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Top 10 Content Marketing Trends

by emily joyce

Content marketing is key role played in digital marketing strategy.

Day by day new technologies are been introduced, marketers and business owner become more tech-savvy on marketing techniques. What are the current trends in marketing? How to implement in their business? As robots replace everything, it has become difficult for marketers to opt for the right marketing strategy that fits for their business.

If you’re not concentrating on current content marketing trends, then you’re missing something huge.

It’s the right time to concentrate on content marketing. Content is king!! Content is a bridge between your brand and customers. It’s an integral part of digital and social media marketing, always on the track and always makes you connected with your ideal customer’s.

Every business focuses more on their blog, website content. Content can win the heart of your customer’s. Paying attention while producing content can open up the customer’s heart and mind.

Always connect your customers in a genuine and authentic way. By leveraging quality content can develop long-lasting relationships, be it selling a product or service. Ultimately your business ROI will be increased exponentially.

There are numerous content marketing advantages. No matter whether you’re trying to implement on B2C or B2B content marketing.

  • Increases visibility
  • Develop a relationship with ideal customers
  • Helps for brand awareness
  • Improves to build brand authority, trust and credibility
  • Generate immense traffic and convert into leads

Content marketing strategies will be kept on changing. If you’re planning to have a brief idea about the latest content marketing technique. Then, this article will help you with an emerging technique in today’s content marketing.

Following are hand-picked content marketing techniques

Creating personalised content

Delivering the right message at the right time to the right customer may be tricky. But with content marketing, it is possible. Yes, you heard it right! Content marketing can be an asset for your business growth – especially when you cater to various potential audience segments.

If you’re running a business – offering a product or service, you need to have a clear picture of your customers. Who are your potential customers? What they actually want from you? How frequently they’re are visiting the website? Have a brief structure about the customers.

Benefits of personalised content

  • Improved performance of email
  • A simplified approach to conversion
  • Increases visitor spending time on a website
  • Best ROI for audio and video content
  • Built loyalty and brand trust

Therefore creating a quality content that perfectly resonates with your ideal customer can make the difference b/w profit and loss.

Transparency is Queen

Consumers want honest communication. Every business should focus on transparency to build trust and increases efficiency. Planning is an initial step when it comes to implementing transparency technique, many businesses fail. If you want to set your website into success? Then take advantage of transparency.

Being genuine about your product and services will surely set you with ultimate success. Displaying the exact price of the product or fee structure. Image of the product, how it actually works. These are the few things customers expect from you.

Delivering the product to your consumer at the right time is important. When you’re not supposed to deliver the product to your customer, then talk to them honestly. Potential customers will respond more to direct and straightforward communication.

Original, quality and relevant content

Creating useful and meaningful content can provide more value for ideal customers. Content marketing can effectively help to build brand awareness, increases lead and ROI.  

As per research, over 79% of a customer’s told that relevant content can increase their product purchase intent.


  • Drive more conversions
  • Effective content bring maximum traffic
  • Engage target customers
  • Quality and original content can educate your audience

It works on a simple technique, your content should be original, high quality and relevant. Sounds easy right? Differentiate yourself from your competitors. Generate your ideas and create own and organised content. If you’re lacking about generating new ideas, then it’s better to hire a professional writer. They will help you in creating unique and relevant content.


There are many businesses rely on influencing the individuals in order to increase brand awareness. The number of users accessing social media is increasing day by day. Therefore, influencing these platforms has been increasing.

As per marking research, over 92% of consumers trust more on micro influencers than advertisements.

  • Higher engagement of customers
  • Best conversion rate
  • Cost-effective

Nowadays influence marketing is seeking everyone’s attention through amazing upsurge. Many big and small brands are taking advantage of approaching them to promote or review their product or service in multiple online channels. It includes a website, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, blog, etc.

Voice search

Sometimes you don’t get enough time to search for information in Google, Yahoo, or some other search engine. In such cases, here is the right solution for you – Voice search. It is an outstanding approach to mobile-searching. Voice search has become a massive revolution in content marketing. As per the analysis, 1 billion and more voice searches are causing every month.

It includes speed recognition technique that let search users speak the terms out louder, then typing the phrase in the search bar.

The results are generated with respect to the voice search. Most answers for voice search are been provided through a featured snippet at the first place of search results.

Distribute Content on various channels

Have you created a well-structured content, then you’ve done a great job. What next? It’s time for content distribution. Your content may be useless if you’ve not published anywhere or elsewhere.

The two worlds (online and offline) has become crowded. Distributing the content is a key component for content marketing. Staying up-to-date with social media technique is always great. Email-marketing also helps to reach ideal customers. But as a marketer you should’ve in-depth research on multiple distribution channels.

  • Blog posts or articles
  • White papers, eBook, Podcasts
  • Email newsletter
  • Videos, Infographics
  • Though leadership
  • How-to guides
  • Case studies

Diversified content – New audience

Will you feel interested while reading the information on the same topic? Obviously no! Everybody will feel bored and sometimes frustrated if there is only a single piece (type) of content. Things will not work if you follow this procedure.

Stand out from the crowd, by providing diversified content to your users. There are various kinds of media – audio, infographics, flow chart, video, images, podcast, etc.

The main reason is, a user will be more interested to watch out multimedia files rather than a plain text. Combination of text with media will be a great strategy in content marketing.

Embracing a live video

It’s pretty clear that every business is making use of videos during the implementation of content marketing. There are billions of videos are been created each day.

  • Easily consumed
  • More engagement
  • Cost-effective

Everybody is aware of videos, but very few know about live videos. These are a sub-category of a video. Live videos are unscripted. With live screening, you’ll get a chance to know what action will be performed next.

Live video will work amazingly when you’re new to the market. They can offer unique and more possibilities which increase customers engaging.

Automated content management

It’s obvious you rank at the top when you create a curated and relevant content. By organizing content in a perfect manner is a great way to reach and attract the audience attention.

As per research unique content is important for every business. Providing unique and well-designed infographics is quite complex. It’s a time-consuming process.

By the question is, how do you create unique content? Every day you cannot get new and creative ideas right. Don’t stress out, there are online automated content creation software is available. These software’s can help you with,

  • Create content
  • Curate curation
  • Distribute

Test various formats – videos, short stories and audio

Trail and error method is the secret for every business success. If you’ve not yet implemented podcast or videos in your content. Then, you’re wasting time. Implement all the strategies in this year and try something new. Change formats or design structure.

If you promote longer articles in your blog, then try posting short-form content. If you’re focusing on short term content, then give a trail on longer content. By trial and error method, you can generate maximum traffic and additionally gain SEO benefits.

The digital marketing world has been changing each day. There are new tools and techniques emerge. New marketers always put the latest spins on existing marketing techniques. Follow these handpicked content marketing trends and shape your business in an amazing way.

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