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Top 10 Accounting Software for the Business

by jane bryon

Accounting is one of the important aspects that require your special attention. It is crucial for any business to keep their finances in order. To run a business one must have good knowledge relating to finances. Running a business is no less than walking on a knife. If proper care not taken you may end up cutting yourself. Accounting is beyond recording your day to day transactions and issuing invoices, it is much more than that.

You know why maintaining financial info up to date is imperative. Why? Because when the tax department comes knocking on your door, you must answer all their questions. Your financial and other accounting details stand as a testament for your business financial stability. Improper accounting management can even bring down your organisation. No exaggeration!!! But they do solely hold power to crush your business.

Your staff may diligently handle all your financials but at the end of the day, they are humans right? So there are high chances of committing human errors. So, here is where accounting software comes into the scene. This accounting software’s are making life easy for many business owners. Their easy-to-use designs, cloud-based services are making them popular and in-demand.

So, the most important question to be considered while purchasing accounting software is the features, the software you bought should manage all your business objectives perfectly. It should be easy to use even for those not familiar with accounts and lastly budget/price of the software in the discussion.

Here are the 10 best accounting software available to make accounting easy.

Intuit QuickBooks

QuickBooks is built with the easy design making it easy and comfortable for non-finance experts to perform tasks. This one tool provides you with many uses as you can create and send invoices. You can even track your sales. In Quickbooks, you can have all the necessary features in a single dashboard. You can have all your necessities in the dashboard like invoices, expenses, reports, employees, banking, accounting, taxes, etc.

It provides you with a real-time picture of your cash flow. All you have to do is connect your bank, review all your transactions and see profits. You can even sync with popular apps, this makes it easy to store your receipts in QuickBooks Mobile. All you have to do is snap and save your receipts. Even mobile app is also available which makes it pretty easy to track and access all your reports from any part of the world. Switch to QuickBooks and start your 30-day free trial version and see whether this software answers all your accounting worries or not. Pricing starts from $10/month for start, $17/month for essentials, $30/month plus.


FreshBooks is a cloud accounting that makes running a business little easy. This software is more suitable for small businesses, it reduces the time spent on your accounting and lets you work on other important responsibilities of yours. It is secure and fast. It provides you with features like invoicing, time-tracking, payments, projects, reporting, expenses. This tool is helping self-employed, agencies, consultancies and firms.

It provides you with controls to access your business from anywhere at any time. They provide the best customer support when any issues arise. 24 million people around the globe have used FreshBooks and recommended it. Try it free for 30 days and then decide based on your experience. Pricing for this project ranges from $15/month for FreshBooks Lite, $25/month for FreshBook Plus, $50/month for FreshBooks Premium.

Sage Business Cloud Accounting

Start small, dream big is Sage Business Cloud Accounting’s moto. It offers all the features necessary to run your business. It is best suitable for small businesses and allows your accountant and others to work on real-time data. No experience is required its simplicity makes it easy for the users to use. They even keep you updated on legislation also. It even offers best bank-level security so that all your transactions are secured. It allows the user to create invoices, generate quotes, record purchase invoices, view cash flow statements etc.

They provide you with support through phone, email and web chat. It offers so many simple solutions to keep your businesses flourishing. It even offers tools for bookkeepers and accountants to make their work easy. You can cancel or update anytime as you please. So try their trial version. Pricing starts from $10/month for accounting start, $25/month for accounting. They are even offering 24/7 free customer support also.


Kashoo provides hassle-free accounting services for small businesses. It offers a well-designed dashboard and multi-currency support. Kashoo offers all the necessary services required to run your business. It offers you the benefit to create unlimited invoices. You can even connect with over 5000 financial institutes and reconcile your accounts online.

The dashboard will provide you with a summary of your current financial status in a single glance. With Kashoo everything is easy and fast, you can send invoices within seconds, track your expenses, receive real-time bank feeds, receive reports in a single click and connect your bank account to it and get paid instantly. It offers a 14-day trial version too. It is available at a price of $16.58/month.


Xero offers the cheapest plans out of all other accounting software’s. It is a New Zeland based company found in 2006. It can be accessed from any part of the world. Xero is a cloud-based solution built on a double-entry accounting system. Its accounting features enable businesses to view their transactions, cash flow and other transactions. All your transactions are automatically coded and imported.

It allows you to make online bill payments, this way you can stay at top of your game. It offers the best customer support and is integrated with more than 600 system through the add-on marketplace of it. They are even offering a free 30-day trial program and Xero Starter is at $9/month, $30/month for Xero Standard, $70/month for Xero Premium.


Zoho has become one of the most reliable accounting software in a short amount of time. It is a powerful and unique software that makes running your business an easy feat. Zoho manages your finances well, automates your workflow and allows you to work easily across different departments. It provides users with a dashboard where they can perform all their actions comfortably.

You can have your contacts, banking, items, purchases, sales, GST filing, time-tracking, reports and accountant. It’s integrated platform provides you with more than 40 Zoho apps that will help your business grow. It offers you a 14-day free trial. If you like this simple yet affordable software then you can buy it at $90/year/organisation for standard, $190/year/organisation for professional, $290/year/organisation.

Profit Books

Profit Books is one of the fastest growing online accounting software. This software focuses mainly on project collaboration. This software provides you with everything you need to run your business. It assists you in creating invoices that look professional and receive payments in time, tracks your expenses day-by-day, keeps a record of all your bank transactions, manages your stock efficiently.

Provides you with a complete accounting solution and you can run even monthly payroll in minutes. It is built for your entire team. It even allows you to take better decisions. This software allows you to try it for 14-days for free. If you like it then you can choose from plans Professional, SME, Enterprise.


Holded automates your accounting, this online software allows you to track your accounts, update them, sales, track payments, expenses real time. You can sync your bank statements and it provides you with the best security to protect your bank details. With this software, you can reconcile your bank transactions making it easy for you to manage your bank accounts better.

It automatically classifies your transactions under their relevant accounts. Automatically entries all your billing documents and maintains your P&L account to date and keeps a fully traceable trial balance.  Takes complete control of your accounts and keeps them all in a user-friendly and simple web-page. Open your free account today and check out their plans. Their plans include basic i.e., free, 10€/month for Professional, 25€/month  for the Startup, 50€/month for Business, 150€/month for the Hero.

Financial Force

Financial Force offers real-time financials for business. It automates, streamlines and simplifies your companies financial operations and offers you an automated billing, flexible general ledger and business intelligence. Finance Force truly optimises your procure-to-pay process. It offers the best accounting solution to your complex needs.

It offers you management of general ledger, accounts payable, fixed assets, accounts receivable, financial reporting and cash management. Finance Force performs more than financial management, it offers the user real-time financial analysis and KPI’s. And offers you deeper analysis to make your decisions smarter. You can even view your data from mobile also. You can even use their free demo before making your decision on this software.


Certify is an expense report software for enterprises and small businesses. Your employees can easily submit the receipts all they have to do is snap it and submit it. It offers the best reporting and other tools to streamline the accounting process to your team. This tool is easy to use, its auto-generated reports keep you always on track.

Customized reports are now just a button away from you. Its seamless integrations provide you with efficiency, productivity and efficiency. You can even try their 14-day trial also. You can create an account and continue using it.


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