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Top 10 CRM Software for the business

by emily joyce

Many successful companies share their secret openly i.e ‘Customer is King’. It’s a written statement in every business and everyone agrees with this statement completely.

If you’re a marketing manager, every day you execute a new strategy to run your business effectively and improve ROI. Among all the strategies – maintaining a balanced relationship with your customer is very important.

Create a long lasting relation with your new, existing and potential customers and enhance profitability to the next level.

When you’re a newbie, it can be difficult to attract new customers to your websites. You even spend huge money on various marketing tactics such as SEO, guest posting, AdWords in a belief of earning at least one sale per day. The sale ratio may depend upon the industry.

If the marketing process worked well and you’ve successfully got a sale from a customer. Then, you’ve done a great job!!! When a new user finishes their purchase, there is no guarantee that the customer will reach your website to purchase for the next time. If a user is unhappy or not satisfied with your product/service, that user may leave negative feedback. Ultimately there will be a negative impact on your business.

At the end of the day, you lost a customer and gained a bad remark. Scary, right? Don’t panic!!! Every problem has a solution, so is to yours i.e using CRM software for your business.

Many business use this CRM tool for various reasons,

  • Customer relationship management
  • Business analytics
  • Communication with customer
  • Lightweight project management and more

There are few CRM solution have in-built functionalities such as chatbot, accepting calls, fast reply to communicate with their clients directly right from the system.


If your looking for world’s no. 1 CRM software, then ‘Salesforce’ tool can be the right choice for you. It stands as a ‘global industry owner’ who is well professional in ‘client management relationship’. With Salesforce you can sell your products faster, user-friendly, effective and smarter.

Salesforce CRM  streamlines & automates your complete business process instantly. Also, this tool offers advanced technology and excellent customer management software that is specifically structured to bring high simplicity, visibility, integration to your business.


  • Salesforce essentials – $25
  • Lighting professional – $75
  • Lightning enterprise – $150
  • Unlimited CEM power and support – $300


Hubspot is a popular CRM software available on the market. Do you know, Hubspot won “Expert’s Choice Award” for 2018. Yes, you heard it right. This tool is perfectly built that allows customer support and sales team to perform their job quickly without making any modification in their current workflow.

With this CRM software, you can connect to various platforms such as Gmail, G Suite, Outlook and more.

Hubspot CRM is a smart choice that holds every feature

  • Content management
  • Email scheduling and tracking
  • Canned snippet
  • Live chat, calling, meeting

Pricing: HubSpot is 100% free!! You can add more than 10 lakhs contacts, unlimited users and more. No specific limit to access your CRM account.

Zoho CRM

Want to get maximum leads? Or planning to grow your business even faster? Zoho CRM is the right tool for you. This software offers multichannel support to engage with your potential customers. You can reach your customers through phone, live chat, social media, etc.

  • Multichannel
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Performance and analytics
  • Customization
  • Sales automation
  • Security

The attractive feature of Zoho CRM is “Visitor tracking”. It helps to have a clear picture of your customers. What they’re looking for and how they’re engaging. Zoho CRM automates your everyday task, your sales team can spend limited time on data entry. Repetitive tasks can be sending SMS and emails to customers, product rating and feedback etc.


Insightly is the preferred platform for a small and large business. Maintaining a healthy relationship with your customer and grow your business during a short period.

Make a perfect decision in no time with in-depth reports & dashboards. With these next version of data visualization capabilities, your customer support team can easily represent what are major metrics involved such as:

  • Territory coverage
  • Sales pipeline
  • Deals closed
  • Active projects

Pricing: Insightly plus plan starting at $29, professional plan at $49 and enterprise at $99 onwards.


Many people hesitate to use the software. Don’t you agree? Yes, nowadays business software’s are highly expensive. Sometimes installation of software is a time-consuming process. There are times where you waste longer hours are wasted for customization. You may also require an expert to get your work done.

Reasons for choosing Freshworks

  • Use in build call and email
  • Discover the best sales and leads
  • Relevant conversation
  • Get smarter and easier with e-mail

Freshworks offers the best CRM software for your business. This CRM can easily capture your ideal visitors automatically. Analysis and assign the visitor to the deductive sale person on your team. You can access your customer’s social media profiles from a single screen.

  • Auto profile enrichment
  • Auto lead assignment
  • Visual sales pipeline
  • Track deals on the move
  • Multiple sales pipeline
  • Behaviour-based segmentation
  • Insightful email metrics

Installation of Freshworks CRM software is ease and needs minimum customization. This CRM software is trusted by over 150,000 businesses.    

Smart CRM

CRM tool is a pre-defined category of effective software that holds a comprehensive set of apps and software. These are specially designed to help you with your customer’s information and engagement. Also, access business information, customer support, manage your employee and more.

  • Case Management
  • CRM and sales report
  • Customer service
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Sales tracking
  • Team management

Many business entrepreneurs prefer Smart CRM, it provides effective tour planning and visits preparation, lead management, sale management, target agreement and more.

Revamp CRM

RevampCRM is specially designed for small and medium scale businesses. This CRM software aims to automate your CRM efforts and also streamline the workflow. It offers various tools such as tracking activities, deals, orders, emails, leads and more. Build a defined workflow and perform more and more activities.

RevampCRM offers two types of products such as

  1. CRM for every size business
  2. CRM for e-commerce

Connect your favourite application to ‘Revamp CRM’. You get to connect with 80+ apps. Make your business effective and integrate this CRM with your favourite apps through eCommerce, Live Chat, Payment, Scheduling and more.

Pricing: Monthly plan starts at $7 onwards.


If you’re looking for web-based lead management software, Leadmaster is the best tool for you. This CRM offers a cost-effective automated solution for both sales and marketing teams. With incredible CRM lead management solution, you and your employees can perfectly streamline and automate the work process to generate huge profits. Also, it helps to capture, nature and convert maximum leads.

Leadmaster is cloud-based software, therefore it is easy to Manage, Deploy, Learn, Ease to use. It is adaptable to every industry and also customizable.

  • Easy CRM
  • Lead management
  • Marketing automation
  • Inside sales
  • Help desk
  • Landing pages

Pricing: Small business plan starts at $ 50 per month, professional plan starts at $250 and the organization plan starts at $500 onwards.


If you’re looking for innovative and cost-effective CRM software, look no further than ‘SugarCRM‘. Sugar is a CRM tool that gathers important information across sales and marketing.

SugarCRM is a suitable tool for small and large organisations.

  • Complete CRM
  • 360 customer view
  • Next generation UX
  • Flexible information
  • Multiple deployment options

It is fast, effective and has an ability to integrate with everything. IT deliver a suitable solution for your business, it helps to drive maximum sales and run a powerful campaign without overload.

Less Annoying CRM

Nothing is more important than customer information. Many business owners spend a lot of money and time to gather their customer’s data. There are many CRM software available online. You’ve no idea about whom you can trust? To turn around your situation, Less Annoying CRM is the answer for you

  • Ease-to-use
  • Affordable
  • Flexible customer support

Less Annoying CRM tool was founded in 2009. The main motto is to help small companies succeed. Less Annoying CRM is specially designed software for small business. The team has built a new breed of CRM tool.

Pricing: Monthly plan starts at $10 per user.

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