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How to Promote Instagram Page

by jane bryon

Social Media is serving visibility and power to influence on a golden platter. Don’t you agree? Influencer, influencer marketing, affiliate marketing etc are all products of it. From News to Entertainment, everything is right at our fingertips in this digital era. This digital generation is always in a rush to start the day and end it.

They don’t even seem to have time for themselves in all this rush and the only time they could take a breather is while travelling or in break time. Social media has clearly occupied that free time. From senior citizens to teens, everyone is familiar with these social media apps. Everyone wanna have a piece of this social media pie.

Why should businesses be deprived of this privilege? Changing with time is what keeps a business alive. If you’re targeting today’s generation then you must think like them, right? So where do you think are today’s generation is spending most of their time? Social Media, Most obvious answer.

So why not create an Instagram page for your brand? As you know Instagram is currently the most used platform around the world. Coming to the important question, how to promote an Instagram page? So, it increases your brand visibility.

Here are a few tips and tricks on promoting your Instagram page.


Setting a goal is as important as creating an Instagram page. So defining your goals will help you in understanding them better and reaching them. Make sure that your goals are realistic and attainable. Have them in writing. Ask yourself questions like?

  • Why do you want to create your Instagram page?
  • What is the target engagement that you want to receive?
  • Who are your target audiences?

Goal-setting will give you clarity on such topics. It is also important to have your weekly, monthly and yearly goals that you want to achieve. It is important to have both short term and long term goals. You must be thinking why is goal setting so important? Suppose, If your goal was to take your brand or product into more people. You would clearly work and achieve it. Having your goals written and discussed will give you the motivation required to achieve them.


Make sure that your profile is complete. It should contain all the information you think is necessary for your audience to know like contact info etc. You should not be under imagination that everyone around the globe will know your company. So make sure to tell your audience what your company does in your bio. Your profile picture should be of your companies logo so that your regular audience can easily find it. Don’t be Plain Jane, glam up your page. Use colours and emoji’s to give your page a lively look.


Hashtags can easily make your post viral. So why not use them. These Hashtags will allow your target audience to find your posts and page eventually. If you’re consistently in people’s eye and if they like you’re content they would definitely follow you. But don’t use random hashtags, do your research and select hashtags that come under your brand or product category.

If you’re a restaurant posting on Instagram using hashtags relating to food will help your posts to hashtags relating to beauty. You can create your own hashtags and promote them among your existing followers. Last but not least, don’t use too many hashtags on your every post. Use only hashtags that are relevant and important.

Collaborate with influencers

Instagram has definitely given birth to influencers. Influencers have huge following, what better way to promote your page than collaborating with them. They have this huge following that you can have access to when you collaborate with them. Don’t you agree? You can reach new audience and promote your content in that circle as well. These influencers can bridge the gap between new customers and your products.

You can directly reach the influencers or you tag them in your posts to gain their attention. Don’t forget to build a relationship with influencers in your industry. Collaborations with influencers can work both ways. See that both your brand and the influencer get the best out of this collaboration. so, find influencers who are prominent in your industry and use their influence and follower base to boost engagement on your posts.

Cross-promotion, contests

Another best way to promote your brand and gain followers is cross-promotion. You can cross-promote your Instagram page on other social media platforms. If your brand has more followers on other social media platforms, why not encourage your followers on other platforms to follow your Instagram page. This way you can increase your followers and your existing followers can see more of you, it’s a win-win situation.

Display all social media icons you’re present on your website, making it is easy for your visitors to reach you on all these platforms. You can even run contests on your Instagram page, the only rule to enter the contest is to follow your page and invite their friends to follow too. Encourage them with great gifts like give away’s etc. Make sure that your guidelines are clear and promote this contest details on other platforms too.

Follow the trend

Trends go as fast as they come. There is always a new trend waiting for you right around the corner. At the peak of their popularity, any trend can be a powerful tool for you to use. Be it trying the new viral challenge or a new Instagram feature. These trends can help you in reaching more people and help you in getting your name out there. Using relevant hashtags can do wonders to your Instagram page. Play along with these trends and increase your followers, engagement and reach.

Instagram page

What is the main purpose of creating your brand’s insta page? Must have been to get your brand’s name out there. For that to happen, you must connect with your audience on a consistent basis. Be regular in posting and make sure that your posts are reflecting your companies personality.

Make sure you post at least once in a week and use colours that are present in your brand’s logo. Remember your followers mouth publicity will increase your brand image. Make sure you only produce quality content, it will definitely lead your brand towards success.

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