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How to use Organic Marketing to Drive the Business?

by emily joyce

Are you planning to start a business? Have you set goals and objectives to get started? As you’re a newbie to the business world, you may believe that there is no choice of beating the competition. If you’re in that perception, you’re thinking in a wrong way.

There are several paths proven marketing strategies to beat the competitions. One of the best ways to drive growth and traffic is – Organic Marketing.

Organic marketing is a profitable marketing strategy used in every business.

Whether you’re new or old to the online marketing world. During the meeting or research, you might have heard about term organic several times.

Organic marketing can be difficult for small businesses. If you want to be in the race, you should surely concern yourself with organic marketing. It is a powerful way to build your brand and earn maximum profits.

What is organic marketing?

Organic marketing is related to an approach that doesn’t depend on AdWords or other paid marketing tools. To understand you better – no time and investment are required.

In simple terms, organic marketing is a natural approach. It encompasses – direct sales, viral marketing, natural results, public relations, etc.

Organic marketing common denominators are

  • Free
  • Trusted
  • Vetted
  • Direct response
  • Cost-effective

Organic marketing is a word of mouth!! Yes, you heard it right.

  • Do you talk about your new mobile or laptop?
  • Have you told your friends to surf the new dress?
  • Have you ever been referred to a new product or service on an e-commerce website?

That is organic marketing!! Many visitors market your brand naturally. Can imagine right. You don’t need to pay a penny for them. Online visitors greatly do that for you, because most people are socially connected. They tend to learn new things which are related to them. Also, feel happy to share their experience.

Organic traffic works in a different way. The content or images you display on your website or blog today will generate traffic and leads tomorrow. Sometimes it can take months, or years. No matter how long you wait, it’s worth waiting.

Search engine optimization can help to improve the ranking of your website naturally.

Importance of organic marketing:

Natural user traffic

Do you run ads to promote your product or service? You probably spend a huge amount on advertisements. There come times, though you display ads on various sources you fail to get traffic and leads. It’s like a deadly dream!!

There are few automated software used to generate a maximum click from multiple resources. Some people can take advantage of this software to maximize the click rate and earn money.

If you’re heading in such path, you’re in a risk. Because it’s useless traffic and you’ll receive a zero conversion rate. To overcome these situations, implement SEO in your blog or website. By implementing in the right way, you can surely gain real visitor from real humans.

Permanent ranking

As days pass by, the number of online visitors arriving from AdWords or other paid traffic can be dry up. This can happen when you don’t maintain consistency while promotion to generate organic traffic to your website.

If you’re implementing organic strategies, you can watch out continuous growth. Follow organic marketing techniques and then you’re giving a hard competition for your competitors. Sometimes it may be impossible for them to outdo your high performance on search engines like Google, Bing, etc.

A website is more valuable for search engine(Google)

Where does the maximum traffic come from? Obviously Google right. The ultimate goal of SEO – improve the quality and ranking for your website on multiple search engines.

Always display useful and valuable information for your audience. Therefore Google will make a favour to your website.

Hope you got a clear idea about what is organic marketing and it’s importance.

How to use organic marketing to drive the business?

Focus on keyword research

Analyzing niche keyword is an effective way to gain maximum traffic. Make a note, keyword research is not simply selecting high-volume. Thereby ranking on the page for that specific keyword.

Doing keyword research in the right way. And implementing a few SEO techniques can consequently drive huge traffic.

At initial step – perform keyword analysis

  • Identify on targeted content areas that your potential audience can fee more informative and helpful
  • Analyse and concentrate on valuable, primary and commercial keywords
  • Exclude negative keywords from your content

Arrange the keywords in a great way. It helps to rank naturally for similar or relevant search terms.

  • URL
  • Title tags (H1)
  • Subheading
  • Image names with alt text
  • Meta title and meta description
  • Link to relevant content

Publish consistent and useful content

How often do you publish content on your website? A day, week or a month. If you’re publishing useful content every day then you’re on the right track. Because the more relevant and consistent content, you display. The more often you’ll be near to the success.

  • Create and publish evergreen content
  • Focus on trending topics
  • Optimize your images according to search engine benefits
  • Concentrate on long-tail keywords
  • Catchy headling
  • Add keyword in the content

Creating unique content and publishing consistently may be a time-consuming approach. With little hard work, you can build audience loyalty and grow audience list.

Understand your buyer personas

Before you create and publish content on a blog or website. It’s important to study your buyer persona first. Keeping ideal customer in the mind you can plan. What type of content to create and how to promote. Make sure you create quality and meaningful content. That actually resonates with your potential audience. Therefore, your website will gain organic ranking naturally.

Use multimedia content

Struggling to generate maximum traffic for your website? Do you use multimedia content in your post?

Creating a plain text is good but a combination of text and multimedia sounds great. Adding video, audio or other multimedia files can increase audience engagement, leads and share.

There are various types of multimedia content such as images, slide shows, videos, podcast and audio.

Basically, there are 3 robust reasons for adding multimedia content on a blog or website.

  • Increases audience time spent
  • Yields amazing branding
  • Optimize brand – on-page SEO

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the effective forms of business strategy. This strategy helps to interact with targeted customers.

You can connect in several ways

  • Promoting new product
  • On-going sale
  • Exclusive deals
  • Sharing news
  • Telling your brand story

Implementing email marketing in a right can increase sales.

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