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How to Create a Compelling LinkedIn Profile?

by jane bryon

Are you a potential job-seeker? How long have you been searching for your dream job and still not found it?

Tried using LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a social media platform that brings together job-seekers and recruiters. It was started in 2002 and by 2018 it has over 590 million registered users.

LinkedIn allows registered users (employer and employees) to form a professional relationship. It not only helps the user find a job but also helps them build connections with existing members and new members. A wide range of content is also shared on this platform that can help B2B marketers with their business.

How LinkedIn Can Help You?

Nine out of ten recruiters are keen on using this platform for recruiting new talents in their respective professions. The LinkedIn profile of an employee provides them with information regarding their educational background, past work details and skills learned.

Earlier, when an open position was posted by an employer, job seekers would contact the employer and attend the interview. With LinkedIn, everything is made easy. It allows recruiters to see you in a different light. As your profile would speak for you. It is important to craft your profile carefully to avoid any mistakes.

Here are a few steps that can help you in creating an effective LinkedIn Profile.

1. Sign-Up for LinkedIn World

The first and foremost step in creating a compelling LinkedIn profile is to signup for it. As soon as you open the LinkedIn website it would ask you to log-in or sign up. If you already have a profile it’s good but if in case you don’t then fill all the required columns to sign-up. Don’t forget to add the email that you often use.


As you would receive connection requests and other notification to it. Don’t forget to add your mobile number as recruiters may call you if they like your profile. Once you’re done with the signing-up process then proceed further.

2. Add a Profile Picture

When your uploading a profile picture use your current image rather than an old picture of yourself or scenery or anything else. You might be wondering why is it important for you to upload your own image?


Having your own image as profile picture shows that your profile is genuine and also differentiates you from other similar named profiles. Profile pictures also help you in finding your old connections easily. Make sure that your picture is professional but don’t overdo it. See that the picture is in a 200×200 dimension, if not image may appear blurry.

3. Add a Headline

Try making your headline as interesting as possible. It appears right next to our name in the profile. You have 120 characters to describe your job title in the best way possible so that it can draw attention to your profile. It helps you build a great first impression. An interesting headline can make recruiters or connections curious enough to open your profile.

Remember that LinkedIn is a search engine. Using industry-related keywords can make you marketable and recruiters can find you easily in a search list. Here are a few examples that may help you with understanding.

  • Lead UX/UI Specialist at an Award winning inbound marketing agency.
  • HR, Recruiter, Talent management expert.

4. Add Summary

The summary section allows the user to be as creative as possible. Around 40% of recruiters love to peek at your attitude along with your academic achievements. Include your specialities and talk about experiences. List some of the big results you achieved at your past job and also talk about your future goals.

Users can also include high-resolution images, video talk, infographics and links to their previous work. A summary should at least be of 40 words. As it will make it easy to appear in search and it should be unique and creative enough to grab the reader’s attention.

5. Add Education, Experience and Skills

This section interests recruiters so add all your educational qualifications including any certifications that are earned through other organisations or training programs. Adding all your educational qualifications makes it easy to connect with relevant Alumni groups and old classmates. Add details relating to your past jobs. Mention your job role, working period etc.

Don’t forget to add about any special skills you attribute. According to LinkedIn statistics, a profile with minimum 5 skills receives 17 times more profile views than a normal profile. This section gives recruiter an idea about your previous work and educational background, so do not miss any important information.

6.Recommendations and Network Building

A Recommendation can be from anyone like previous bosses, happy clients, mentors, mentees. They add credibility to your profile in job-marketplace. Have a plan and don’t rush things when you are asking for recommendations ask each person to focus on your particular skill and also remind them of any instance where you came up with a solution for their problem with your skills. See that your recommendations can back your skills listed in your profile and not contradict them.

LinkedIn is all about building professional connections to see new heights in your professional career. Build networks and connect with as many people as you can within your industry. Join groups relating to your industry, Alumni groups of your schools or colleges, etc and join conversations or discussions on such groups to show your expertise and learn new things.

7.“Fully Completed Profile”

Ensure that you have a fully completed profile. LinkedIn says that a completed profile will appear 40 times more in the search results. If your profile is updated with your industry, location, past two job-role information, up-to-date information on your current position, your education, skills and a profile picture with at least 50 connections then LinkedIn deems it as a complete profile.


There you go. Your profile is all set to appear in the search list. Remember to include industry-related keywords in your description as it will increase your chances to appear in the search list. Don’t just create your profile, use it regularly. Post content related to your industry on a regular basis. Be an active member and build your network to increase your professional opportunities. Once you’re done with this all these steps, Voila there you have your LinkedIn profile that can help you to stay ahead in your profession.

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