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Create Great PowerPoint Presentations with SlideModel for Your Business Presentations

by qiel

How important do you think is effective communication important in the office meetings? Highly important, right?

Without effective communication how are you going to make everyone in your board meeting convinced to see your plan through? Not only that there are times when great ideas are not backed up or selected. The main reason for this is the lack of effective communication. 

Although the public speaking skills of a presenter are highly important. But only great speaking skills cannot get your idea approved, you need to add that extra flavor to your idea to make it easily digestible. One can consider a PPT or presentation to be that extra flavor. It gets the message across and makes a boring presentation interesting. 

Have you ever seen an office meeting without a presentation? No, right. From board meetings to product proposals, for every occasion, you need a presentation. Add a few slides with great graphics, graphs, and people will understand the crux of your presentation more easily. 

Although you can’t imagine a meeting without a presentation now, this was not the case before. People verbally presented their idea. The main problem with this method is that when you miss a single detail in between, it becomes hard to understand the presentation. And this is the main reason why many dread attending meetings. Even though people still dread attending meetings, but with an introduction to PowerPoint, people started creating PPTs and even if you miss something in between, you can always look up at the slides and get what the speaker is talking about. 

Not only offices but even educational institutions are also including PPT’s in their curriculum and even students are using the PPT’s to deliver an interesting presentation.

How to create an interesting presentation?

It is not an easy task. There goes so much of consideration, time, and effort in creating a presentation. Your designs should not steal the spotlight from the data. Adding too much data to your slides can make it hard for people to understand, especially if there are numbers involved. You must use graphs or diagrams to explain the number. For example, using a pie diagram to explain the market share will make it easy for your colleagues to understand. 

Companies have been using PowerPoint for a long time. Agreed, it is an easy-to-use software and it is popular everywhere. But the thing is it has some disadvantages too. It has simple and basic features. Over time people have used all the features hundreds of times and it is impossible to create a unique presentation. Bringing outdated and uninteresting presentations to the table will do you no good. The unique presentation will help you win the audience at least by 50%. 

Easier said than done, creating a presentation from scratch is not an easy job. It may take from hours to days, if you’re someone who is running short on time or has to create presentations frequently, then you would have naturally used up all your ideas and it is quite hard to create a unique presentation every single time too with strict deadlines. This is where PowerPoint presentation templates come into the picture. Using these templates will save you both time and effort. They allow you to create unique, interesting presentations even if you have created 100 presentations on that topic. 

There are many third party template providers, but one subscription service that stands out from the rest is SlideModel. It is a premium subscription service that offers you PowerPoint presentation templates that allows you in creating impactful presentations.

Why SlideModel?

SlideModel offers the users interactive templates that will enhance your presentation. It has a massive collection of 20,000+ templates to choose from. From business to travel it offers templates to all the categories, no matter what your presentation topic is you can be assured that you will find templates on this website. With the help of these ready-made slides, you can finish a presentation in less time and engage your audience with visual appealing graphics. It saves you both time and effort allowing you to handle other important tasks. All you have to do is search the keyword in the search bar and you find thousands of results to choose from. 

Business PPT templates 

It offers slides relating to strategy, marketing, finance, etc. These templates cater for all your business needs. No matter which department you belong to, you can create interesting templates with the help of business templates. From SWOT analysis to complex business diagrams you will find templates for everything. It is quite important to grab the attention of the audience and especially if your performance is tracked by your superiors. For example, imagine you are part of a marketing team and you and your team are preparing a presentation where you need to insert SWOT diagrams. Having this need, you can browse the ready-made marketing PowerPoint templates or any other marketing presentation design on SlideModel and save time, instead of starting your presentation from scratch. With these businesses, templates create a powerful presentation and take your career higher. 

Source: Mission and Vision PowerPoint template by SlideModel

SlideModel has slide templates for specific business topics too. Not only that these templates will accommodate any of your business presentations. The most fascinating part of this website is that these templates work cross-platform. Simply put they are compatible with other software such as Google Slides, Keynote, Microsoft PowerPoint. Next time you have to create a presentation for any important meetings, use the business templates of SlideModel, and impress your audience. 

Professional designs

The reason why many people prefer SlideModel is that its templates are designed by professionals. This website has a huge collection of infographics, shapes, animation, images that can liven up even a simple presentation. These professionally designed templates not only save time, but they are also 100% customizable too. Yes. you heard it right. All the templates available on this website are editable. You can edit the templates, change colors, font, and make it in alignment with your presentation requirements. 

Not only templates you will find catchy backgrounds to give your pitch a visual boost. These backgrounds can improve your branding and the quality of your presentation. The text columns will accommodate all your data and allow you to create a unique presentation. You can either choose topic-specific templates or tweak existing templates to suit your needs. With high-quality slides, and interesting information will surely grab the attention of your audience.

Source: Corporate Governance PowerPoint template by SlideModel

100% Editable Maps, Dashboard, Diagrams, and Data-Driven Charts

Source: Dashboard template by SlideModel

What is the most tricky part of any presentation? Presenting data, statistics, and facts, right? If you’re unable to attract the attention your audience will easily turn-off. Using the graphs and charts is quite outdated, your audience would have seen hundreds of presentations with them over the years. So, do you think they will find your presentation interesting or inspiring? No, absolutely not. The charts and pie charts can make your presentation intriguing and powerful. SlideModel offers interesting engaging diagrams, charts that will help your audience in understanding better. Not only that it makes complex data simple and easy. From flow charts to mind maps you will find many designs that will make your presentation more awe-inspiring and interesting. 

Plans and Pricing

1-Day Access- 5 Downloads 

3-Month Basic- 100 downloads/month, 10 downloads/day

Annual Basic- 200 downloads/month, 50 downloads/day

Annual Unlimited- unlimited downloads/month, unlimited downloads/day

SlideModel is offering four plans for users to choose from. You can choose a plan that matches your requirements. The most favorable plan among these is Annual unlimited apart from providing unlimited downloads it also offers a license for 3 employees and allows you to save templates to your cloud accounts. You can cancel your subscription anytime and once you tell the reason for dissatisfaction you will get your refund. As the pricing keeps changing visit their website for exact pricing. With SlideModel you can download the templates immediately. You will receive access immediately.

Bottom Line

With SlideModel you can save both time and effort there is no doubt in that. The diagram and shapes will save you from hours of manual work and make it easy and simple for you to create an impactful presentation. If any time you feel stuck anywhere their customer support executives are always ready to help you. You can contact them either through live chat, email, or phone. New templates are added every week. With these templates add creativity and life to your presentations. This website has flexible, user-friendly templates that can take your presentation to the next level. If you want to boost the visibility of your presentation then SlideModel is highly recommended for you. Be it presenting a new idea to your team or client, bring success to your business with these effective templates. 

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