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What is Linux Hosting?

by emily joyce

What is Web Hosting?

Web hosting is well-known as an internet hosting service that allows individuals and organizations to make their website accessible on the internet. Web hosting service providers are responsible to maintain the space on the server, configuration set up, and technologies that are required for your website to get connected on the internet.

In simple terms, Web hosting is a physical location of your website on the world wide web. Web hosting can be measured in two ways.

  1. The space allocated in the server
  2. Bandwidth

Hosting is a commercial product that has the capability to deliver advanced resource management, performance optimization, and better security for the website. There are thousands of web hosting providers available around the globe. The services offered by web hosting providers are ranging from free to expensive.

Most of the service providers deal with two types of hosting such as

  • ¬†Linux hosting
  • Windows hosting

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux is an open-source and highly secured operating system for large and small scale businesses. The core concept behind introducing the Linux hosting is “LAMP”. This stands for Linux, Apache, MySQL, and PHP. These are the four important aspects required for running a successful Linux hosting. No wonder, currently Linux hosting shadows about more than 80% of web servers across the world.

  1. Apache – Apache is the most popular HTTP open source web server. Apache can work on both Linux and Unix platforms. It performs three main functions such as creation, deployment, and maintenance. Apache is the most stable web server because it can run on both Linux and Windows servers.
  2. MySQL – MySQL is a powerful database server used to store the information. The interface language used in MySQL database is SQL. This standard query language performs multiple tasks such as insert, update and view data in the form of relational tables.
  3. PHP – PHP is a server scripting language which is specially designed to develop the web page. The advantage of using a PHP is that it doesn’t require a compilation. The files are directly executed in the server. This language is the most powerful tool for creating dynamic web pages. It is an alternative solution for Microsoft’s ASP.

Linux hosting is almost everywhere. Whether you’re planning for a shared website hosting or a virtual private server, the Linux-based option is prior to windows hosting.

These are the following Linux hosting features offered by companies in the market.

  1. The Linux hosting plans include a database such as PHP and MySQL.
  2. With respect to the client requirement, a perfect custom hosting plan will be generated.
  3. Provides 24X7 customer support (Phone, Email, and Chat).
  4. Free website builders and free installation setup.
  5. Automatically the spam content will be blocked in your website or blog.

When it comes to choosing a web hosting for your website. You might be confused between Linux hosting and Window hosting. Don’t worry, we have made your task simple. Follow the below steps and get a clear idea about Linux and window hosting. Then, choose the web hosting which is suitable for your business.

Difference Between Linux Hosting and Window Hosting?

According to market insights, most of the websites are hosted using Linux hosting. Since the Linux hosting is cheaper and more flexible. The technology used in Linux hosting can be compatible with both PHP and MySQL.

Window hosting uses Windows as its operating system. The technologies included in window hosting are ASP, .NET, MSSQL and Ms. Access. Window hosting is more expensive compared to Linux hosting.

Windows is a commonly used operating system across the world. The user may believe that getting started with windows hosting would be easy, this is a myth. This hosting is complex to use. On the other hand, Linux hosting has a great user interface and everything is fully automated.

Windows hosting users can access the server through a control panel. The control panels offered in Windows hosting are known as Plesk. When it comes to Linux hosting, the user can easily access the server through cPanel and WHM (web host manager). These control panels provide a powerful graphical interface to make the process ease to the end customer.

Linux is based on a Unix-like operating system and open source choice. Because of the simplicity of this software, Linux hosting is mostly preferred hosting. Therefore, choosing the right web host for your business is the first step in achieving success.

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