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How to Set Up a Twitter Account

by jane bryon

Twitter is a social media platform that allows you to share your opinions, views etc. It is a microblogging platform, it encourages people to express their views in just 160 characters. It has a strong and huge user base ranging from CEO’s to journalists, artists etc. you can connect with the world a bit more. You can not only put your views across, but you can also connect with people who inspire you like your favourite journalist or a CEO etc.

There are so many likeminded people that you can communicate with, learn from them, grow with them and form a strong bond with them. There are so many people out there to help you on platforms like this. But you must have an account to connect with them. Why not create a twitter account for your company or you? This would work out great for your company or personal account.

You can use Twitter to promote your companies products and get closer to your customers. Not only that you can promote your blogs, create visibility to your brand and drive traffic to your website. You can insert hashtags that are relevant to your industry so that your tweet can reach more people. And with Twitter, you can not only get close to your customers, but you can understand and analyse your competitors and form great relationships with peers in the industry.

When you want to develop your business you must need to be active on social media platforms like Twitter, as you can always stay connected with your customers and get more leads and turn them into sales.

To Post your Tweet or connect with people first you must create your twitter account.

Create a Twitter account

Step1: Open your browser and go to twitter and click on signup on top-right of the page.

Step2: Then a page appears that will walk you through the process of creating your twitter account.

Step3: Enter your profile name, email id or phone number. Make sure your profile name is something that people can easily recognise you with, keep it.

Step4: You would receive a verification message to your mobile, if you gave your email instead, then you would receive a verification mail.

Step5: Once you’re done with you’re verification process. You’re just a few steps away from setting your twitter account.

Step6: Your profile is created and you would see the news feed page of Twitter and you would find famous people on your right side, you can start following them and search for other in the search bar.

Step7: Explore the settings options, and go to security to change your password. You can even change your profile name etc in the settings section.

Setting your account

Set your Profile Picture

Your profile picture gains more attention along with your name from people before they enter your profile. And people who already know may recognise you through your profile picture. So make sure that the image your uploading is taken by a professional.

Only use your headshot, don’t post pictures with your family, friends or pets. It works great for socialising but not when you want to be a professional. If you’re a company, use your brand’s logo that people are familiar with. It helps your customers in connecting with you.

Add a Bio

Don’t leave your bio empty, which will not leave a good impression on people who visit your profile. You have got 160 characters, to tell people what you or your company does and why you do it. Use bio for your advantage, express yourself better there so more people can follow you.


Follow profiles that can help your business, and also people who inspire you. Following people and leaders from your industry will help you in creating a bond, you can even follow profiles that target the same audience group as you. Following too many profiles may get overwhelming, so don’t follow too many profiles as soon as you create a profile. Work on increasing your followers too.

Add your website address

You can add your website or blog address to your twitter profile. If you don’t have a website or blog, add you’re Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram accounts. If you’re a company adding your website can prove beneficial to you, as it drives more traffic to your website. And also gives a perfect chance for people to understand you and your business. When they visit your website they can take a look at your products and services, which may turn leads into sales.

Tweet regularly

Doing all the things mentioned above will not set your profile completely. Use must tweet consistently. Involve in conversations, ask questions and satisfy your curiosity, learn new things and post things that could be of any meaning or help to others. Interact with your customers through your tweets, retweet others tweets. You do not always have to be serious on your profile, sometimes you can sit back, relax and have fun.


Always keep an eye on who and what they’re talking about you. Interaction is important on Twitter and if you don’t interact i.e., reply, interact in conversations, respond people may not show interest in your profile. Check the mentions you’re are receiving. And interact with them.


Twitter provides you with opportunities to develop your business. You can also bond with a lot of people within your industry. Not only that you can even explore your competitors and understand their strategies and form new relationships within and outside your industry.

If you’re an individual, it can help you in making new connections and it helps you in understanding many things. If you’re a blogger you can even draw traffic to your website or blog. But remember that you must be proactive, you must start conversations, take part in one regularly. Reply to people, interact with them, retweet their tweets etc. once your profile is all set, send your first tweet into the twitter world and begin your journey.

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