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Top 5 Analytics Softwares for the Business

by jane bryon

Nowadays, every business is customer-centric. Be it a small business or large. To stay at the top of your game and to have a competitive advantage over your competitors, you must understand your customer’s changing behaviour. With the ever-changing market trends, one must learn to adapt to these changes to keep their business going.

With increasing options in the markets, customers have more choices to choose from and these increasing options make it hard for any business to retain existing customers. Businesses are focusing more on how to retain existing customers than acquiring new ones. Here is where Analytics come handy. It understands your customer behavioural changes and also predicts how it can change in future.

With Analytics, businesses can gain leverage over their competitors. From startup’s to industry giants every business is becoming more of data-driven companies and are using analytics to optimize and automate their business process.

Why Analytics? You must be wondering. Data is a key element for business as it can boost a company’s revenue. Analysing that data can help you understand your business better which automatically helps you in increasing sales and profits.

Data Analytics help companies in predicting customer trends, analysing and interpreting the given data in a more meaningful way so that data can increase your business productivity and help you in decision-making.

Among business Analytics tools companies are showing a keen interest in software under self-service. As these tools are easily understandable and don’t require special training. And they can be used to generate charts, reports and track metrics in a data set.

Here are 5 such Analytical tools that can help in improving business and increasing sales.


Sisense is a business analytics software company founded in 2004. It collects data and delivers fast results. This data analytics software allows users to discover business insights. It helps the user to re-discover their business and drive them towards success. Sisense offers a single stack solution and their In-Chip analytics provide the fastest analytical processing power.

It allows the user to mash up massive data’s instantly analyze, impact, deploy, embed and govern the data. Sisense offers free demo program and subscription-based pricing, prices change as per the user requirements and users can request for a price quote. In just 90 min they are offering the user to take from the data to the dashboard.


Looker provides its users with innovative data exploration services for both small and large companies. It allows users to access a web-based interface, which helps the user to obtain real-time insights by using data analytics. Looker pushes the companies to use data and drive their business in the right direction.

This tool can create reports and also share them with all interested parties and allows them to stay in the loop for any required discussions. Looker also provides user guide, training, live videos, webinars and interactive puzzles which make analytics an enjoyable activity. A user can request for demo and pricing changes as per customer requirements and can request for quote.


Zoho provides users with powerful analytical capabilities and can obtain actionable insights from your data, helps in transforming your business. It helps the user to import, prepare and blend data. It also helps in creating charts, pivot tables and Dashboard. Dashboards provide a user with a snapshot view of all important business metrics for easy analysis. It comes with multiple themes and KPI widgets.

It also allows the user to share, publish and embed dashboards.  The dashboard can be exported as a PDF or HTML file. It offers a free 15-day trial and prices for this software are ranging from $22.5/month for basic, $45/month for standard, $112.5/month for premium and $445 .5/month for an enterprise.


Domo is a cloud-based business management software. It integrates with multiple data sources like spreadsheets, social media, databases or any existing on-premises or cloud-based software solution. Domo software is suitable for any business whether it is small or large. It is compatible with Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. It offers a real-time centralized dashboard for data related to multiple business areas with performance metrics like key performance indicators, ROI etc.

This software offers many interactive visualization tools. All-in-all Domo software provides users with an innovative and complete solution for business intelligence and also helps the user understand and improve their business. Pricing for this software depends upon the number of users that need access and Domo also offers a free demo for its users.

5. Yellow Fin

Yellow Fin is an Australia-based company started in 2003. It transforms, analyse and report on data held in spreadsheets, databases and web API’s. This software provides AI-powered dashboards. This dashboard comes with assisted insights that automatically help you in noticing the changes faster.

It helps the user provide better context to his numbers by data stories. These stories will help the organization understand the data better. Yellowfin signals are perfect for automated discovery as they help users in discovering what dashboards are missing. Yellowfin offers 30-day free trial program and pricing change as per customer requirements. As every software is different, this software offers the user a commercial model that can fit their business.

Data Analysis reshapes and improves the way you interact with your customers, market and drives sales. It helps you in understanding and adapting to your customers changing needs and makes your products and services more customer-centric. It segments the data and helps users in identifying which set of customers to focus and invest.


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