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Top 10 Best Tools For Millennial Freelancers

by emily joyce

Are you a homemaker, a student, an employee or simply want to earn extra money? Think about freelancing. It sounds amazing right!! Doing extra work at home can easily help you to make money.

Earning extra income is a great plan that will change everyone’s life. With money, you can do almost everything in this world. You can buy a new dress, car or whatever you wish for.

Freelancing is a growing trend in the world. The count of self-employment is increasing day by day. As per research over 56 million people worked as a freelancer across the globe.

Freelancing can offer you a lot of flexibility where a 9 to 6 regular job can’t give you. The desk job contains certain rules and regulations like login hours, meetings, client calls, office location and other challenges.

When you consider freelancing, you are like a free bird. No longer work schedule, no more emotional and physical stress.

  • You are the boss
  • Freedom to select clients
  • Great opportunity to get extra income
  • Control and manage your workload
  • Breaks and sleep whenever it’s required
  • Have control over your relationships
  • Work on optimum times in a day

Those who are working as freelancers face many challenges. Whether chasing invoices or ensuring that you’re getting paid from clients on time. These may be key factors in freelancing. It’s important to manage yourself and stay organized. Also, keeping yourself on the top of the project deadline can be difficult.

Say big thanks to millennial freelancing tools. There are several digital software available in the market. Following are hand-picked tools to help manage, organize effective your work.


Are you a freelancer? Unable to balance your work-life? A cushion is the right tool for you. Peace of your mind! This tool is helpful for the one who regularly faces trouble in planning or managing the work. Freelancer will constantly assign more work and they never think about taking a break. Therefore, to balance work and personal life, Cushion is a great choice.

Earing huge money consistently is like a daydream for many freelancers. It’s important to focus on financial goals. A cushion can easily put you on the track with financial objectives. This tool can automatically adjust your multiple financial goals during the year.

Enjoy a free trial plan for the first month. Starter plan at $8 per month, professional freelancers starts at $18 per month and beta plan at $28 per month.

Focus booster

Want a freelancing tool that gives a productivity boost? Opt for Focus Booster. With this software you can achieve more, always you feel satisfied by looking at your productive work. Focus booster can consistently track the time.

The instant focus will relay on promodoro techniques. This tool can easily empower to organize, maintain and handle distractions. Always tends to stay focused on the work and make you feel fresh to do more work.

  • Overcome distractions
  • Save the time on incomplete sessions
  • Manual login time
  • Instant timesheets
  • Quick and simple reporting
  • Time tracking and mini timer
  • Customized sessions

Focus booster provides an easy dashboard reporting tool to visualize the overall work progress to improve productivity further. Fastly generates your invoices from CSV.

Get Focus booster starter plan for free (30-days). A professional plan starts at $4.99 and an individual plan at $2.99.


Planning to create a custom mobile application? BuildFire is the right choice for you. Turn your ideas into reality with Saas platform.

BuildFire empowers your business individual or professional to resolve complicated problems or issues with ease of mobile solutions.

  • Interact, extend & integrate
  • In-depth app analytics
  • Application security – Lockdown
  • Stores persist information
  • Effective BuildFire developers
  • Ease application dashboard

Everyone can operate or administrate the application in BuildFire, no technical knowledge is required. These can be easy to create, manage and also available at any time.  It includes less code and hassle. With ease intuitive dashboard you can build an application within simple clicks.


Start your carrier with Upwork and earn maximum income. If you’re a business entrepreneur, you can hire for professional freelancers. Yes, you heard it right! Make great things happen with Upwork and grow the business with certified freelancing platforms.

Upwork works in a simple manner

  • Job post, explain about the project. Thereby Upwork will connect with a professional person across the globe or nearby.
  • Certified proposals will reach you within one day (24 hours). Hire the perfect one by comparing – bids, reviews, etc.
  • Collaborate effectively, you can start a conversation through text or video call. Share and track files right from the desktop.
  • The payment is greatly simplified, get paid hourly or fixed salary. Receive invoices via Upwork.

