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What is WordPress hosting?

by emily joyce

Are you planning to build a website with WordPress? then you’re on the right track. Building a website with WordPress is one of the smart choices. Now you might be wondering about “Which hosting is perfect for your WordPress”? Choosing a hosting for your blog or website is essential. As you have already decided to go with WordPress, Why don’t you try WordPress hosting too? It actually helps you in taking your website to the next level. Due to the increase in the usage of WordPress, the demand for web hosting has skyrocketed.

Many of us are familiar with web hosting, but only a few people have good knowledge about “WordPress Hosting”. If you are planning to build a business-focused website. It is necessary to have a WordPress specific host.

In simple terms, a WordPress hosting optimizes your websites and helps them to work effectively. WordPress is not only affordable but also offers you high-quality hosting which is fast and secure.
Do you need WordPress hosting to use WordPress?
For new blogs or websites, you don’t require WordPress hosting to manage WordPress. During the initial stage, you can start with regular WordPress hosting. The cost of regular WordPress hosting is affordable when compared to other hosting platforms.

Before choosing a WordPress host to your website you need to concentrate on five core concepts.

1. Price

2. Ease to use

3. Performance

4. Security

5. Support

Since there are many companies offering WordPress hosting with outstanding features. Sometimes it can be overwhelming trying to select what type of hosting is suitable for your website.

There are five types of WordPress hosting, take a look and choose the best hosting for your website.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is typically targeted towards beginners and for those websites with low traffic and doesn’t want to invest more money on hosting. Among all, shared hosting is the cheapest WordPress hosting. This type of hosting is easy to install and also performs other programming formalities too.


With the server, your website will “share” the resources with other websites. By pooling the required resources from the server, you will be charged. There are very few advanced features in shared hosting when compared to others. The shared hosting plans may start from $7.95 per month.

Managed WordPress Hosting

Managed WordPress hosting is one of the popular hostings which deals with underlying technologies. Managed WordPress is an optimized hosting destination to build and manage websites. It manages and improves the maintenance of your website.

Check out below listed features of Managed WordPress Hosting

1. Update your WordPress software when required.

2. Back up your website every single day.

3. Latest configuration with boosting technologies.

4. Provides high security with WordPress-specific firewalls and other security mechanisms.

Managed WordPress hosting users can share the resources in web server space with remaining WordPress users. But that shared resources in a web server will be uniquely configured for WordPress.

Virtual Private Servers

Virtual Private Servers is an upgraded version of shared hosting and dedicated server. VPS is an independent partition of a physical server. In this type of hosting, you will be sharing space and resources with other users on the same web server. But, the difference from shared hosting is that you can get a certain allotment of resources to yourself.

The benefits of VPS are there is no need to share resources and have more control and flexibility over your server.

There are two types of virtual private servers which are offered by many providers.

Unmanaged – If you opt for unmanaged VPS hosting, you require basic knowledge on networking. Because, in unmanaged hosting, you are responsible for installation set-up, configuration and managing the web server.

Managed – In managed VPS, you don’t require prior technical knowledge to host a website. Sit back and relax, your VPS host will “manage” the server for you.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is different among other hostings such as shared, managed and VPN. If you are planning for a comparable solution which has the ability to handle high traffic, Cloud Hosting is a great choice for you. Your site will be completely hosted on cloud architecture.

It follows a “Divide and Rule” mechanism, the resources which are required to maintain your site will eventually spread across a wide range of servers. These servers will work together effectively, therefore termed as the single cloud.

In general, it acquires the features of VPSs and dedicated servers.

The key functionality of cloud hosting is scalability. With the upcoming technology and frequent updates within a few steps, you can quickly add or remove a resource if necessary.

Dedicated Server

Dedicated Server – As the name suggests, you will get a physical web server all to yourself. You don’t need to share hosting space and resources with any other customers. The pricing for a dedicated server is more compared to other hosting plans. They are basically suitable for websites which are driving more traffic and this server will take your business to the next level.

Benefits of choosing a dedicated server are as follows:

  1. Dedicated resources
  2. Superior customization
  3. Scalability

A decent dedicated server is typically known as a rented service. It may cost you around $200 to $1000 per month.


Hoping that you got a good knowledge about WordPress hosting and different types of hostings available in the market. If you are planning to get started with WordPress, then it’s better to choose shared hosting until your website starts driving traffic. Once you have reached to that point, then upgrade your website to another WordPress hosting.

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