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How to Create Instagram account

by jane bryon

Instagram is undoubtedly the most browsed social media platform in the world. 1 billion people around the world are using this platform and approximately 500 million are using it daily. Gone are days where businesses were still sticking to the paper, radio advertisements. Now even businesses are running to stay in trend.

This is one such platform brands are concentrating more. Does your brand have an Instagram page? No, then surely you’re missing on an ocean of chances to promote your brand. How you’re wondering? As mentioned above 500 million people are accessing Instagram daily, which means you’re missing an opportunity to promote your product or brand to 500 million people.  

Now you must be wondering why haven’t you reacted fast and created an Instagram account. No worries you’re not too late to hop on the Instagram train.

So how to create an Instagram account? First, you must download the Instagram app from the Google Play Store or App Store or directly you can create the account through browsers like Google. Then next comes the process of creating your Instagram account.


Sign- up

The first step for creating your Instagram profile is signing up. You can either use your Facebook account to log-in or fill the sign-up application. You have to add your mobile number or Email address, your name, username and password. Then click the sign-up button at the bottom to create your account.


When you’re account is created, now it’s time to go to your account page and edit your profile. You can add info that you want to display in your profile like your name, username, bio, website link if any and email id. Once you click on submit button and you have successfully included all your info.


Customize your Instagram account to make it different from others. Add an image, you can either import it from Facebook or upload the logo of your brand if you’re in business. Adding a profile picture will make it easy for people to recognize and you gain followers.

You can even add what your company does in your bio. Use relevant hashtags in the industry this way other users can easily find your account. And you would even see similar content creating profiles.

Add your name and user name. Username is visible on your profile. You can add your mobile number, gender and other personal information.

If you have any website make sure to add the link of it in your website. Putting your website URL in your profile may drive more traffic to your website. You can use this platform to promote your work without spending a penny extra.

Click Submit button to save all this information to your bio.

Business Profile

If you’re using Instagram for business purposes make it clear by adding your business account. You can create a new account or convert your already existing account into a business account. Having a business profile will help you in promoting your products or brand. You can even receive insights on how you’re posts are performing, how many people have visited your profile recently and which posts of yours are receiving more engagement. Add your email id, phone number or location. Your customers will reach you in a single click.

Final Thoughts

Instagram offers your brand visibility and regular follower base. You can promote your brand or products here. It even creates an opportunity to reach a new audience base. To increase your followers make sure to use hashtags that are relevant to your industry and posts so that people can find them easily.

But make sure that you’re consistent in posting and track which posts of your are getting more engagement and how many people are visiting your profile. That way you can improve your Instagram profile for better. Use Instagram and connect to the digital world and reach more people and venture out of your niche and build your network.

Happy Instagramming!!!!

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