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Top 10 Video Conferencing Software

by emily joyce

Video conference is an essential software for all types of business. This software is used to stay connected with global partners and employees in an organization. It enables online interaction for client calls, video and audio meeting, seminars, etc.

The video conferencing software reduces travel cost and makes it easy for international communication. In an organization, employees at every level make use of these video conferencing software to attend or conduct virtual meetings.

How does video conferencing software works? The video conferencing software will work in two ways:

  1. Point-to-point
  2. Multipoint

Point to point video conferencing is most likely a phone call with video. Each person will have a web camera, speakers mounted on their pc. When two users start the conversation their voices will be carried over the network and delivered to each other.

Multipoint conferencing software enables three or more users to access over the network. The users can hear and watch each other in multipoint conferencing.

Benefits of using video conference software:

  1. Saves time, money and resources by providing international communication.
  2. Geographic barriers are eliminated and allows the team to work accordingly.
  3. Increases engagement through screen and content sharing.
  4. It also offers recording capabilities that will be useful for future references.

Web conference tool can be used to organize different types of meetings

  1. Traditional employee and manager meetings
  2. Web seminars and webcasts
  3. Team collaboration
  4. Training

Following are the hand-picked video conferencing software that can help your organizations to increase productivity.

RingCentral Office 

As technology is breaking barriers, this tool enables them to work together. It builds reliable solutions and is committed to fulfill customer requirements. The simplified version of the tool enables users to communicate in ease. Additionally, it is also used to provide customized business communications.

RingCentral Office has the ability to communicate and collaborate with customers, partners and team. Also, they can connect anywhere and anytime.

RingCentral offers up to 33% discount on an annual subscription plan. Premium plan at $34, standard plan at $27 and an unlimited plan is starting at $49.


TeamViewer is a leading software for remote connectivity solutions. This software provides a desktop tool that offers web conferencing, online meetings and file sharing for flexible online collaboration.

This video conference software is made to ease the access & control of the desktop and server anytime and anywhere on better internet connection. Its web conference feature enables a user to connect conference calls with more than 30 people.

TeamViewer 14 is the latest version introduced with new features and innovations for remote control and support. It includes session recording to record team meetings while on phone call or video.

Features of TeamViewer 14 include:

  1. Better performance
  2. Streamlined server infrastructure
  3. High-quality connection
  4. New macOS Mojave technologies

Zoho Meeting

If you are planning for browser-based web conferencing software, then Zoho Meeting is the right choice for you. It is used for hosting webinars and video conference. You can record your webinar and store it on Zoho cloud. Watch the recorded file or data online anytime from the cloud. Also, you can share the record with anyone.

Zoho meeting is one step solution to organize webinars that can influence, educate, and engage your leads. Also, get them connected through polls, presentations, q&a session, etc. Download webinar analytic reports.

Zoho meeting can help you collaborate with anyone and anywhere using video, audio, file sharing, moderator controls, etc.


Cisco is a global leader in web conferencing software. You can watch each other with Cisco WebEx software. Show your team what’s on your desktop. Also, it enables to make things happen with group communication and ensure to make wonderful stuff easily.

Meetings just get better with this software. Cisco WebEx services and products are delivered across the Cisco WebEx cloud. That cloud is used for real-time web communications.

Cisco can be used for multiple purposes such as:

  1. Get your own customized meeting room
  2. Personalized training or courses, question and answer
  3. Conduct interview, events or remote support

Cisco has the power to conduct 20 million reliable meeting per month. WebEx offers with excellent support service, you can get expert support when you need it.

Pricing – Basic plan includes 50 participants and enterprise plan include up to 1000 participants. A free trial plan is also available.


Zoom is a cloud-based solution that integrates web conferencing and group messaging. The collaboration among the team, remote employees and managers have been improved. Because of the high-quality audio, video and desktop screen sharing tools.

Modernize your video conference for desktop and mobile with Zoom.

  1. Built-in collaboration tools
  2. High security
  3. Effective recording and transcripts
  4. Team communication and content sharing
  5. Streamlined calendaring

Zoom Meetings for mobile and desktop provides a powerful solution to make every online meeting a great one. Keep your participants engaged by enabling pooling, virtual hand-raising, and track engagement.

With Zoom chat, you can create private or public groups. Also, allows you to share files and search for the required content.

Pro plans for small business at $14.99 per month. A business plan for the small and medium organization is $19.99 per month. Enterprise plan for large business at $19.99 per month.


Video conferencing just got easier with ClickMeeting software. Its powerful features can help webinars to organize before and after online meeting effectively. It can instantly schedule an online meeting and live webinars.

Attractive features of ClickMeeting are

  1. Synchronize your events with a calendar
  2. Stream up to 8 live videos and audios
  3. Audio mode controls the interaction
  4. Share whiteboard to reach your audience
  5. Provide security to your webinar room

ClickMeeting follows a 360-degree strategy to invite, engage and thank participants. Currently, over 147,498 happy customers in 219 countries are using this tool to engage with their team.


  • Standard plan at $25 (25 to 100 attendees)
  • Pro plan $35 (50 to 500 attendees)
  • Enterprise plan $165 (custom and scalable)

Adobe Connect

Adobe Connect is an amazing software used for web conferencing, online training and courses, desktop file sharing, etc. This software gives complete control over the functionality of webinar meeting rooms. Every meeting room in Adobe is organized into “Pods”. Each pod will perform a specific task. You can position functional pods anywhere on the desktop either to interact or share information.

One of the top features of Adobe Connect is “Custom Apps”. The way you install apps on your mobile phone, you can install Adobe Connect custom apps into your Adobe Connect room. These apps enable you to extend your connect room functionalities.


If you are running a small business, Join.me is the perfect video conference software for you. This software is used to host a free meeting or join a meeting.

Start – Host an online meeting with a single click for free. It allows you to host video and audio calls. With a single tap starts a scheduled meeting or a conference call.

Join – Join a video conference instantly anywhere and anytime.

Collaborate – Whenever you’re ready to share your desktop screen or files, start your meeting and click on a screen share button.

Save – Join.me offers free and unlimited conference calling.

Key features of Join.me are

  1. Claim your own personalized URL
  2. Customize your meeting background
  3. Zoom in and out of desktop screen sharing
  4. Schedule meeting right from the mobile app
  5. Great audio
  6. One click file sharing


Highfive provides an integrated hardware and software web conferencing solution. It simplifies business collaboration in an efficient way. This software is well designed to make online meetings flexible with no cables and no additional app downloads. The installation set-up can be done within 5 minutes.

The high five conferencing platform offers:

  1. Unparalleled user experience
  2. Lightweight setup and management
  3. Meetings feel like everyone is in a single room

Pricing – Starter plan with all-in-one conferencing at $199 onwards. Plus package at $299 and premium plan at $599 onwards.


GoToMeeting simplifies communication with each other around the globe. This software is built for small to medium size businesses and designed for success. Get connected with anyone, anywhere using GoToMeeting video conference software.

GoToMeeting offers a couple of solutions such as Join a meeting or Host a meeting.

Powerful features of GoToMeeting are:

  1. Collaborate with business chats
  2. Provides transcripts
  3. Schedule meetings
  4. Customize team setting with respect to your requirements
  5. Out-of-the-box video conferencing

Currently, over 18 million people using GoToMeeting video conference tool every month.

Final Thoughts

In order to conduct a successful business meeting, your organization need an amazing web conferencing software. Follow the top 10 video conference software from the list. Choose the best suitable software that satisfies your business requirements and goals.

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