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Top 10 Best SEO Software

by jane bryon

SEO has an important hand in the success of your website. Don’t you agree? Be it online marketers, small or large businesses, bloggers SEO is critical for their online content. SEO means search engine optimisation. Simply said SEO helps your page to appear in best ranks in a search engine. The search engine crawls your content and if your content has compiled all the important factors your page will appear on the first page.

As you know SEO can make or break your page. So it is important for any website to maintain their SEO well. SEO includes keyword research, rank tracking, link building etc. So to do all these jobs would take up a lot of your time.

SEO definitely the most important part of your website, but we have so many other important issues to deal with right? So what if we have software that would make your SEO journey a little easy. Thanks to rapidly developing the digital world. There are many digital marketing tools that would make your work easy.

Here are 10 best SEO software that would make SEO easy as a breeze.


Among all the available SEO tools in the market, most businesses, bloggers are preferring Ahrefs. Ahrefs is easy and it assists the user in both analysis and research. It offers tools that can make SEO a great experience. It has tools that can help you in researching the competitors, improving your search traffic and monitoring your niche. It provides detailed information on how your competitors are ranking high and what methods you need to follow to outrank them.

It offers tools like Keyword research, Backlink research, rank tracking, web monitoring, content research and competitive analysis. Everyday Ahrefs crawls around 6 billion web pages and around 200 million root domains. They are available 24/7 to assist you to in case of any queries. Pricing for this software is ranging from $99/month for lite, $179/month for standard, $399/month for advanced, $999/month agency. You can even start a 7-day trial for $7 for a standard plan.


Seobility is the best SEO software to make your website optimization better. This tool will help you see whether the SEO of your website is good or bad. It is an all-in-one SEO software. It offers services like site auditor and website crawling. It provides daily updates after tracking your page rank on Google Rank Tracker.

It provides tools for link building, checking backlinks. Seobility continuously monitors your page and provides you with white label reporting. It comes with SEO analysis and tools you need for it like rank tracking, backlink checker and on-site audit. Pricing for this software is free for basic, for premium it is offering a 30-day free trial and the price is 50/month afterwards, for agency $200.


Serpstat is beneficial for companies like digital marketing agencies, SMB and enterprise, In-built SEO Teams and all those individuals who are keen on making money with their website. Its features include search analytics, keyword research, competitor research, rank tracking, market intelligence, on-page audit, content marketing ideation, advertising analysis, reports & infographics. Its keyword research feature will provide you with top-performing keywords that can make your content great and increase your online visibility. Its price ranging is different for both personal and business.


Plan-A: $19/month

Plan-B: $69/month

Plan-C: $149/month

Plan-D: $299/month


Plan-E: $499/month

Plan-F: $999/month

Plan-G: $1499/month

Plan-H: $2500/month

Pitch Box

Pitch Box is apparently not an SEO tool. It is a tool that makes your outreach efforts easy. As you know in link-building there is a lot of outreach involved. Like a lot. So tools like Pitch Box make such outreach effects easy compared to doing them manually. It is a content marketing & influencer outreach platform for SEO agencies, brands and publishers.

The tools offered by this software makes it easy for you to find bloggers, influencers and publishers quick and fast. You can even customize your outreach emails and follow up automatically with unresponded prospects. It allows you to track your outreach process. And allows you in making data-driven decisions. You can book a demo for pitch box and continue if this product suits you.

Long Tail Pro

Long Tail Pro is best for keyword research. Under the new ownership, this product has undergone some changes like, now this is moved from downloaded application to cloud-based. LTP was already the best tool for keyword research in the market. But with becoming cloud-based, it has made this process of keyword research more easy for its users.

All you have to do is enter the seed keyword and you will find thousands of suggestions and then run competitor analysis and run keyword based on all 13 metrics than with rank value determine keyword profitability. Lastly, track your rankings with the rank tracker. You can start using a trial version and if you feel it satisfies all your necessaries purchase it.


SEMrush is the best marketing tool available. It allows the user to manage their SEO, SMM, Content, and Advertising. It has a bag full of awards. Around 2,500,000 users around the globe are using this tool. It provides advertising, SEO, content, social media, reporting & management, competitive research.

It has more than 40 tools& reports to make your work easy. SEMrush has been in the market for 10 years. You can get started with their 7-day trial version. It provides users with all the necessary features to improve their website. So this tool should make to your definite try-list.

Seed Keywords

Seed Keywords is the best available free tool for keyword research. All you have to do is create a scenario ie., you will be asking questions. This tool will help you find your keywords by getting help from your peers. By asking the question you can understand what people are actually searching for. So when you pose the question you will receive a unique URL, share that URL with your friends.

And then you will receive the keywords typed by your contacts and see how your seed keyword list will grow. If you’re confused you can find examples of the scenarios and tutorials. So what are you waiting for? Use this tool to grow your seed keywords list.

SEO Quake

SEO Quake is the best tool for competitor research. It is a free browser extension. It pulls up data from the required pages. Here are some of the page metrics it shows like number external links, Google index, Alexa rank, Webarchive age/domain age, SEMrush rank and many more. SEO Quake comes handy for researching your competitors and finding link opportunities.

With this tool, you can conduct an on-page SEO audit quick. It makes it easy to compare internal, external links and compare domains and URL’s in real time. And it even exports your data into a file. Their website even provides you with a user guide and for any troubles visit their troubleshooting page.


Linkminer is the best tool used for link building. It is a free tool. It takes link building to the next level. It provides more information about broken links. It is a backlink checker tool which has more than 8 trillion backlinks. It provides you with tools like Link Strength is a metric that allows you to evaluate the link power. You can even preview the website backlinKed in the dashboard.

You can save the URL for future backlink opportunities. You can categories and filter so that you can focus on specific backlinks. Link Miner is part of Mangools. Mangools SEO package comes with keyword research, SERP analysis, backlink analysis, rank tracking, website analysis. Plans are ranging from $29.90/month, $39.90/month, $79.90/month.


SEOptimer is mostly used for SEO Audit. This tool will help your website’s SEO. It conducts a comprehensive website audit and helps you identify the issues relating to your website. And even provide actionable, clear recommendations which will help you improve. It is a simple do-it-yourself SEO, even small business owners can seek the help of this tool to improve their website at low cost.

After an SEO audit, on a white label PDF, all you have to do is upload your logo, add details of your company and adjust the styles according to your brand. Your PDF is generated in 20 seconds. Additionally, it even offers free SEO tools also. You can start with a 14-day free trial version. Prices are ranging from $19/month for DIY SEO, $29/month for white label and $59/month for white label & embedding.


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