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How to Add a Story on Instagram

by jane bryon

Instagram is one of the most popular social media platform for people to interact with. From celebrities to your friends you find some many people and it gives you a chance to peek into their life. Instagram is a platform where people share their interests, choices, bits and pieces of their personal life. You can follow celebrities, journalists and people who motivate you. It gives you a chance to interact with them. Instagram has so many cool features like posting videos, photos in your profile and personal sharing of any videos or photos etc. One of the best addition to Instagram has been the stories feature.

You can add a story to your Instagram. Snapchat and Facebook also offer similar features. Your stories can consist of videos, images. You can apply filters to your images. Basically, your stories will appear together like a slideshow, you can even run insta live also. All these stories will disappear after 24 hours.

So, how do you add an Instagram story? Here is the step-by-step instruction to add a story.

Add a Story

Step1: Swipe to left on your feed or tap click on the camera icon on top-left of your profile.

Step2: Tap on the circle button present at the button centre of your profile. You can either upload your photos from the gallery or make a boomerang video or start a live video for your insta followers. You can click your pictures or take videos right at the spot.

Step3: To add photos or videos from the gallery you just have the swipe up on your screen and you can select from photos and videos from your gallery. Instagram will automatically add a date sticker to your selected image or video, you can keep it or remove it.

Step4: You can edit the photos and videos with a drawing or text. To make different types of edits, you can click on the pen icon and there are 3 types of pens. And the last pen makes your sketch or image look like a neon sign.

Step5: Click on your story button, when you’re ready to share.

Daily you would see so many insta stories in your profile of people you’re following. So why not you too add stories to your profile. To make a slideshow of images in your story all you have to do is keep on repeating the above steps. It even provides you with cool stickers that you can add to your images. You just have to click edit screen on the image and tap on the image you wanna edit.

How will you’re followers get to know that you have added a story? It will appear on the top of their feed. For people not following you would see a colourful circle around your profile picture, if you click on it they may view your story.

Removing story, Boomerangs etc

Sometimes you regret posting a story no problem you can remove it easily, you just have to tap on three dots on your story and click on delete and confirm it. You can easily take boomerangs, live videos and hands-free videos, boomerangs can be made on your feed itself, all you have to do is just have to swipe right on your stories screen. You can make your live videos in your feed too. For the hands-free option, you just have to hold on the button and a timer of 3 seconds will pop-up and you can shoot a video without using your hands.

Bored with doing live events alone? Now you can co-host with your friends. You can invite them to perform a live video with you, once they accept the invitation you can perform a live video with them. Even in live videos, you can add filters to your face to add fun to your video. You can click on the sticker button next to tools to add customizable stickers to your videos. Instagram always tends to add new add-ons like weather, holidays, location tags etc, so make sure you don’t miss them. You can even turn your face into a sticker. Cool right? With just a single tap you can even create your own hashtags and apply them to your photos. You can even add GIF stickers to your posts.

Hacks to make you’re story stunning

Instagram is even allowing you to be as creative as possible. You can use drawing tools to create your own art instead of using images. You can make strips, polka dots etc on your screen. For polka dots, you just have to tap the screen with your hands using a pointed marker. For strips use the same method but use angeled marker. If you don’t like something erase it using the eraser tool. You can make thought bubbles using polka dots on your images and fill them up with texts or emoji.

If you are bored with images, you can play your game with text. You can write in your stories. You can choose background colours, fonts and write up and share these stories directly in your feed or you can share it directly with the person. It even allows you to tag your friends in the stories. You can comment on the stories of others using both images, emoji and text. If you don’t want certain someone to no to see your stories you can hide them. And lastly, if you want your stories to stay in profile even after 24 hours, you have to add them to your profile as highlights.

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