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Top 10 Social Media Tools for Business

by jane bryon

When was the last time you were active on your social media handle? Was it a minute ago or an hour ago. Aren’t these platforms making our lives easy? From finding a job to sharing pictures of your recent adventure, everything is easy and right at your fingertips with these platforms. Since 2017, social media usage has increased by 13% globally, it is expected to touch around 2.77 billion in 2019.

With Social media being at its all-time high, using these platforms to promote your business is advantageous. Social media platforms can help you to stay at the top of your game. Maintaining an active presence on social media platforms will help you to see your existing customers in a new light and also creates an opportunity to engage with new potential customers.

To engage with your online crowd on all these major platforms can be tiring and there are chances that you may not achieve your desired results. A little help is always better right? These social media tools make it easy to manage all your major social media platforms. Picking the right social media management tool is vital for your success.

Here are 10 best social media tools that can boost your social media presence.

1. Sprout Social:

Sprout Social is a social media management tool that has the capacity to manage all your social media profiles from one single platform. Using this tool has lots of benefits as it helps in scheduling, monitoring and reporting. It helps in building customer relationships, tracking and analysing your social media posts. It comes with a wide variety of features that make engaging, monitoring, publishing, listening and analyzing easy.

Sprout Social’s patented technology Viral post helps to publish your content at the optimal time on social media platforms by analyzing your audience behaviour. It provides you with a one-month free trial and prices are ranging from $99 per year for standard, $149 per year for professional and $249 per year for advanced.

2. Hoot Suite:

Hoot Suite has been in the game since 2008. If you’re looking for a social media management tool for managing campaigns then this tool is perfect. It is integrated with 47 social networks and also provides video integration. This tool allows the user to monitor the comments on their social media handles and also to save those comments for future usage.

Hoot Suite is also offering several free and paid certification courses on social media marketing by globally accomplished social media experts. It is offering a 30- day free trial, and plans are ranging from $ 29 per month for professional, $129 per month for a team, $ 599 per month for business.

3. Buffer:

Buffer manages social media posts across various social media platforms, along with scheduling, publishing and analyzing the social media posts this tool customizes and tracks them also.

Buffer offers many paid and free features. For starter plans, prices are ranging for pro at $15, whereas for business small is at $99, the medium is at $199, and for large it’s around $399. For large buffer offers to manage a total of 150 accounts.

4.Tweet Deck:

Tweet Deck is the best social media management tool for managing Twitter. With it, you can respond to comments or any questions from their clients.

 Tweet Deck provides customisable columns which act as a set-up for users Twitter timeline, direct messages, trends, lists, favourites, hashtags and search lists. This tool is free and user-friendly.

5. Zoho Social:

Zoho Social provides agencies and businesses with the best social media management. It monitor’s keywords manage multiple social media platforms and also schedules unlimited posts. All of this is done on a single dashboard. It enables the user to create posts for different social media platforms and schedule them for later or can post them immediately.

Zoho social also provides features like publishing calendar, where the user can manage their content timeline and with Bulk Scheduler user can schedules multiple social media posts in a single click. This social media management tool is charging for business and individual at $8.33 per month for standard and $41 per month for professional. Whereas for agencies, it is charging $83.33 per month for the agency and $125 per month for agency plus.

6. Social Pilot:

Social Pilot is a simple and pocket-friendly social media management tool. It allows a user to compare itself with other alternative social media management tools available online. It offers features like Scheduling, publishing, social media analytics, client management, social media calendar and a social inbox.

Social Pilot is offering a 14-day free trial pack. And the price is ranging from $83.33/month for an agency, $41.33/month for a small team and $25/month for professional. Social pilot manages 200 social media accounts for the Agency plan.

7. Okto Post:

Okto Post offers solutions for social media engagement, social media promotions and employee advocacy. This platform can schedule, publish and analyze content across all social media networks.

Okto Post measures the user’s social media ROI and stores all the content on social media platforms for the future purpose. The user can request for a demo and the pricing varies from customer to customer based on their requirements.

8. Co- Schedule:

Co- Schedule is integrated with all major social media platforms. This marketing tool helps in creating, planning and scheduling the social media posts with post editor and also tracks the clicks on their posts.

Co- schedule connects with bitly also. This tool offers features as ReQueue, with which we can clear schedule gaps while re-sharing the best social content. It is offering a 14- day free trial. Price scale is changing based on the type of plan selected.


Sendible was founded in 2009 by Gavin Hammer. It offers to manage social media platforms, measure the social media ROI, and schedule the posts. This tool helps in creating the best social media strategy even with time constraints.

Now Sendible is offering direct video publishing for Instagram also. Sendible is offering a 30-day free trial. The price range starts from $29 per month for Micro, $99 per month for Small, $199 per month for Medium and $299 per month for Large.

10.Agora Pulse:

Agora Pulse simplifies social media management for its clients. Its affordability and user-friendliness make it best in the industry. It supports all major social media platforms and helps the users engage, listen, publish, report, collaborate and also reschedule their evergreen posts.

Agora Pulse is offering a 28- day free trial and the price for small is $39/ month, $79/month for medium, $159/month for large and $ 239/month for the enterprise.


There are many social media marketing tools available out there. Hopefully, this article will shed light on the best ones available and helps you to choose a tool that can improve your social media presence within your social media community.

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