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Top 10 Best Electronic Signature Apps

by emily joyce

How much time do you spend to sign a document? How many times you’ve reformated your sign before sending? Minutes or sometimes even a few hours. For an effective signature, everyone spends maximum time. Signatures are the critical foundation for rule-based society. These can be used for various purposes such as

  • Cheque processing
  • Legal documents
  • Passports
  • Online banking
  • Business deals
  • Desktop user authorization

Appending your signature on records may be a tiresome task. Good news is, technology has changed almost everything in the world. Don’t you agree? Yes, the process you deal with documents or legal notices.

A few years back, legal binding is accepted for handwritten signatures only. This could be difficult for the one who is staying abroad or far away from the city. In order to overcome such type of issues, E-signatures were introduced. Thank the electronic technology.

What is meant by E-signature?

An electronic signature refers to data in an electronic format. E-signatures is logically connected with specific data in electronically. This is greatly used by ‘signatory’ to ‘sign’.

E-signatures are basically a legal concept which is distinct from ‘digital signatures’. To implement electronic signature a cryptographic technique is integrated.

E-signature is a digital sign that indicates dealing with a settlement or a document. Have you ever placed an order online? Do you sign on a dispatcher mobile device? Here you go with ‘Electronic Signature’.

E-signature tools make the process even simple by collecting and storing various types of signatures. At the initial step, it enables you to keep login forms in your records. These E-signature apps provide high-level security and safe by ensuring each signature is verified.

Attractive features of E-signature are:

  • Allows to simply sign documents
  • Reminds you with the list of documents in a waiting list
  • Notify the expired date of documents
  • The process included in authenticating a user is secure & seamless
  • Within a few simple clicks, you can sign the document through mobile
  • Provides detailed reports and manages complete signature process


PandaDoc is an award-winning tool for well-designed user-interface and ease-of-use. This software is offered for both small and large document.

If you’re planning to create proposals in no time then PandaDoc is the perfect choice for you. Use pre-built templates and customer information from CRM. It empowers to close your deals fast and helps streamline workflow.

  • Secure and legally-binding e-signatures
  • Affordable software costs
  • Create and edit electronic documents in half-the-time
  • Get the documents signed easily

Every department in your company can make the benefit os Pandadoc – Sales, HR or legal.

Pricing: Business plan starts at $49 per month. Contact Pandadoc customer care for enterprise plans.


Don’t settle for less!! It’s time to digitalized with DocuSign software. The easy-to-use, simple to learn, snap to execute, approvals and foundations are convenient & simple for everyone involved.

No matter where you are. You can easily access, receive and send documents right from a desktop or on the go. DocuSign is a reliable and trusted software for e-signature and approvals.

  • Move your business forward safe, secure and reliable
  • Enables workflow digitally – save money and time
  • Increases efficiency
  • Enables users to an electronic signature agreement around the globe

Pricing: Personal plan starts at €8  per month. Standard plan starting at €20 and business pro subscription starts at €33 onwards.

OneSpan Sign

OneSpan Sign is responsible for – e-signed document processing and security-conscious business around the world. Whether your signature is easy or complex, planning to process hundred of transaction online. Everything can be done with OneSpan sign. This software is recognized as the key player by popular analyst firms.

Ensure amazing user adoption, satisfaction with the white-labelled e-signature user experience. No need to worry about the security, OneSpan will take care of it. Protect your documents against unauthorized parties and frauds by implementing military-grade technology.

  • Outstanding user experience
  • Advanced security
  • Audit trails
  • Effective scalable platform
  • Cost-of-ownership

Scale your e-signature across your business and multiple channels. Also, receive and comprehensive workflow. This software is used by various industries such as credit unions, financial services, healthcare and insurance.

Pricing: Professional plan starting at $20. Valid for one month.

Adobe Sign

Do you know Adobe was the first company to introduce e-signature space? They are giving a strong competition to other players in e-signature marketers. Adobe sign can be your fastest approach to your dotted lines.

From scratch to finish, business transactions are performed in a quick way. Also, you don’t find difficult during workflows – on desktop, or mobile or with your most-favourite app.

No more waiting for longer days!! Get your document signed within a few minutes.

Step 1: Enter recipient e-mail id and insert a section to collect their e-signatures. Click on a send button.

Step 2: Now, your recipient clicks on a link and get started on their desktop or mobile. No additional download or signup is required.

Step 3: Get notified when a document is signed by the recipient and receive automatic alerts when the session is completed.

