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How to Get Followers on Twitter

by jane bryon

Do you have a twitter account for your business?

How many followers do you have? Not much and you’re wondering how to increase your followers? Then you’re at the right place at the right time, just stick till the end of this article and get some ideas on how to gain more followers.

Whenever people talk about promoting their brands in social media platforms, most only consider using Facebook, Instagram but forget that Twitter can help their business more. You must be wondering how right? If rumours to be believed smart people incline towards Twitter more than Facebook or Instagram.

Twitter is where people gather to discuss news, sports, politics etc. whereas, in Instagram or Facebook people share info about their personal life. It can be things they like to do in their free time or the new book they started reading or pictures of the trip they last went too. But Twitter is more intense than fun. Here people have debates about political developments in the country.

Twitter has undoubtedly made people convey their ideas or views within 140 characters, even though it was recently increased to 280 characters for all languages except Korean, Chinese and Japanese. Twitter allows you to gather your thoughts and explain them in fewer words in your tweets. So why not use a platform like this and expand your business.

Why Twitter?

So to give an answer to your question on how Twitter can improve your brand image. Here is the key, Twitter allows you to build connections with people and generate leads and improve your brand visibility within the industry.

Twitter can be considered as the most intelligent tool out of all other social media platforms. It constantly pushes you to produce great content, re-defining and polishing your thoughts. This can be a great place to both consume and offer great content and take your business to the next level.

For all this to happen you must have more followers, it not only proves your influence in the industry. But, it will eventually bring more audience and leads, who are more likely to become your customer. Statistics prove that Twitter is unarguably the best place to interact with your customers. And due to its simplicity, it is easy to grow your brand on it.

Here are tips to increase your follower.

Got it, Tweet it

The best way to stay in twitterati eyes is to tweet frequently. But the question is posting how many times in a day or week is considered frequent. Some brands post a minimum of 15 tweets a day. According to experts 3 to 7 tweets per day are enough to increase engagement.

Make sure you post content that your target audience like. Tweets with Images get more retweets than the one without images. Infographics receive more re-tweets too. If you’re wondering what to tweet. Remember their no rule that you should promote your brand with each tweet you make. You can post industry relating news, articles or stats that talk about your industry in general. You can make use of all these sources to keep your followers on loop. And clearly attract new followers.

Give them something to come back all the time. Offering variety may even keep them interested in your account. Always keep your content ideas fresh, this way your potential followers will see that you’re profile is worth spending their time on.

Perfect time to Tweet

Timing is really important while tweeting, what is the point of tweeting at 3 am in the morning when all your followers are in deep sleep. Tweet at a time where you’re audience can see and respond to your tweets. Researches prove that the best time to tweet is on weekdays during late or early afternoon’s.

Don’t forget that weekends are the best time to gain some new followers for your page as most people would be busily active on their social media accounts. Why not make most of it? Make sure that you tweet more on weekends too.

It’s not like you have to tweet each and every tweet yourself now, there are social media tools available where you can schedule your tweets and they will automatically get them tweeted in real-time. So make use of such apps to post them when your audience can see. This way you can attract new followers too.

Game of Hashtags

Hashtags make your tweets easily searchable to your audience. How? When you use relevant hashtags your tweets will appear in your potential followers feeds, which may lead them to your profile and follow you. Adding hashtags to your tweets create more chances for your audiences to finding your profile. And people following those hashtags will also view your profile and there are more chances to get more followers.

Hashtags can be fun too, you not always have to use hashtags that are serious. Creating your own hashtags may also help you in the long run. But one simple reminder, adding too many hashtags to a tweet may look spammy. So refrain yourself from using the only relevant and necessary amount of hashtags. You can even use hashtags trending for the day in your posts, this way you can instantly gain the attention of potential followers.

Use twitter analytics to check which hashtags of yours are performing well and which are not. So that you can change your hashtag strategy next time. And remember to do industry research for hashtags, and keep them in notes so that you find them in a glance.

Tagging, replying and re-tweeting

You won’t get hundreds of followers overnight, it takes some serious amount of work on Twitter. You can use tools to schedule your tweets. But you must actually put some effort into getting followers, don’t you agree? So what else can you do as your part other than creating tweets to gain new followers? For starter, you can engage in conservations with your followers, engage with them by retweeting, tagging and replying.

This way your followers will see that you’re actually working for your brand and are interested to engage with them. You can retweet posts of influencers in your industry or comment or reply on their posts. This way more people can see your profile. Remember to always post a detailed opinion of yours in a comment rather than just a single word, which doesn’t look good on your profile.

You can even give shout out to other brands or influencers on your profile. Or tag them in your posts and in return they may also do the same for you, increasing your chances of venturing into new followers zone and gain some followers. Retweeting your follower’s tweets can also introduce you to their followers, which may turn beneficial for you. All these little things may not take more time to do, but these will clearly let your followers know that you’re profile is active.

Find Followers

Another simple way to gain followers is by synchronizing your contact list to your twitter account. This way you can connect with your already existing network of people. And the people in this network are more likely to follow you. Which indeed increases your followers.

Synchronizing your accounts is beneficial as your profile may appear as a suggestion in who to follow section. If the size of your contact list is big, then you will definitely have more followers right. If your contacts include influencers and top brands in your industry. Imagine the chances of getting connected with them and venturing into their followers.

Optimize your profile

A well-optimized profile would definitely gain more followers that a normal profile. What exactly does an optimized profile mean? A clear profile picture, hashtags, keywords and other important info, etc. Upload a clear profile picture of yourself for your account and a brand logo image for your brand’s Twitter account. Using a profile picture for your account may prove that you’re an actual person running an account to your followers, people who recognise you may also start following you or your brand which is clearly an opportunity to gain more followers.

Also, make sure that your profile is complete. Mention all the important details of your company such as your name, what do you do and where do you operate from and what all companies have collaborated with in the recent past. Use relevant hashtags and other industry related keywords as your profile have more chances to appear in search results. In short, a person visiting your profile should understand what your company does in a glance. Keep it short and sweet, not too long.

And lastly, always give your audience a piece of you in your tweets. Show them your companies personality and understand your target audiences tone and preferences and make tweets accordingly. Show them what are your companies values and where you stand as a company.

Promote on other platforms

Why not promote your twitter account to your already existing followers on other social media platforms? Think isn’t it a good idea. Your followers in other platforms may start following your twitter account also. Which clearly increases your follower base. Use your Facebook and Instagram account and even publish your twitter account in your website interested people can follow your account. Ask your regular followers to promote your account on their profile or page, which may turn out to be good as you can tap into their followers too.

Final thoughts

Twitter is surely a powerful tool that can increase engagement, brand awareness. It is not easy to gain new followers, but it is not hard too. Following simple steps can take you there. Twitter is a common place for many brands like yours. So you can easily grow with your peers and it is important for you to keep an eye on your competitors too.

You can guest post on their profiles can attract their followers to follow you. Add gifs, memes, images to your feed can also attract new followers to visit your profiles. Visitors may convert to followers and followers may turn to leads and leads may turn into ideal customers. It is not too far, so just work your way through it, for it.

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