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What is cPanel Hosting?

by emily joyce

Did you hear about it, more than 450 new websites and blogs are being created every day? Surprised!!

450 is not just a small number right!! These websites definitely need hosting to manage their services. The number indicates that even web hosting companies are flourishing with web development firms. Every day more than 1000+ web hosting industries are being launched. Therefore there is tough competition in the market.

Are you planning to start a business? What is your first move? Choosing a web hosting right!! At the initial step, you need to have a clear idea about which type of web hosting your business requires? And next followed by selecting cPanel companies. The list goes on and on..!!

There are many web hosting services

  • Shared
  • Dedicated
  • VPS
  • WordPress
  • Cloud
  • Application-based

If you want t to learn more about cPanel, and why it is popular among other web hostings. Stick here and continue reading!!

What is cPanel hosting?

How do you manage your hosting services? Of course ‘cPanel’. It is a modern Linux or Windows-based ‘control panel’ for web servers or hosting. If you’re planning to manage all the services under one roof, then cPanel is a great choice for you. The tool offers full-fledged features that help to manage your website effectively.

By integrating cPanel, you get a complete access control right from manage to maintain. The good news is, you don’t require a software developer to handle your website. Ease to use functionalities, cPanel enables you to maintain and manage your web hosting account with supreme efficiency.

cPanel does everything for you!! Opt for cPanel and feel relaxed. Sounds interesting right? On top of it, the control panel provides a ‘graphical user interface’. Over text and visual, which one do you prefer? Undoubtedly visual right. As per research, 100 out of 80 people prefer visuals.

With powerful GUI, you can easily interact through icons, drag and drop, menus, visual indicators, etc. Graphical user representation can be modified through pointing devices, be it a mouse, stylus, touch screen and more.

It allows ‘non-technical’ people to manage their hosting services. Forget about coding, error detecting, debugging, execution and more. Control panel is a highly preferable tool for many purposes, be it basic or day-to-day tasks.

  • Creating an FTP account and email id
  • Monitoring resources
  • Creating subdomains
  • Installing new software

Following are the advantages of cPanel:

Easy to navigate

cPanel offers a well-designed client-side interface that is beautifully structured. The tool is extremely easy to navigate. The main page offers icons that link you with important features.

Supported by different operating systems

cPanel is specially developed to provide immense support for various operating systems (OS) for web servers. Therefore your cPanel can utilize the resources of several web hosting providers.

Accepted by web hosting clients

The term ‘cPanel’ is mostly heard in web hosting control panel companies. Thereby it is recognized by every web hosting client across the globe. This gives you a sense of familiarity with cPanel.

Affordable price

cPanel provides a cost-effective solution for small and large companies. The cost may reduce when you buy cPanel through ‘datacenter’. There are multiple numbers of dedicated service providers in the market such as layered technologies, EV1 servers and more. These providers have a direct partnership with cPanel, therefore with dedicated server user, you get a license at a low price.

Frequent software updates

cPanel releases latest updates and upgrades to their software frequently. Sometimes cPanel updates can be done daily, weekly or monthly basis. Hence cPanel provides as a dedicated control panel tool.

Easy to install

The tool offers an easy and flexible installation method. Have you installed ‘Linux Server’, then just execute ‘cPanel installation script’.

High security and portability

You can keep your cPanel up-to-date with instant updates and security is just straightforward. The tool offers easy migration, you can migrate from one server to other servers in an easy way.

Backup data easily

Multiple options are available to protect your data. Sometimes you may be lost valuable data without your involvement or your data gets attacked by a virus. The backup option is a great choice for you.

Include advanced features

Every day you need to perform multiple tasks right from emailing to a recording. cPanel offers with advanced features like DNS records, retrieving data, storing data, emails etc.

Email management

How often do you send email to your users per day? 10, 20 or 30 times. The count goes on..!! Email is the traditional medium to communicate with users, clients or others. Do you face any difficulties while sending an email? Then cPanel makes it easy for you.

Emails with cPanel are highly effective, you can

  • Create, edit or delete email accounts
  • Change passwords
  • Set mailbox quota
  • Configure mailbox with outlook

You can also configure your all emails to your existing Gmail account. Whether you’re at the office or on the move you can access all your emails through webmail.

File management

Have no idea about how to manage your files? cPanel will do it for you, right from upload to organize. Control panel has an extensive set of ‘File management tools’.

File management allows easy upload, create, modify and delete files. You can easily organize all your important files in a specific folder. Give file permission i.e read, write and both.

On top of everything, the cPanel file manager can manage your entire backup files. It offers two types of backup plans such as complete and partial.

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