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How to Create a G-mail Account

by jane bryon

Earlier people used to talk using letters and telegrams. Now even sending letters is also modernized, they now sent e-letters i.e., Gmail. Be it a formal invitation, informal invitation, appointment letter, resignation letter everything is online. So it is must and should to have a G-mail account.

G-mail not only saves your starred messages in your inbox. It even filters your spam messages and promotional messages. Sending emails is not the only thing you would using your g-mail for. For any applications or tools, you need to submit your email id now be it paid or free version.

Your Gmail account does much more than sending and receiving emails. It allows you to store all your files in google drive, Write using google doc’s, create excel sheets using sheets. You can even access calendar, store contacts, create presentations, create websites etc. creating one Gmail account can offer you many benefits.

Gmail for business

For businesses don’t even get me started how important a g-mail account is. E-mail marketing is one of the important strategies for business. It gives the direct opportunity for businesses to promote their product and services to their customers.

It is also important for businesses to have g-mail ids under their company name. So that they can communicate with their clients formally and reciprocate with their clients under your company name.

G-mail is not only for individuals, but it also does so many benefits for businesses too. They can store their clients and customers email ids which can come in handy in future. You can contact and connect with them in case of a possible collaboration or others.

Here is how you can create your g-mail account.

Creating a G-mail account

Creating a g-mail account is easy and quick. It doesn’t take a lot of time to create an account. All you need to do is follow these instructions and Voila!!! There you have your g-mail account.

Step1: Open Google in your Windows PC or laptop. Click on Gmail on the top-right of the page.

Step 2: Click on create an account button, you would see a page open.

Step3: Enter your first name, last name under name section.

Step4: Under username, type username of your choice. Gmail automatically provides @gmail.com at the end of your username.

Step5: Enter your desired password under password and confirm it under confirm your password. A quick simple tip for you, use a password that is hard to guess, avoid using you or your dear one’s name, birthdays etc.

Step6: Click next, you would be asked to verify your phone number. This step is completely optional you can skip it if you don’t think it is necessary.

Step7: If you have decided to add your number, then add your number and press next.

Step8: Google asks for recovery or alternative email id, this alternative id is used to protect your privacy and recover your password. So provide it with an alternative google account.

Step9: Enter your gender and birth date in the respective fields. And click on the next button.

Step10: A page with privacy and terms, read it clearly before clicking I Agree. After reading it thoroughly click on I agree to continue.

Step 11: Once you click on I Agree, your email account is all set.

Step 12: Check your account and learn all about it and customise your account preferences and manage your account personal info etc.


Once you have your Gmail Account, you can have access to it from anywhere at any time. You can even sync it to your mobile and desktop. Gmail app is available in iOS, Android and Windows. It even allows you to access your other POP email accounts.

You can even change the setting as per your preferences in your Gmail account. And as you’re account is all set you can send and receive messages quick and easy and run your business smoothly.


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