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Top 10 Project Management Tools for Small and Medium Business

by emily joyce

Running a business is the dream for everyone, no matter what the size of the business is, be it small, medium or large. There are no limits on who can actually become an entrepreneur. No master degree is required to start a business, all you need is enough money and business experience to make the business a success. According to a survey, every month more than 550,000 people in the United States have started their own businesses. The ratio has increased since the cost of marketing and investment required for setting up a business has decreased.

Starting a business is quite simple, but building a strong business is actually matters. Depending on traditional or past approaches in order to manage a project is no longer a great idea. As new technologies are ruling the world, there are few Project Management Tools which helps to run a business with less effort. The software Project Management Tools will help you to run a business successfully. 

Attractive Features of Project Management Tool

Plan/Scheduling – Project Management Software allows you to schedule and organize the complete work under one roof with a targeted task, workflows and many more.

Collaboration – It is crucial to collaborate within the team for the better business results, the collaboration also deals with commenting on the performed task and also attaching the files.

Documentation – Product Management Tool has a unique feature called file management, that allows avoiding missing documents or important files.

Evaluation – The process of analysis and overall review of the whole business. The evolution helps for the expanding in terms of budget, team size, future growth.

Please follow the below list of Project Management Tools for small and large medium business.


BaseCamp is a real-time communication medium tool which helps the team to stay on the desired or single page. The comment section helps to generate new plans or ideas will be shared quickly, always keep every member in the loop, documents, to-dos, and others will be kept everybody on the single page. It works in a simple way, that is a straightforward package which makes work or the plan feel like less work. This software offers a basecamp free trial for 30 days.


If you are looking for a software which is fun and flexible for your business, then Trello is the right choice for you. It is the productivity software that integrates all the required application which can be used by your team directly along with the flow of the work. The best part of Trello is, you can access from all the devices anywhere and anytime. It has the capability to work offline and boards will be automatically synchronized when the internet gets connected.

The other attractive features of Trello are, it organizes the workflow for various projects or business, attach documents from both google drive as well as Dropbox and much more. 


Whether you are planning to manage a team or willing to write a screenplay, Asana is the best way for getting the things organized in a great way. Asana follows the principle of priority, this software concentrates more on the business goals, day to day tasks and projects. These will actually help to grow business very quickly within a short period. Also, the tool completely manages the task from scratch to finish. Every single task will be tracked and make sure that it completes before the deadline.


Freedcamp is a free project management tool, that can be used for various business purposes such as wedding planners, organizing a project and more. It has an in-built modern technology of dragging and dropping of the options into the required columns, which makes the given task easier. For complex tasks, it splits the specified task into subtask and executes the work in a flexible way. Apart from all the features, the task list is the amazing functionality of Freedcamp, that allows you to stay on top with the task list along with the priority list.

5.Zoho Projects

Zoho projects is a latest and effective project management tool. The software is preferred by millions of people all over the world because of a unique features. With the Zoho projects, an independent member has the capability of managing any project i.e simple or complex project. Zoho provides an in-depth analysis of the project along with the Gantt charts. These charts will provide a complete visual on the given schedule along with the progress of the assigned tasks for each member.

Zoho Analytics is an outstanding business intelligence and efficient reporting tool, without an IT support you can easily turn project data into the most powerful analysis report. 


If you are running a small or medium business, FunctionFox is the best tool for you. It is an online tool which is mainly used for tracking time, expenses, managing clients and many more. The tool handles the business right from the concept to completion. The FunctionFox In-House helps to simplify processes, procedures and therefore manages the business productivity in a most effective way. Also, the teams can collaborate and communicate from various departments with the personalized request forms.

FunctionFox is a software which is simple and easy to use. No need to worry additional hardware, installation, upgrading or support. The instants updates will be generated with a free of cost, no additional charges applied. 


ProofHub is a unified project management tool which is capable of growing business requirements. At ProofHub, project communication can be managed under one roof, thereby no additional tools are required to manage your business. The powerful features of the tools are proofing, custom roles, white-labeling, task management, time tracking, project manager, project templates, integrations and a lot many integrated into ProofHub. The software provides a neat and clear interface with high security.


Paymo is a tool which makes your work easy and flexible, the software manages the team which can work better by bringing every team member on the single page. The attractive features of Paymo that stand unique on the crowd – planning, task scheduling and management, tracking the records. Paymo has a capability to generate best plans by using latest task management tools, kanban boards are used to create the perfect plans and assign the task for each team or for a single member in the team.  


Scoro is a complete solution which has the capacity to combine all the features that you are actually looking for. Scoro is a unified project management tool that involves projects and schedules the task, content optimization, collaborating the team, sales, analysis, and detailed documentation. The usage of a Scoro tool is quite simple when compared to other tools. It automatically organizes the complete work progress. Therefore, no additional tools or techniques are required for every task to execute.

10.Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects are another alternative tool which makes the real work happens at an affordable cost. The tool offers a unique way to run the business, agency or team. More than 40,000 creative businesses have been used so far, all the plans at Teamwork projects come up with unlimited collaborations for free. Only one account is created for all the teamwork project, also it offers with a 30-day free trial and the happiest thing is no credit card is required.


Since there are many project management software tool availability in the market. The above mentioned tools are the top project management tools which are used by many of the small and medium business for the better growth in terms of revenue and sales.

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