Upwork basic plan is free. Plus plan starts at $49.99 and the business plan starts at $499.


Have you heard about Invoicely? Can hear you. Invoicely is specially designed for invoicing. This software allows free plans, you can send multiple invoices to multiple clients. Also, generates real-time reports, with analytics you’ve got a brief idea about how the business flow is going on.

  • Professional and effortless invoicing
  • Accepts instant online payments – Mollie, stripe, PayPal and WePay
  • Effectively track time and expenses
  • Manage several businesses

Luckily, no credit card is required. Simply add your invoice through a dashboard. Keeping your invoice safe and secure is the first priority.

Invoicely basic plan starts at $9.99 per month. A professional plan starts at $19.99 and enterprise subscription plan at $29.99 per month.


Some people just love visual content. If you’re one among them – MindMeister is a perfect software for you.

MindMeister is a powerful online mind-mapping software that can easily capture, build and share your ideas visually. Currently, over 10 million users have used for multiple purposes from brainstorming to project planning.

  • Structure information between business ideas & concepts
  • Improve memory and connect you with extra information
  • Foster creativity
  • Effectively collaborate with real-time

MindMeister is web-based software, therefore you don’t require download and update. It works perfectly on multiple operating systems such as Mac OS, Windows, Linux, etc.

A MindMeister personal plan starts at $4.99 per month. Pro plan starts at $8.25 and enterprise plan at $12.49 per month.


Do you constantly write proposals? You might know the importance of presentation. Proposify is amazing software for you!! Create unique, interactive and professional proposals effectively. Make your clients impressed by sending a well-structured online proposal.

Proposify is an amazing tool for part-time or full-time freelancers. The software provides with flexible metrics, high-quality design tools. Also, a well-structured content museum where you can browse the topic of your own choice.

To run a successful business, you need to do extra!! Proposify integrates with your favourite apps such as CRM, invoicing, project management, etc.

Proposify basic plan starts at $19 and sales team plan starts at $49 per months.


Timely is all-in-one software for profitability and productivity from a single platform. This software is a fully automated time tracking software. This tool would be a great option for the one who trades in their time.

Don’t want to waste a second? Want to track every task? Timely is the best choice. This tool can improve your timesheet accuracy, increases your project profitability and also optimizes your team’s overall performance.

  • Automatic date and time tracking
  • Task breakdown
  • Powerful bulk update and edit
  • Project and team time management
  • Arrange logical teams
  • Quick reporting

This software can easily synchronize on various platforms such as Web, iPhone, iPad, Mac, Window, etc.

Timely offers company subscription at $21 per month. Essential subscription at $14 and the individual plan starts at $7 per month.


MailChimp is an amazing marketing automation software. This tool acts as a second-brain by creating and sending emails to clients and customers. Manages subscribers, organize and track your time. Always put you on the top list of marketing.

Create unique and professional campaigns with MailChimp. Right from the inbox to social media feeds, you can easily reach your potential customers. Email designer at MailChimp can make your task easy by designing professional emails.

Connect with your favourite tools for additional features your already familiar with. Few tools are ShopSync, Zapier and Automate.io can help you to connect wherever you are. Automate your work and make life simple through automation techniques.

MailChimp pro plan starts for $199 and grows plan starting at $10 onwards.


Do you enjoy writing technical or entertainment content? Or manage travel Facebook pages during your free time. Feel difficult to maintain and manage your payment process? Here you go with Due. This tool is a powerful digital wallet provide payment solutions for every business – small to large.

All your transactions are highly secured with Due!!

  • PCI compliance
  • Encrypted transactions
  • Fraud detection and monitoring
  • Blockchain technology

Keep an eye on all the payments with a professional payment dashboard. You can easily organize the payment details under one roof. Also, you can quickly send & receive money to your clients through a digital wallet. Get paid with Due Cash!

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