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How to Run Two WhatsApp Accounts in one mobile

by jane bryon

Do you use a dual-sim phone or dual mobiles to keep your work life and professional life separate? If yes, then you must use separate gmails too. Mobiles with dual sims allow you to communicate with contacts in both sims separately. You can call and message them separately too. It would ease up things for you, it feels like maintaining two mobiles in one. Messaging is one of the easiest ways to communicate and Whatsapp is making it better than before.

What if you could access two Whatsapp accounts in one mobile? This idea seems cool, right? But the question is how? And to know the answer to this question, read this article till the end.

Whatsapp has undoubtedly become one of the biggest communication channels in everybody’s day-to-day life. Thanks to technological advancements, now we can enjoy Wi-fi almost everywhere from malls to the workplace. It is even making communication fast and easy, bringing people even closer than before.

Dual Whatsapp Accounts

From day’s first good morning message to the good night message, people send hundreds of messages using Whatsapp. They create groups, leave groups and chat with so many people in a single day. In business, on an average day, you must contact with hundreds of people. Remember tons of names of clients and handle multiple tasks. So having Whatsapp can at least reduce your workload. You can communicate with clients and your teammates from anywhere. And solve client worries without making a call to them. And share videos, PDF etc with your colleagues. Nowadays, businesses are using Whatsapp to communicate.

But the problem here is you need to maintain two mobiles to have two Whatsapp accounts to keep your personal and professional life’s separate. Not everyone likes to share their life events etc with their colleagues. When they post a status their colleagues would also see it. And also it gets frustrating when you’re having an important conversation with your client on Whatsapp, but disturbed by the message from a group.

Don’t you think all your worries would be resolved if you have dual Whatsapp accounts on your mobile?

There are Android phones now available with a feature called App twin and App Cloning. All major players in the mobile industry are including this feature into their mobiles. App twin feature allows you to create a twin or clone of the existing app. You can install another Whatsapp app using it.

Dual Whatsapp App Installation

Step1: Install Whatsapp account from google play store, finish the registration process. If you already have WhatsApp in your mobile, then proceed directly from step2.

Step2: Open settings or gear symbol present at the top of your notification toggle. Then search for App Clone or Dual App or App Twin, then tap on it.

Step3: Once you tap on it, you would see the list of apps that you can select any app, in this case, Whatsapp and then install it.

Step4: Once the installation process is all done, click on agree and continue to finish set up process.

Step5: Register with your secondary number, and then you’re all set to use dual Whatsapp accounts in a single smartphone.

Apps on Google or apple store

If your mobile manufacturer is not offering any features like App twin, no need to stress, you can download or install the parallel space app. Once you install the app, you can easily download another Whatsapp app and enjoy dual Whatsapp account. This app is available for both Android and iOS.


To install dual applications you can just simply create add multiple user profiles to your phone. This way you can install Whatsapp as a guest.

Step1: Go to settings or click on the user icon in the notification bar.

Step2: Click on the user icon and then tap on the add a guest or add a user.

Step3: Create a new user account and complete the set up of the profile.

Step4: Once you switch to the new user profile, you will encounter all new user interface with all your default settings.

Step5: Download Whatsapp from play store, once the app is installed, register your other mobile number and enjoy the joy of having two Whatsapp applications in one mobile.


Whatsapp is now an essential app in everybody’s mobiles. It provides you with many features making it easy and fun to communicate. You can connect with your family and friends on a regular basis. But, you can only install it once on your phone, which can be party popper in case you want to have two Whatsapp accounts.

Having two Whatsapp in one mobile is definitely beneficial and makes communication, even more, easier and better. For businesses, WhatsApp has made communication in and out of the company easy. So having dual Whatsapp account in mobile can actually help them in communicating better with clients and colleagues. Follow these instructions and enjoy using dual Whatsapp accounts in a single phone.

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