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Top 10 Alternatives for Adobe Illustrator

by jane bryon

Are you a graphic designer creating logos, cartoons, fonts, vector graphics? What is your go-to software for creating designs? Is it Adobe Illustrator? Adobe Illustrator is undoubtedly the most used software for creating designs. This creates graphics for layouts of Adobe Photoshop. It is developed as a companion product with Adobe Photoshop.

As you know Adobe Illustrator is a bit on the expensive side, not everyone can afford it. So what if there are alternatives for Adobe Illustrator. Yes, there are alternatives available that can help you in creating graphics and designs. Most of them are free or cost you less than Illustrator.

Here are 10 alternatives for Adobe Illustrator.


Inkscape is a powerful designing tool, this tool makes designing easy. It makes creating designs easy for anybody. Even for non- professional, Inkscape is still the best option to create vector graphics. This tool is offering flexible drawing tools, broad file format compatibility, Spiro and Beizer Curves and a powerful text tool.

It offers pencil tools for drawing simple paths and pen tools for drawing curves and straight lines. Some of its features include shape tools, calligraphy tools, embedded bit maps, text tools and clones. This tool is absolutely free to use, cool right? As it is open-source, you can even edit its know-how and incorporate it into any other software. So, next time you want to create graphic design, try using Inkscape.


Vecteezy allows you to create and customise your vector designs from scratch. Its friendly interface makes it easy even for beginners and works as a powerful tool for professionals. This is a tool to add value to your designs. It is even loaded with features that may make the graphics-creation process easy like advanced transformation, keyboard shortcuts etc.

It even offers full integration with your website to streamline your workflow. You can import your SVG files and edit them. It offers ready-made clipart formats and text-based designs also. This tool is free but you must create an account or login using your facebook to save your work.


BoxySVG is an extension in Google Chrome. It comes with a range of basic tools like bezier curves, text, basic shapes, layers, stroke & fill, groups, paths & transforms etc. Its simple UI makes it even more desirable. From beginners to professionals everyone finds this app easy and comfortable to edit SVG files.

Its features include native SVG support, chromium based rendering engine, developer tools, keyboard shortcuts, import and export files, photo and font library. You can even take a live demo on their website. Compared to Illustrator it is easier and faster to pick up SVG format files. To make it all better this tool is absolutely free.


Vectr is a cross-platform program which enables users to create and edit vector graphics. You can use either its desktop version or browser extension. It supports Mac, Linux, ChromeOS, Windows. It is intuitive with a shallow learning curve. The main plus point of this tool is its accessibility.

Even though it lacks many advanced features of Illustrator it has all the basic vector editing tools that you need. All the work you created can easily be saved in Vectr or export it in PNG, SVG, JPG file formats. This tool is absolutely free and it allows you to create great graphics with minimum fuss.

SVG Edit

If creating SVG files for a website is the main purpose of creating vector graphics, then SVG Edit is perfect for you. This tool can be used within your browser. You can either create new ones or edit already existing images. It works well in all modern browsers. It even offers vector setting basic hand-drawing tools, text tools, path tools and shape tools.

SVG Edit is built on JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5. This tool is open-source, making it easy for contributing developers to add new features. As this tool is free, you can even download this software and modify the codes and make it your own version.


The sketch is undoubtedly the best intuitive vector available in the market. It’s lighting fast prototyping has helped many in turning their ideas into amazing products. It offers many collaborative tools that will help you in designing. The sketch is built especially for designers to make their work easy. It offers tools that will help you in working faster, it even offers some game-changing tools that will empower your team in creating world-class designs.

Some of the features that Sketch offers are powerful vector editing, hundreds of plugin’s, perfect pixel precision, non-destructive editing, proto-typing, export presets, collaboration and code export. It’s a digital design tool kit that will turn your ideas into reality pretty quick. You can generate more data like images and texts with this tool. Sketch Cloud will save all your work to the cloud and you can preview it from anywhere at any time. You can try this tool for 30 days before making your decision. Its license is available at a price of $99/year.


Affinity- Designer supports both graphic designing and drawing. It supports both Desktop & iPad. This designing software has the most smooth user interface you will ever experience. You can say that Affinity-Designer is one of the most affordable premium vector editing software. This software is more on the cheap side compared to other premium tools and it supports perfectly well on both Windows and Mac platforms.

It even offers tools like the advanced pen tool that will help to draw precisely for artists. It offers unique features like real-time pixel preview, undo/redo up to 8000 history steps, 1,000,000% zooming ability etc. The price of this amazing tool will be $49.99/year


Gravit is the best vector design app available in the market. It makes designing easy and allows you to use creatively and lends you a hand in creating a design with its amazing features. You can create stunning designs with brilliant effects and powerful tools. Gravit Cloud will allow you to create mind-blowing designing, and with one click you can share them with the world.

It is a single workspace in which you can use many designing free tools to create designs. It’s rendering engine, modular, advanced features, innovation, modern technology, colour space and importing and exporting is making it even more desirable for customers. To top it all this tool is free. Cool right? Why don’t you give this app a try next time, when you want to create great designs.

Autodesk Graphic

Autodesk Graphic is an application that provides you with featured designs and illustrations. You can create a technical illustration, artwork etc using this tool. It supports Mac, iPad, iPhone. This software comes from the creator of amazing software like AutoCAD, 3ds Max and Maya.

It assists you in handling basic illustrations and designs. It comes with tools like vector drawings and floor drawings that will make designing easier. You can even design app layouts and user interfaces using Autodesk Graphics. It comes at a price of 29.99/year.


Xara is the perfect software for designing graphics and photos. It comes with powerful tools that will enhance your designing skills. They will help in photo editing and graphic designing. It offers features like non-destructive photo handling, integrated photo tool, creative effects, advanced photo manipulation, drawing tools, advanced text handling, blends, 3D Extrude, colour palette and Transparency etc.

It helps you with photo editing and basic vector drawings. The price of this amazing tool is $69.99/year.

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