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How to Install and Use WhatsApp in PC and Laptop

by jane bryon

Back in days, Messaging has been one of the best features of a phone. People began to communicate more through messages the calls. With the introduction of social media apps, communication has become easy and gradually people forgot the fun of messaging from mobile. But in 2009, WhatsApp was launched by Jan Koum, Brian Acton and has changed the game for messaging, which was later acquired by Facebook.

Whatsapp is an instant messaging app which has around 1 billion active users around the world. This app has made messaging, sharing videos and pictures fast and easy. Right this moment, while you’re reading this article, someone around would be messaging or sending something on WhatsApp. People are completely taken over this messaging application. Why not right? It allows you to send images, pictures and create groups where you can stay in touch with your close friends or family no matter where you’re.

It has both audio and video calling facilities. Which means you can make free audio or video calls as long as your mobile is connected with mobile data or Wi-fi. Even one your trip abroad you can stay connected with your family, friends and caught up office related work without worrying about the international call or message charges.

What if you can message using WhatsApp through your PC or laptop? That would be cool right? To find out how? stick until the end of this article.

Whatsapp Web

You can now access WhatsApp from your browser itself, without any installation. Cool right? But the question is how? You can just open the WhatsApp web in your browser.


Step1: Open Google browser in your PC.

Step2: Then visit the Whatsapp website. And then click on Whatsapp web present on right side top.

Step3: You would see a page with QR code.

Step4: Follow instructions present on the page.  Open your mobile and go to Whatsapp application.

Step5: Open settings on your Whatsapp app and select Whatsapp web and scan the code on your PC screen with your mobile.

Step6: There you go, you’re Whatsapp web is all set and you can send images and messages etc right from your PC.


Step1: To access WhatsApp web from your Mac or iPad, first open safari and then visit Whatsapp website and it will take you to the home page of Whatsapp.

Step2: You would see load desktop site option if you refresh the Whatsapp home page.

Step3: When the page is refreshed you would find the page similar to Whatsapp web page.

Step4: All you have to do is, open Whatsapp in your iPhone and open Whatsapp web in settings and scan the QR code using your mobile.

Step5: And you’re all set to send and receive messages, videos, audios etc.

Install Whatsapp on PC

If you want to install Whatsapp to your PC or laptop. You can download it from the WhatsApp website or you can download it from both Apple or Microsoft store. But this can only be installed on your PC or laptop if it’s Operating System is Windows 8.1 or new versions and for Mac OSX 10.9 or latest version. If you’re using older version then you can access WhatsApp web through your browser.

Installation on Windows 8.1 or latest versions

Step1: Visit the Whatsapp website homepage from your browser and click on download present at the top of the page.

Step2: You can download by clicking on download for windows 8.1 option.

Step3: Once the download is finished, open it and install it on your computer. 

Step4: Once the download is finished, launch it on your computer and scan the QR code from your mobile. And you’re all set to use your Whatsapp from your PC without browser.

Installation on Mac OSX 10.9 or latest versions

Step1: Once you visit WhatsApp home page from your browser.

Step2: You can download the Whatsapp file for Mac at the download page in the Whatsapp website. It is a zip file.

Step3: Once the download is finished, open the file and run it.

Step4: If it is your first install, it would ask you whether you would like to add it your applications folder or desktop dock.

Step5: Once the install is finished, launch Whatsapp on your PC or laptop and scan the QR code from your iPhone to log-in to your Whatsapp and enjoy sending messages, images etc.

Download from App store


Step1: Visit the Microsoft store and enter Whatsapp in the search bar.

Step2: Click on Install, and wait till the installation is finished.

Step3: If you’re a first time user enter all the necessary information and finish the process.

Step4: If you already have a Whatsapp account, open your mobile and scan the QR code with your mobile Whatsapp application.

Step5: And you’re all set to your Whatsapp in your computer.


Step1: Visit the apple store and search for Whatsapp in the search bar.

Step2: Click on the install button to download the app.

Step3: Once you download and run the app on your PC or laptop, fill in all the necessary information if you’re a first time user.

Step4: If you already have an account, simply use the Whatsapp mobile to scan the QR code, you would be lead to a page similar to your mobile Whatsapp and you can send and receive messages, images etc.


Whatsapp has made sending and receiving hassle free. All you and your recipient need is a wi-fi or mobile data connection, and your message will be received and reverted to in seconds. You can create groups, add and delete people from them, share images, audios, videos etc on those groups and check last seen of the other people. There are so many other cool features in WhatsApp like you can keep your profile visible to only people from your contacts. You can even hide you are last seen from your contacts.

Having Whatsapp on PC or laptop will make it even more accessible and you can use it in case any issues occur to your phone. Especially, for businesses, so many conversations take place on an average business day. So having WhatsApp will make it little easy for businesses to handle. You can create a group for your employees and share important info all at once rather than sending them individually. So what are you waiting for install and use Whatsapp from your PC or laptop.


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