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Sage 50cloud Accounting for your small business

by qiel

All business activities need a lot of back-ups to function in a systematic manner. Day to day transactions should be kept intact to analyze the cash inflow and outflow. The finance of small businesses with fewer products has to be handled precisely as each transaction is important. Finance is the building block of any business. Therefore it is highly important to maintain a record of the day to day business which would give an idea about how well the business is running, any modifications required or any payment that is yet to be made or received. 

Small businesses are technology advanced these days, with the upcoming software development which can store a huge amount of data and can keep a track of them. Manual data is a hard task to follow. Records are difficult to maintain and in case a single entry is missed the whole track record has to be matched again. Sage 50cloud Accounts software helps in maintaining a track record of all the income, expenses, petty cash, any amount payable, or any amount to be received. 

Large scale businesses have a finance department with experienced staff to handle the accounts. What about the new startups? Small scale business? Well, keep your worries aside, as Sage 50cloud Accounts is here to put you at ease with 100% accuracy! 

Some of the amazing features of Sage 50cloud Accounting are as follows.


Accessible remotely

Easy access to the software on your cell phone, personal laptop even PCs! Life is so easy when you have control over your day to day activities wherever, whenever you feel like. All the transactions kept on your fingertips. Let’s say one fine day, you fall sick or any emergency situation comes up and you cannot visit your office? Would you let that day go without any sale? How will you cope with the day’s progress? Relax!!! Sage 50cloud Accounts lets you avail the easy accessibility to keep a track of your work.

Online payments

Do you always visit the bank for all the transactions or have a third party to help you deliver your cash transaction? Isn’t it hectic? With the help of e-payments, money transfer is easy and done in a click. All you have to do is link your bank details and you are good to go. Set reminders for payments, ask clients to directly pay online. The smooth running of the business is now in your hands. With the help of this software to get payments faster without having defaults.

Bank Statement 

Recording transactions all day, counting bank statements, balancing the statements. How long will it take for you to put it in order? All-day? Well, performing bank reconciliation is not an easy task. Eliminating the manual work along with tracking the bank records manually, this software helps you to do the same work in minutes instead of taking the whole day. 

A-I processing 

Real-time dashboards that have reports that are pre-built already, along with the custom excel reports which have built-in Sage 50cloud Accounts data with Sage intelligence. Artificial intelligence helps you with rapid growth and accurate results with minimum time consumption. The whole idea behind having artificial intelligence is to make life easy. A-I has been proven to help with making better decisions.

Layered security level 

Online security is the most difficult part to achieve. To safeguard the data from breaches and disasters, certain codes are maintained for every employee which can be accessed by them. Security updates are automatic with regular data backups. Data is sensitive to every user. Hence to maintain the security for every data this feature is of great help.

Other add on’s

Some of the add ons which are of great help for easy processing of transactions are, Microsoft office365, payroll tax tables, e-filling, direct deposit and on-demand training. To give a brief about the add ons. Microsoft office365 helps you get access to the Microsoft apps which enhances the remote features. Payroll tax tables help with updating the withholdings of all the employees. E-filling helps with paying the taxes on time. The direct deposit comes to the rescue with protecting data and business from identity theft.


Pro accounting includes all standard features, automatic updates, data backups. Premium accounting includes all the existing pro features, along with advanced budgeting, audit trails, inventory management, and job costing. Quantum accounting includes all premium features, automated workflows, project management, role-based security. The details of the prices are listed below. 

  • Pro Accounting- $299.95/yr
  • Premium Accounting- $469.95/yr
  • Quantum Accounting- Price based on customization.


Managing your finance in an easy and systematic way can be done best with the help of Sage 50cloud Accounts. It works best with small businesses and start-ups. Guess what? It allows you for a free trial as well! Get your hands on this amazing software to get the best result with accuracy to make your business bloom and stand apart.

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