Step 4: Every process is recorded automatically. Everyone will receive a secure and safe copy of the digitally signed document. The e-signature is stored in a database with an audit trail.

Pricing: Reach Adobe customer team for business and enterprise plans and pricing.


If you’re looking for a quick and accurate eSignature solution, HelloSign is a one-stop solution for you.

The process of document workflow can be a horror story for most of you. The document reply on PDF format, therefore the process may be time-consuming. With HelloWork, the workflow of documents can be faster than ever.

  • Well-designed user  
  • Secure, safe and legally binding
  • White label & powerfully customized
  • Dedicated API support
  • Fastest integration and customize according to your brand

Create an effective and elegant signing-experience with Hellosign API. The e-signature API’s can provide an optimal experience for your users. HelloSign API users can blindly replay on knowledgeable customer support team from an ‘API support engineer’. During real-time, HelloSign dedicated team will guide you through implementation and handling errors.

Pricing: Pro-plan starts at $13 per month and the business plan starts at $40 per month.


SignNow is a comprehensive digital and legal document software. This software is specially designed for easy-to-use. SignNow is an ‘award-winning software’. It provides effortlessly sign documents through e-signatures and allow the documents are legally binded within a fraction of seconds. Interesting right? Yes. This software is designed as a safe, customizable and secure web-based platform.

Compared to other top e-signature software’s, SignNow provides high-standard operations. You can create SignNow account at zero cost.

Step 1: Upload the required document or file and make a mark where and who should sign on the document. All you need to is – drag-&-drop.

Step 2: The signers will now receive the document. An email link will be inserted. Now receiver will click from their mobile, tablet or computers.

Step 3: SignNow can easily route your documents to the targeted people. It ensures each signature is perfectly collected. 

Pricing: SignNow business plan starts at $8 and the business premium plan starts at $15 onwards.


Are you looking for e-signature and document tracking software? GetAccept is the right platform to visit. Document analytics and e-signatures are treated in a different way. It’s time to combine them with GetAccept and give an additional touch.

  • Build an electronic signature to your document easily and quickly
  • You can integrate video’s in your documents. This actually makes stand-out from the crowd
  • With the attractive deal accelerator, your business sale proposals will be greatly promoted
  • Smart document tracking software allows you to track the documents
  • Create and store your important documents under one roof

Pricing: Get started with GetAccept – starter plan starts at $35 and the pro plan starts at $40 per month.


Looking for cost-effective e-signature software? Here you’re at the right place. SignOnTheGo is the cheapest software available in the market.

SignOnTheGo is using blockchain technique to store the transactions and crypto-currency to track the records. Their core mission is to provide a high level of innovative electronic signature technique with high quality.

  • Create your profile easily and invite your team to collaborate
  • Use inbuilt templates which are already available
  • Upload the documents right from cloud storage, desktop or phone
  • Highly negotiate the terms-and-conditions. You can track and accept changes before changing
  • Sharing is caring!! Share and print your documents. Save documents to your network storage or other location

SignOnTheGo is available in 3 languages – English, Spanish and French.

Pricing: Pay-as-you-go plan starts at $1.99, the individual pro plan starts at $25, the economy plan starts at $90 and business pro plan at $129 per month.


Looking for the easiest approach to sign a document? SignEasy is the best platform for you. SignEasy is an all-in-one software ranges from simple contracts to advanced workflow.

This software is an efficient and faster way to get make documents signed. Gain trust amoung 100,000 professionals of top companies.

  • Sign document anytime and anywhere
  • Signing document is effortless
  • Save time, effort and money
  • Send documents across the globe

Pricing: SignEasy offers flexible pricing plans. A standard plan starts at $10, a plus plan starts at $15 and premium plan starting at $60 per month.


RightSignature is one of the easiest, secure and fastest way to get your document signed. The intuitive UI, RightSignature completely replaced the paper signing user experience in a web browser.

Getting started with RightSignature is easy and simple – 60 seconds. Saves your time, cost-effective and makes your client impress with a legal-binding electronic-signature tool.

  • Upload your documents in various formats – PDF, DOCX, videos, images files, etc
  • Gather information by adding extra text fields, checkboxes, etc
  • Send multiple documents at the single click
  • Provide bank-level information security
  • Set-up document in one click with automated field detection

Pricing: RightSignature personal plan starts at $12 onwards. Business plan starts at $60 per month.

E-signatures are used for individual and business purpose. There are multiple ways that your electronic signature can be easily deployed. Give a try and make the most of these e-signature apps.

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