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How to Use WhatsApp for Business?

by emily joyce

WhatsApp, the most popular messaging application acquired by Facebook in 2014. Do you’ve WhatsApp on your mobile phone? Of course yes, right. How often do you open WhatsApp in a day? It may be countless. As per the business analysis, people spent over 88 billion hours on ‘WhatsApp’ and 33 billion on ‘Facebook’ during the past 3 months. Sounds interesting right? Hence this research proved that most people spend their time in messaging through WhatsApp rather than Facebook. WhatsApp is a preferred app for individuals and business entrepreneur.

For an individual, WhatsApp is used to stay connected with friends and family, sharing images, videos and more.

Have you ever heard about ‘WhatsApp Business’? It’s a communication tool particularly designed for business purpose. It was launched in January 2018, available on Android and iOS.

Small and large businesses can stay in touch with their customers easily. There are few tools included in WhatsApp Business App such as

  • Automate
  • Sort
  • Quickly respond to messages

WhatsApp is effectively helpful to provide customer service and deliver important information to your potential customers.

The core reason behind the success of WhatsApp Business is, it’s a ‘cross-platform’ application. That means a business can send text messages, pictures, audio, video to their customers within few clicks instantly.

Following are the inventive ways to implement ‘WhatsApp’ in your small or large business

It’s just not about messaging

Many people think WhatApp is used for sending and receiving text messages. If you’re one among them, then you’re in the dark shade. With WhatsApp business, you are free to introduce the latest products, on-going sales, deal of the day, amazing offers to relevant customers.

WhatsApp business allows you to run product promotions via visuals, audio, video and voice notes. Make sure to use the ‘WhatsApp broadcast feature’, it helps to target a particular audience in your group.

Whatsapp business profile

One of the striking features of the ‘WhatsApp Business’ is you can create your own business profile picture. Create an enduring impact through your profile picture.

Your customers should have a clear idea about your business. Therefore add your,

  • Business information.
  • Products and services
  • Detailed information about your product
  • New and existing customer offers
  • Shipping details

Set up your business profile today

  • Click on the menu (three dots) on the top right
  • tap on ‘Settings’
  • Select ‘Business settings’

Internal communication

As a successful business, hope you’ve understood the importance of using ‘WhatsApp Business’ to interact with your team & department. You can easily exchange the information directly without any risk. This is more helpful when your employees are located in different locations.

Do you know how to use WhatsApp? Obviously Yes. The best part is you don’t need special training to access WhatsApp. Everyone can easily access to WhatsApp – right from a kid to retired person. Once you send a message in WhatsApp, you don’t require to explicitly ask your employee to check WhatsApp. Since they’re always hooked to it.

  • Adaptability to time and location
  • Brief reminders
  • Get instant replies

Create individual groups for sales, HR, development, customer service team on WhatsApp. This help to avoid confusion while sharing a message. Share instant message depending upon the necessity.

Customer communication

How do you feel when you receive a call from an unknown number? You either don’t respond or block the number. When you want to communicate with your customers, a phone call can be a wicked way.

How can you contact your customer in a proper way? Followups on ‘WhatsApp’ can be a great approach. According to research, you will receive a 40% positive response from your customers.

Build an eternal relationship with your potential customer by being a little informal. Yes, this will work perfectly. For example, you’ve sent a product or service quotation to your customer but you’ve not got any response. What would be the next step? Either you prefer to call or send a mail using formal language. If you’re following in this way, you’re simply wasting your time. Send a sweet and short message on WhatsApp regarding status, you may get a response within a short time.

If you’ve launched a new product, make sure to send notification of your new products to your customers. Also, you can send the latest offers, birthday and festival wish to your customers.

Customer service and support

WhatsApp is a fabulous tool for customer service and support, because of its wide reach around the globe.

While surfing on the internet, you’ve liked the product. You plan to get that product immediately by contacting their customer support. In that process, you’ve noticed that the website doesn’t have any contact information. If this happens with your website, then you’ve lost a new user. Therefore provide complete information about your WhatsApp number, address and more.

Your potential customers always prefer to contact you through WhatsApp rather than raising a ticket or making a phone call to helpdesk number.

Tips for marketing on WhatsApp

Do you know over 1.5 million users are registering to WhatsApp daily? As a marketer, you must always keep an eye on the platforms where your customers are active.

Create a broadcast list: Create lists according to related topics, then kick start with one-on-one communications designed to increase engagement.

Focus on group chat: Group messages are only shared with specific members of that group. Be interactive by posting your product images and ask for suggestion from the group members. Share latest offers and sales with group members and increase traffic to your website.

Build user loyalty: Your WhatsApp group lists can exhibit brand loyalty. Maintain a high-quality content, Keep your message short, on-point and powerful.

Final Thoughts

WhatsApp is an imperative tool for your business to communicate, promote your products and more. This app is widely popular because it’s ‘easy to use’ and cost-effective features. WhatsApp is used for personal and business purpose. Use WhatsApp Business App and stay connected with your potential customers and increase your brand credibility, ROI, traffic, leads and more.

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