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How to Sell a Website for the Most Money Possible

by jane bryon

Do you own a website? A website that is well optimised and has great traffic coming its way. Building a website takes a lot of effort and little money. All you need is a hosting account and a domain name. You can purchase them from providers, they wouldn’t cost you more than $100 a year.

Starting a website has become an attractive model as it has no entry barriers and anyone can enter into the business. But to flourish in it you must target the right niche. In 12 to 18 months your website can earn between $1000-$5000/month.

This business model is slowly gaining momentum among investors. When these websites are sold they make more than their investment on this website. For example, your website’s monthly income is $1000. It can make at least $15k-$20k when sold.

So here are tips that would help your website in making more money at its sale.

Niche is  important

When you’re building your website niche is important. Who is your content targeted towards it is important to know that, Don’t you agree? When you know your audience there are chances that your website will receive more traffic. There are online sources that can help you in finding the right niche. Why is important to have a targeted audience.

If you’re targeted audience will frequently visit your website and be invested on it. When you have an audience visiting your website regularly for your content you website would obviously make more money than you could imagine.

Optimise your content on the website

As you know content is the king in this website world. So making content is not enough, it should be well optimised also. Having well-optimised content will make your website rank well in the search engine. You must optimise your images also. A well-optimised website will do many favours to you. So having a website with awesome optimised content may speak a lot about your websites quality and constantly drive more traffic.

Website building is made easy

Website building is now easy compared to before. There are many website building content management tools like WordPress. There are so many plugins, themes and layouts to play around with. You have lots of options to choose from. Always remember to make a website that is both visually pleasing and loads faster. When your website takes a lot of time to load your users may lose interest and close your website.

Maximise your profits with sales

Stop any unnecessary expenses. Maximise your profits by improving your sales if you promote or sell products. Writing clear sop’s (Standard Operating Procedures) will help the buyer in following post-purchase and makes your website even more attractive. Your website can not solely depend on your profits. You must gain profits through traffic, users etc.

Features for a great website

So what else can you do to improve your website before selling it for profit? As we talked it is important for your website to have a design that is eye-pleasing on both desktop and mobiles. With an increasing number of mobiles, everybody started using mobile for browsing as this little hand device makes it easy to browse.

So the point here is you should make your website design responsive. Which automatically adjusts itself to the size of the screen. And also make sure that your website design is user-friendly and clutter-free.

Insert videos and call-to-action

In an analysis, it is seen that in 2019, 80% of web traffic is driven due to videos. Images and videos allure your audience, so adding such things will make your website interesting and breaks the monotony. Make sure that your images and videos are of high quality and optimised. Adding a clear call-to-action is telling people why your website actually exists. So add it on your site to drive action.

Show me the money

No investor will show interest in purchasing a website that is not making a profit so make sure that you have some regular visitors. It is great if you have regular visitors but it is surely not enough. So, find the best way possible to monetize your visitors.

Put some ads which will pay you per click, sell ad space to companies you won’t even have to worry about clicks as they are purchasing ad space from you. There are many other methods to monetize your visitors like affiliate marketing also. But one thing you must not forget before selling your website is testing whether all these methods are drawing the income or not.


Another important thing to do before planning your website sale is knowing it’s worth. You must access what is the price of your website? For that, you need to know how to price your website. Your websites price is based on the actual profits its making and its potential to make in future. It shouldn’t be based on your domain name and hosting price. Websites can make 6 to 10 times of their websites profit each month. If your site is capable of fetching more long-term profits you can make even more money.

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