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How to Remove Saved Passwords from Browsers

by jane bryon

Do you have a habit of saving your passwords in your browser? Do you click on remember the password every time Google pops the save your password message? And now if you’re wondering how to delete them from your browser. Stick till the end of this article to find out how.

Most people have this habit of saving their passwords to browsers, which is both good and a bad thing. When you consider the idea of never remembering you’re password again, all this will seem like a good plan. But when you consider the security issues, this may seem like a bad idea.

Why do people normally save their passwords on their browsers? Maybe because they want to save time and energy from the login process or they don’t want to waste their brain memory to save one more password, which they are more likely to forget. Whatever the reason is when you change the password for that particular login, your browser will not automatically change your saved password to the new one. Which can be quite problematic as you cannot save the new password unless you delete the old password.

And obviously, there are security concerns too when you save the password. Saving your passwords openly on your browser means your data is in threat. Anyone who opens your laptop can take a peek into your personal or professional life.

Why is it dangerous to save passwords?

Imagine you sold your laptop and forgot to remove all your saved passwords, can you imagine what would happen in such a situation. Your data is open to the stranger and it can be used any way possible, Sounds, scary right? What if your laptop is stolen, then what would you do, passwords for all your personal and other info is saved in the browser, it feels like giving your locker code to the thief, right? You have so much information stored about your personal, professional life and bank details etc on the websites you visit frequently, so be careful before saving your passwords or delete them when you feel your data is not safe.

So, how do we remove saved passwords from browsers? Here are instructions that would help in deletion.


Step1: Open Chrome browser in your laptop or desktop, click on the three dots present at the top right of your browser.

Step2: Once you click on those dots, a menu will open, choose settings present at third from the bottom of the Chrome menu.

Step3: A page will open once you click on the settings menu.

Step4: Then click on passwords option present in Autofill section.

Step5: Once you click on that option, you would see all your passwords there. You can export passwords before removing them.

Step6: You can click on the three dots present beside your saved password, you would see two options, details and remove.

Step7: Click on the remove option and your password is deleted and you can go back to the website and cross check whether it is deleted or not.

Chrome Mobile

Step1: Click on the menu option present at the right-side top of your browser.

Step2: Click on settings present at the bottom of the menu.

Step3: Then click on save passwords, you can see all your saved passwords there.

Step4: When you find the password you want to delete, just click on it and then delete it.

Step5: If your device is synced, then the password will get deleted across all the devices.

Step6: Go back to settings, click on privacy and select on the clear saved passwords option and click confirm to delete your saved passwords.


Step1: Open Safari browser in your desktop or laptop.

Step2: Click on the menu and select Preferences.

Step3: And then switch to autofill tab.

Step4: click on the edit button for passwords and usernames.

Step5: Select passwords and delete them. And double checking by visiting the website.

Safari Mobile

Step1: Open settings app on your iPhone home screen.

Step2: Then find and click on the safari option, which is usually present at the bottom of the fourth group in options.

Step3: Click on passwords and autofill, this is where you can change password preferences.

Step4: Click on saved passwords, there you can see a list of all your saved passwords.

Step5: Click on edit option present at the top-right corner of your screen.

Step6: Select passwords that you want to delete and then click on the delete option present at the top-left of your screen.

Step7: Once deleted all saved passwords, return to Safari menu and click on clear cookies and data, click on the confirm and all your cookies and data will be deleted.

Internet Explorer

Step1: Open Internet Explorer and click on the three dots present at the top right of the browser.

Step2: Click on the settings option present at the bottom of the menu.

Step3: Select advanced setting in setting menu.

Step4: Then go to autofill settings in the advanced settings.

Step5: Click on manage passwords at save passwords, there you will see all the saved passwords for different websites and you can manage and delete them.

Step6: You can turn off save passwords option to avoid saving any passwords in future.


Step1: Click on the menu or three lines present at the top right of the browser.

Step2: Select preferences in the options.

Step3: Select security and open password manager and click on saved logins.

Step4: Select the passwords you want to delete and click on remove, if you want to remove all of them then click on remove all.


It is definitely not safe to save your passwords on your browser. Be it mobile or laptop. Your data is open for anyone who uses your laptop, so it can easily be stolen. Sometimes you may save your bank login details, which is not at all safe and can cause serious damage in case of any unavoidable situation. It is better to be safe than sorry, so remove all your saved passwords from your browser. So that your data is safe and you would be worry-free .

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