOW’ in the marketing industry. According to the insights, the website that offers great digital customer experience will grow twice. Delivering an inspiring digital experience for customers will remain imperative for a business to survive in the competitive marketing world.

There are few businesses who offer great product and services for their customer. Sometimes, these websites do not reach maximum ROI. The problem behind this type of website is “due to the lack of digital customer experience“.

Nowadays consumers are expecting a perfect digital experience. As per the research, websites which have 10 seconds of loading time can abandon  60% of people. Thus, concentrating on digital customer experience is important.

What is Digital Customer Experience?

Digital customer experience is when a customer interacts with your brand online. Improving digital customer experience is the main strategy across consumer organizations.

Transforming a customer experience to digital customer experience is one of the major ways to influence and interact with customers of your brand. The customer interaction with the brand can be done through multiple channels according to your convenience.

Every customer interaction matters, thus maintaining consistency across the channels increases brand loyalty.

Many organizations consider digital customer experience as a singular event. The reality is digital customer experience itself consists of a set of elements that are needed to be considered during the customer journey on your website.

Let’s consider an example if a customer has visited your website to buy a product, which definitely has a positive impact on your brand. In other cases, you can also check whether a customer has reached your website for a support service? Was a customer comparing the price of the product with other online shopping portals? Did a customer request for service of a product? Or a consumer is interested to give feedback for the purchased product?

To adopt a great customer digital experience for your business. An effective program should be introduced.

Following are the steps to build customer experience digitally.

Ask Customers to Provide Feedback

When reaching out your customer, design an effective way to collect feedback. Know what type of questions will work for your business? What are the channels are your customers spending the most time on?

Open conversation is always a great idea. During the approach for feedback keep in mind to ask questions that encourage a customer to have a free-flowing conversation. Collect the data from customers and execute this strategy in a proper way. Customer feedback can help to improve your brand and product services.

Provide 24×7 Excellent Customer Support

Customer service provides a great way of communication between consumer and business. The communication can be done before or after placing an order. Many organizations consider customer support as a part of business sales funnel.

The business perspective indicates, by providing a customer service can improve relations with customers. During the customer support, the perception of a customer may vary depending upon who you’re encountering the question. It’s a great way to get in touch with your customers to get extra information.

After a successful purchase by the customer, you can use customer service in two different ways.

  1. Customer retention – Customer will make a new product purchase or request for a service.
  1. Customer feedback – Asking customers about the experience with the received product.

To provide excellent customer support for your brand. You should have a dedicated customer support team around who carefully attend the calls and emails from the customers.

Use Location To Add Context

With the latest technology used in mobiles, it is possible to know “who are your customers?” and “where do they reside?” By turning on the location setting on your mobile phones. You can deliver a customized and responsive experience for the customers with respect to the physical context.

The location can provide additional information about customers like place and work. These type of information will be useful for insurance companies.

Geo-location targeting will be greatly helpful for brand success. As it will help you reach targeted customers.

Embrace Live Video

It’s no secret that many people love video content, rather than looking out for text or image. Nowadays video content is driving more traffic, views, and engagement. Live video marketing is becoming a popular approach in the marketing community. These type of videos appel powerful because live videos will allow a customer to experience a great extent.

The live videos can be used for various purposes such as

  1. Question and answers
  2. New product launch
  3. Festival greetings
  4. Meet-and-greet and much more.

According to market insights, 80% of users would prefer to watch live video from a website than reading the content.

Follow Customers on Social Media Platforms

The first thing every business should do is to follow its customers on a various social media platform. The social tools are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.

By following customers you can know what are their interests, dislike and more. Apart from the landing page, these platforms are another way of getting visitors to your website and increases the conversion rates.

Many of business conduct social media pool to gather customer’s information. By conducting polls, it allows your business to engage customers in a fun way.

Final Thoughts

The success of every business lies in the strength of customer digital experience. One of the best possible way to enhance customers experience is to ask customer opinion. Then work on their concerns and try to meet their expectations. Follow the mentioned tactics and build a great customer experience digitally.

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