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How to Drive Traffic to Your Landing Pages?

by emily joyce

As Digital Marketing plays a vital role, you’ll likely encounter a new set of concepts and marketing tactics every day. Among all the concepts, improvising the Landing Page is one of the inbond marketing and lead generation concepts which every business should focus on. The best feature of a landing page is that there will be no distraction. 

What is a Landing Page?

Landing pages are a standalone web application, specifically created for advertising space. It’s where a user “lands” on landing page when they have clicked on an online advertising campaign or Google. With, analytics you will notice a report of user actions performed on the landing page.

There is not much difference between the landing page and webpage, the landing pages are used for specific purposes such as registration, selling a product and others. A webpage has standard links used to create pages like about us, services, blog, company information, etc.

Attracting traffic to the specific landing page can be a difficult task, but it’s not impossible. Follow the tricks and technique mentioned below to drive traffic and increase conversion rate from that traffic.

1. Call to Action

Building a strong call to action will drive a ton of traffic on your landing pages. A call to action is typically command or instruction like ‘Sign Up’, ‘Visit Now’, ‘Download Now’ ‘Shop Now’, ‘Register’ in the form of a button. With respect to the business goals, the commands may vary. Whenever the user performs an action, the immediate response will be recorded.


Choosing an action word is more important. For example, differentiate these two calls to action commands – “Download Here” vs “Download Now”, compare these CTAs the second action word conveys in an effective way than the first action word.

 The size and color of the button should be an appropriate size to attract the attention of the visitors. The alignment of the button is also important. Explain about the product or the service you offer at your website first, and then place the CTA button at last.

2. Email Marketing

Email marketing is a technique used to send marketing information to a group of members in the form of an email. There are many reasons that markets make the use of this platform to deliver their message in order to reach a targeted customer. The email may consist of information about the new products, services available or feedback application.

Email marketing is an effective way where you can reach the customers and prospects. Also, this amazing technique will help to create brand awareness and achieve maximum ROI.


There are many factors that should be considered for effective email marketing

  • Get started with a nourishing subscriber list.
  • Write a customized and short mail which mainly focus on the topic.
  • Add the relevant landing page links that have additional information.
  • Send emails with respect to the subscriber’s interest.

3. Social Media Engagement

Marketing through social media is a great way to drive traffic. Before getting started with social media marketing, you need to have a clear idea on “which social media platforms are your audience spending more time on”. On recent survey Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube are the most commonly used social media platforms.

Publish “how-to” articles and videos on social networks, make sure there is a call-to-action command to your landing page. With social media platforms, interacting with the audience is easy but maintaining a long term relationship is what actually matters. Also, ask them for feedback and reviews.

 There are many benefits to using a social media platform to drive traffic to your landing page

  • Enhance customer relationship in an effective way.
  • Drive traffic to your website and also relevant pages.
  • Increases online sales and brand awareness.
  • The audience count will be increased.

4. Build Links on Relevant Publishing Platforms

When you create and publish content, be sure to keep an eye out for providing a link (external or internal). In SEO terms, the concept of links will play a crucial role, therefore the link building is a successful marketing strategy that helps to increase the domain authority. This link will fulfill the benefits of SEO and that helps the business growth in a better way. These links are capable of generating traffic directly to your landing page.

When it comes to ‘backlinks’, these type of links will help in achieving more referral traffic to your website. Blogging is a special technique where you can publish the content along with the links on contributor publishing platforms. Make a note, you cannot post your article on other publishing platforms.

There are few techniques which followed Google such as ‘White Hat’ and ‘Natural’. Google uses these types of technique and targets on high-quality links and ignores lower-quality links. 

 5. Target Long-Tail Keywords

 A keyword is the first step to build an outstanding SEO and SEM. A keyword is a specific word that can describe the content published on your website. There are 9 types of keywords, in which short tail and long tail keywords are preferred by marketers.

 It is difficult to rank for short-tail keywords on search engines. Therefore, focusing on long tail keywords has a chance to rank better. The keywords can be used in different ways such as meta description, PPC campaigns, image optimization and more.

 All you need to do to rank better is, sprinkle the keyword in the content of your website. LSI keywords will help to gain new and existing visitors. According to the analysis, LSI has less bounce rate with more conversion rate.

Final Thoughts

The unique way to drive a new visitor to your landing page, depends on following the right strategy. Since, landing pages are specially designed for specific purposes. Depends upon the business goals, such as increasing the subscription list, selling a product, providing a service, etc. Not every business has the same strategy, follow above mentioned techniques and gain huge number of visitors to your landing page within a short period.

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