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What is Cloud Hosting?

by emily joyce

Do you agree that Cloud computing is the uprising trend? Of course right!! It’s a general term in information technology for every business. Many people state that the name ‘Cloud Computing’ was inspired by the symbol of ‘cloud’. Yes, you heard it right. This cloud symbol is widely used in flowcharts, diagrams and more. Cloud computing purely include delivering hosting services across the internet.

Have you ever heard about private and public cloud? A public cloud can sell various services to anyone and anywhere on the internet. A private cloud is a data centre that provides hosted services to a specific group of people. The ultimate goal of “Cloud Computing” is to deliver scalable and flexible access to IT services.  

These services are categorized into 3 types such as

  1. Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  2. Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)
  3. Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)

Also, cloud computing is being operated by multiple businesses across the globe.

What is Cloud?

In general speaking, there is no particular physical object. The confidential information is stored across multiple computers and devices, they can serve up through the internet.

When you’re dealing with cloud hosting, the server acts as a single storage structure and processor.  The website information such as images, content, audio, video, CSS files are divided under multiple clusters of hard drives and connected together. In simple terms, it’s a single virtual disk that is capable of tremendous storage capacity.

Server cluster can effectively provide a powerful cloud setup with millions of machines to access through.

Cloud hosting is a structured procedure of outsourcing a business computing & storage resources to service providers. They provide high-quality services in a ‘utility model’. The cloud provider oversees the installation setup, updations, maintenance, security and scale servers across the internet. They compute and storage resources accordingly around thousands of VMs (Virtual Machines).

Many companies prefer cloud hosting among other hosting options. Cloud hosting is an affordable and alternative solution to a dedicated server model. It requires various organizations to build, update and manipulate their personal data centres. On the other hand, the traditional model offers high expenses on both capital and operating.

Will you agree with the fact that the internet has grown very rapidly in a short amount of period. This expansion has accompanied a marvellous uptick in IT advancement. Also, it helps the speed of the internet while the cost of the server has dramatically dropped.

Example of ‘Cloud Hosting’

If you’re looking for ‘top 10 best web hosting software’, then what could be the best place other than Google. Yes, Google has got you everything covered over thousands of servers from the cloud. Have you ever faced any downtimes while access Google? Never right!!

What is Cloud Hosting?

If you’re planning to host a website, then you could’ve heard the term ‘Cloud hosting’ many times. Previously a data can be shared from the multiple devices in data centres. No matter whether it can be shared between multiple accounts or a dedicated account.

Cloud hosting works in a unique way!!

Instead of handling and managing your information on a dedicated machine, cloud hosting splits the authentic information across different machines, servers and places that are connected in a loop. Here, you can easily manage the required information via “virtual machines”. Hosting server can only be managed in a “virtual environment”.

Benefits of cloud hosting


If you’re running a website on a single desktop and suddenly your desktop stops working. What’s next? All your data wipes away.

When your website is shared the same data among multiple desktops that are interconnected. When one desktop stopped working, then slack will immediately be picked up and therefore the website stays online.


Every day you might’ve encountered various IT problems right from the size to power. Scalability in cloud computing can effectively increase/decrease.

A powerful scalable cloud is what you need, you can get started and use various cloud services in a fraction of seconds. You can integrate additional resources such as storage space, watch videos and more.


There is no doubt cloud hosting is incredibly versatile. Hosting can be done according to the client requirement and need. The easiest way is you need not be worried about the package. Everything will be handled by cloud hosting. Therefore you can have a clear idea about architecture, power, OS, security, etc.

Cloud hosting features

There is no secret that cloud hosting has a great impact on today’s technology. Following are hand-picked features of cloud hosting such as

  • Highly available environment
  • Cost-effective
  • Fully managed service
  • Disaster recovery
  • Monitoring server around the clock
  • Access your personal
  • High security

Final Thoughts

Cloud hosting has already touched the sky!! The small and large organization have been making the use of it from the past few decades. As per research, most entrepreneur stats that they’ve made a great investment by opting to ‘Cloud Hosting’.

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