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How to Research Buyer Personas for Successful Marketing Campaigns?

by emily joyce

Are you a marketer? You would have a hand full of work to perform. You need to focus on every aspect to generate maximum ROI. Whether you’re focusing on attracting a new audience or running advertisements.  Among all activities, creating buyers personas for your business is very crucial.

Attracting new customers and making existing customers delighted with your content, visual and other business strategies to prepare the right information to the right buyer at the right moment.

Every day thousands of websites are been created and therefore it’s progressively growing even harder and extremely costly to avail the right information in front of the right buyer at the right moment.

That’s where ‘buyers personas’ come into existence. They give you proper and actionable audience insights. These can be used for multiple purposes in your business.

Creating a complete picture of your buyers

  • Who are your potential buyers?
  • What are the different social media platforms your buyers prefer?
  • How much time they’re spending on your website?
  • What is the right time to contact them?
  • How to drive better conversion ratio?

What is a buyer’s persona?

A buyer persona is defined as a fictional portrayal of your potential consumers based on your market insights about your existing consumers.

Keep a note, while creating buyers persona for your business include stats, demographics, objectives, behaviour pattern, goals, aim, purposes and more. The more detailed outline you create, the better you can execute your plan.

A buyer persona can provide an amazing structure and market insight for your business. A ‘comprehensive buyer persona’ can save your time and money.

It determines

  • where you should spend maximum time
  • Guide product or service development
  • Perfect alignment throughout your company

As a result, you’ll be happy!! You can attract a large number of potential visitors, maximum leads, increase ROI to your business.

How to build an effective buyer persona for your business

Buyers personal is an imperative part of any inbound marketing plan. They represent precisely who is your potential customer for your blog or website.

Follow WWYPW strategy – “What would your persona wants”

‘Inbound marketing’ resource and support recommends you to develop a clear buyer persona for your potential audience.

There are 3 areas to concentrate on while building buyers persona for your successful marketing campaign

  1. Research
  2. Create your buyer persona
  3. Additional insights


Creating a powerful buyer persona starts with in-depth research. Collect relevant and useful information about your ideal customers. Name, age, address, how frequently they visit your website, etc.

Research is an essential part of every organization to persist competitive in today’s market. The main functionality for conducting research is to understand buyers interest and opinions.

Also, you can identify

  • Who are your competitors?
  • What are the services they’re offering?
  • Their strengths and weaknesses?

Researching your potential audience can help you to create an influential realistic persona. You can know much more interesting details and facts about your audiences that you may not know earlier.

Try painting a complete picture of your buyer’s persona – who they are? and more

Demographics: It includes your buyer’s age, gender, revenue, education, etc

Psychographics: Focus on their attitude, behaviour, beliefs

What product they’ve purchased? How important is your product for them? Do they feel happy with your product? How it enhances your buyer’s life? How often do they visit? Do they like hearing from you through email or phone?

Don’t waste your time on gathering irrelevant data. Collect only required and relevant information of your buyers.

Create your buyer personas

Hope you’ve structured every information about your buyers. Now, organize every information into individual personas.

To get started with this, properly identify people among your audience that have the same goals. Now, refine them and make a group into a specific category. There are different categories involved that represent different types of buyers personas.

Example – If you’re running a fitness business with a gym. Your website name and different types of products (weight gain and weight loss) products. Some people prefer your gym for fitness. There are different goals depends upon the person. Create an individual persona for each client.

If you feel like you’re running out with insufficient information at a specific area. Go back and perform in-depth research until you get clear information.

With respect to your business goals, you can create buyers persona’s as many as you want.

Additional insights

Want to give a glory touch? Add amazing context, insights to an individual buyer persona.

Here this comprehensive data can provide with in-depth insights, not just for your marketing strategy. It helps to improve your user experience. Ultimately you’ll drive a good number of sales.

Priority – When someone assigned you a priority task, how do you feel? You try to concentrate on priority task, then you proceed with your daily work right. The same thing applies to the buyer’s journey.

This phase is very important!! The priority can help in analysing and understanding the business circumstances. Allocate your time, resources wisely and resolve the problem easily.

Success- Do you purchase a product, if you find it useless? Absolutely no right. The same thing applies to your buyers as well. Initially explain the advantages of your product or services. Show them previous results success rate.

Offering additional products for free with purchased products can increase the number of sales.

Your products/services must be affordable (reduction in cost – increase in revenue)

Barriers: In the competitive business world, there are many other companies who sell the same product/services that you offer for the audience. You need to make attract the audience at your best.

You can discover various barriers during the buyer persona research, that includes:

  • Business process change
  • Cost of your product
  • Warranty and exchange
  • Increasing acceptance from your end users

Many business marketers think they’ve analysed clearly and thoroughly understand their potential buyers. The truth is most marketers have no idea about their buyer’s journey. Perform research, create a buyer persona and additional insights.

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