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How to Like something on Instagram

by jane bryon

Daily hundreds of posts are posted on Instagram. People post on their Instagram profiles frequently. If you’re following they would naturally appear on your feed. When you see something which catches your attention, you can like that particular post be it a photo or video. To like any post first you must have an Instagram account if you do have well and with good Instagram templates. But you don’t have an account then create an Instagram account first.

When someone tags you on a picture, you will get notified about that particular post. You can visit that post and like it. You’re not limited to liking posts of only those you follow. When you see posts from random profiles in the explore page in your Instagram profile. You can like those posts too. You can like the posts on your Instagram from laptop, desktop or mobile.

So how do you like something on Instagram, all you have to do is follow these steps to like something on your feed.


Step1: Open the Instagram app in your mobile, it is a white camera outline with a background of red, purple, orange and yellow.

Step2: If you’re logged into your Instagram profile, it will directly take you to your profiles home page. If you’re not logged into your profile, then enter your username and password and then you will be directed to your Instagram home feed.

Step3: Once you enter your profile you would see lots of posts on your feed. You can scroll them to see a picture you like or you can click on the search/ magnifying glass button present at the bottom of your profile. You can type a hashtag or search for a particular user name and visit their profile and navigate through their posts.

Step4: And once you find a post that you like, you just have to double tap on the post or click on the heart present at the bottom of your image. And you have successfully liked the post.

Step5: If you accidentally liked a post and you wanna unlike it, you just have to tap again on the heart at the bottom of the post and the red heart becomes a blank heart.


Step1: Visit the Instagram website, if you’re logged into your profile it will directly lead you to your home page. If you’re not then you must type your user id and password to login into your profile.

Step2: And once you have logged in into your account, you can navigate through posts from people your following or search for posts with relevant hashtags or specific usernames.

Step3: If you find any image you like while scrolling through your feed or any user profile or search page. You just have to double tap on the post or click on the heart icon at the bottom of the image.

Step4: If you accidentally liked an image or for any reasons you want to unlike a post, you just have to click again on the heart icon again which will turn blank, meaning you have unliked a post.

Liking Comments

You can like more than posts on your Instagram feed when someone posts a comment on your post and if you like that post you can like that comment too. Here is how you can like it.

Step1: Open your Instagram app in your mobile or open it through your desktop, if you’re already logged-in into your account when you open you will be lead directly to your home page. If you’re not logged into your account you must enter username and password and once you’re logged in into your account. You’re directly lead to your home feed.

Step2: You can then scroll through your feed or explore page and when you open a post and if you wish to see comments on that post click on view comments present at the bottom of your post.

Step3: When you’re moving through the comments if you like any comments then click on the heart icon beside the comment. When the heart is red, it means the comment is liked.

Step4: If someone liked and commented on your post. You will receive notification of it on your feed. You can just click on that notification to see the post and then click view comments at the bottom.

Step5: Then you can press on heart making red, which implies you have liked that particular comment.

Other Instagram Hacks

You can even check people who liked the post or comments, all you just have to do is just click on the likes below the post or likes on comment and you can see the profiles of the people who clicked like on that particular post or comment.

When you turn on notifications on your profile, you will receive a notification for a particular user. Whenever they post something new, you would be notified. That way you will not miss anything from them.

To turn on your notification for a particular person, you just have to visit their page and click on three dots present at the top-right of their profile, you will be lead to a menu and choose turn on notifications from that menu. And if you want to turn off the notification follow these steps and don’t forget that in you’re phone settings you must enable notifications for Instagram.

And if you want to check the posts you have liked till date, all you have to do is go to your profile and click on options button, it has three dots as its icon or gear in case of iPhone/iPad and then clicks on “posts you’ve liked”. You would see all the posts you have liked in one place. And if you want to unlike any post, just go to that particular post and click on the heart and make it blank from red.


Your feed is filled with hundreds of posts from people you follow and your explore page is filled with similar or relevant content that appears due to hashtags you search. When you like something, you click on like button in facebook. Similarly, you give a heart for that post on Instagram. You can either click on the heart present at the bottom of the post or double click on the post to like the post. When you like a post, you would see that its heart will turn into red. Unliking a post will make it blank. You can even like comments on your post or others. Cool right? What are you waiting for? Go to your Instagram profile now and give hearts to the posts that caught your interest.

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