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Tips to Adjust your Content Marketing Strategy for 2019

by emily joyce

It’s no secret that every organization requires a strategy to get successful. Among all the strategies, content marketing strategy is imperative. ‘Content Marketing’ is evolving!! With this powerful strategy, you can engage with a potential audience and generate maximum leads. Don’t you agree? Promote your content in a great way and start counting dollars

Without the right strategy, execution is aimless!! In the same way, without execution, your strategy is worthless. Both strategy and execution should work in a balanced manner. A group of strategy without tricks is a slow way to victory. The success or failure of your business is a matter of luck!! At the end of the day, your hard work should pay you off in terms of revenue and audience engagement. Don’t get stuck just by thinking and thinking, plan a great content marketing strategy and execute it.

As ‘content’ becomes an essential priority in every business, you may encounter various challenges during execution. How to stand out from competitors with your ‘content’ as a BRAND? What are various technique to promote your content? The amazing approach to overcome such situations can be done by keeping up with current and latest trends to adapt your ‘content marketing’ strategy.

There are several advantages of content marketing right from the start point to the end point of your business

  • Gain more visitors through a search engine
  • Maximum traffic from social media platforms
  • Good content is good for ‘SEO’
  • Great content increases your brand awareness
  • Maximum leads & sales

Follow below tips to develop and execute your ‘content marketing strategy’ to grow your company without spending your time and money.

Build an effective content marketing plan

Are you a marketer? There are huge chances of thinking day and night about taking your brand to the top level.

  • The initial step is to set goals. By knowing your goals and objectives will guide you & your team for making future decisions.
  • Concentrate on two things (brand voice and your audience).
  • Know your existing and new audience and talk about your brand in a convenient manner.
  • Select your content arsenal, it’s better to target different types of content for various channels.
  • Promote unique content consistently.

Publish quality and evergreen content

Everyone looks for evergreen content!! Do you know the reason behind using evergreen content? Compelling content can easily be crawled, indexed and retrieved by search engines. On the other hand, the audience has already wised up!! Therefore always provide quality content for your audience that can engage well.

Few tips for creating evergreen content

  • Providing answers to your customer’s queries
  • Frequently asked questions
  • Explaining general concepts in your niche
  • Providing industry related tricks and tips
  • Advice with “how-to” and “what” type of articles

Keeping it simple, evergreen content is a unique piece of content that is ‘Always Relevant’. Evergreen content generates maximum traffic to your blog or website. You can always be in the top hit on search engines for days, months and years.

Addressing evergreen and relevant topic is important!! If your website is all about “selling mobile phones”, the topics can be “top 10 best mobiles” or “what are the latest mobiles at budget-friendly prices”.

Improve your distribution tricks

You’ve spent days and months into research, edit and optimize your content. You’ve done a great job.

So, what next?

It’s time to publish the content on multiple platforms. What if you create content and don’t distribute it anywhere? It’s a scary story right!!! Creating good content and delivering to your right audience is vital.

If you need many eyes on your content, then you need to work hard while promoting your content. Establish the powerful content distribution network i.e

  • Joining into ‘LinkedIn groups’
  • Sharing content on social media platforms
  • Commenting on various blogs frequently
  • Keep in touch with your potential audience
  • Schedule your post
  • Give answers to your visitor’s questions

Write for your audience and optimize it for ‘Search Engines’

It may sound cliche!!! But this is the ultimate truth. When you create content, you need to focus on users and search engines.

  • Create unique and evergreen content for your users.
  • Optimize the content for search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing)

As per research, many marketers disagree with this approach. Marketers state that ‘quality content’ is important than optimization. But the fact is content and optimization has equal importance.

The main motto of search engines – Keep their users happy!! This can be done by providing answers to their questions.

If you concentrate on only one purpose i.e providing quality content to your users without search engine consideration. At the end, you’ll publish evergreen content to your website. But, nobody can see and read your content.

Therefore, create unique content and optimize it perfectly according to the search engine. Here you go with SEO content on your website.

Publish detailed and sharable content

When you pose a question to content marketers regarding ‘Long-form Content’. You may receive two different opinions from them.

  • One content marketer may say that ‘Long-form content’ is like a gamble.
  • Another content marketer can state that longer articles can engage well with users. Offer great value and experience.

What do you think? Whom do you find a genuine answer? Yes, you’ve guessed it right!! Long-form content is more beneficial for user and search engines.

Many people consider the article or blog post longer than 1000 to 1500 words are considered as long-form content.

These articles can rank top in various search engines. Publish a long-form content that includes every aspect – what, how, why, advantages, drawbacks rather than posting single articles.

In order to reach the maximum audience, you need to conduct in-depth research on social networks. Search and get a clear picture of ‘what type of content your audience prefers’.

Few tips for ‘shareable content’ that is applicable for all business

  • Top 10 tools…
  • Best of the list…
  • How to…
  • What is…
  • Why it is important…
  • Popular methods…

Small and big companies who follow proper strategy have felt great that their ‘content marketing’ efforts are beyond their expectation. This strategy helps in improve branding, maximize ROI and more. Follow the tips, execute one after and improve traffic, leads, ROI and more. Spend maximum time on finding out the best distributing medium and adjust your content marketing strategy towards it.

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