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How LinkedIn Premium Can Help Find Your Next Job

by jane bryon

Finding a job is getting harder, and a job with your dream company is getting even harder. But LinkedIn has made this trying process a little easy. Earlier, first, find companies that have vacancies and then submit your resume, if they find your resume impressive they will contact you back, schedule a date for the interview if you land the job, congrats. But, what if you don’t then you must follow this vicious circle again and again until you make it.

But, LinkedIn has eased these worries a bit. Stats speak that 94% of recruiters are actively searching on LinkedIn to fill the vacancies in their company. But less than 36% of job seekers are using their LinkedIn Profile. Did you see the difference here, recruiters are eager to hire you, but you’re not available on this platform to get hired.

Linkedin is a platform solely created to bring together recruiters and job seekers. And it has successfully established itself well over the past few years. Now people are using its basic free account to create connections within the industry and grab new opportunities.

LinkedIn Premium

LinkedIn provides you with two options i.e., free account or premium account. Free account allows you to build connections and connect with people within your industry or other industry. The free account allows you to explore LinkedIn and build your network. You can receive and give recommendations to other LinkedIn members. But you are given access only to a limited number of advanced search features. But with the premium profile, you can receive access to many expanded and additional features.

There are four account options available for Linked premium. They are LinkedIn Premium for the normal users, the LinkedIn premium for Recruiters, LinkedIn Premium for Sales Professionals and LinkedIn premium for Jobseekers.

There are features specific for particular accounts and some are common for all of them. General user package features normal include for users under all special accounts. And if you are aggressively looking for a job, you must try LinkedIn Premium for Jobseekers. It comes with many features like providing salary information, access to the jobseekers community and many more.

Advanced Features in LinkedIn Premium

Applicant Status

Imagine, you’re applying for a job that has more than 1000 applicants. You would love to have an upper hand over those other applicants right? Even though your application has great qualification and experience needed to bag the job. Your application may not be shortlisted due to some reason. You would like to have any kind of advantage over other applicants applying. This is where the premium comes into the picture. With premium (Job Seekers) account. Your application is placed above other applicants increasing your chances of bagging the job.


In premium accounts, even your profile gets better. The advanced features allow you to have a customizable background and a larger profile picture. Once you become a premium member, you can turn on all these features in your settings menu. Customized background and large profile picture will clearly help you in standing out from the rest. You can target certain sectors and draw their attention.

Profile Views

Premium account allows you to see the people who viewed your profile in the last 90 days. Which will help you in understanding how these people have reached your profile. That will help you in knowing the avenues you’re recruiters are using and strengthen them. Basic members can only view their last 5 profile views. Profile views can impact your job, as it has the ability to help you connect with the right recruiters. Profile views may help you in understanding how recruiters are viewing your profiles.

Job listing Break down

This feature will help you in analysing your fellow applicants based on their skills, experience and degrees. This will help you in understanding not only the company by also your competitors better so that you can prepare yourself better. This analysis will also help you see where do you fall in applicants list so that you can decide whether to apply or not.

Advanced search and openlink

Advanced search filters your searches and helps you find a company or job that match your skill set. The search set helps you in finding the right job for you without breaking a sweat. Some of the parameters may include seniority, company size etc.

With Premium, you now don’t need to connect with the members for an introduction. You can approach or be approached without the need for a formal introduction. This feature definitely adds benefit to you, as over the time companies can easily approach you without any connection request.

Inmail & Ranking

Inmail is a feature that allows you to send a personal message and communicate with people out of your network. This can prove to be good help while you’re looking for a job and members trust inmail and it has a higher response rate than emails. You can send up to three Inmail messages per month if you require any additional you can purchase them.

Inmail can give you an opportunity to connect with top business leaders and executives. Usually, their profiles have more privacy settings, as Inmail is trusted you can use this feature to connect with them. With a basic account you may receive many Inmails, but to send them you must have a premium account.

There is a feature called How You Rank which compares to your own connections. It even offers suggestions on how to improve your ranking. Premium account allows you to see top-100 and above ranking for professionals in a similar profession like you.

Profile Organiser

You can organise your contacts with profile organiser. Your connections can be added to your profile by simply saving their profile. You can further organize them by adding them to different folders.


It is never an easy feat to search for a job, there are so many stages an applicant has to go through before getting the job. Any help to make this process little easy is a holy grail for applicants. A Linkedin account is helping applicants by connecting them directly with recruiters. It is also providing them with opportunities to build their network. There are so many other benefits from LinkedIn. But having a LinkedIn premium account is even more helpful.


Jobseekers can unlock additional features which will help them in finding a job quicker. Its features allow you to message directly to your recruiters and analyse other applicants and also allows you to connect with executives and etc without sending a connection request. There are so many other benefits that you can receive from it. LinkedIn is even offering a free trial of premium account for a month

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