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Top 15 HR software for the Business

by jane bryon

Technology has started showing its charm in untouched aspects of business like HR management also. This amalgamation between HR and technology can do a lot of benefits to the company. These HR software can help in shaping your companies hiring process.

They help your HR personnel in finishing their work on time with as much perfection as possible and offer transparency and protect compensation rights. These softwares help in building better connections within the company and helps companies invest themselves in smart staffing.

Undoubtedly technology has come a long way, it has made communication between people better and easy. So why not use it in HR management to make your company smarter. Tools & softwares like this even prove that your company is running in line with current trends and constantly try to better. All these softwares are only created to reduce managerial work on managing time etc of companies but let them do some actual work and stop worrying about these issues.

So here are 15 best HR software for your business.

Zoho People

Zoho has come a long way since it’s launch in 2005 and can be easily considered as one of the fastest growing companies in the world. Their web-based office suite definitely making it easy for companies to perform their day-to-day activities, so is Zoho People. This software is carefully crafted to make your workforce happy. Zoho people ha it covered from attendance management, onboarding, appraisals to time-tracking.

It provides your business with 360° HR solution. It performs all your HR administrative actions from a single central location. That dashboard allows you to perform many actions like set favourites, search for employees, analyze attrition reports and view organization trees. You can track attendance, leave and time sheets with a single click now. With this software, now it is easy to identify your employee’s strengths and weaknesses.

You can set goals for them and gather a 360-degree review too. You can automate your HR tasks and answer your employee’s questions. Zoho People even allows you to customise according to your business needs. It even integrates with other apps that you use on a day-to-day basis. It costs $9.96/year/employee for Essential, $19.92/year/employee for professional,$30/year/employee for premium, $49.92/ year/employee for Enterprise.

Bamboo HR

Bamboo HR collects and organizes all the information gathered throughout the employee life cycle. All this information can be used for future purposes. It provides you with insights and time so that you can focus on your employees well while you’re hiring, preparing compensation, building culture.

It allows you to create reports with its single secure database, using which you can improve your organisation and get results. Now, hiring is made easy with Bamboo HR, it’s mobile ready applicant enables tracking making it easy to find, evaluate and hire the right staff. It also provides automated onboarding and pre-boarding tools. Using these tools will help you focus less on forms, so you can create a better first-day experience for your employees.

You can even use these tools to self-service time-tracking, benefits-tracking, paid time off, so that you can pay your employees accurately on time. It’s latest tools, used to measure the engagement will create a champion culture in your workplace ultimately leading to your organization growth. You use this tool for its free-trial version, then if you like it then you can purchase its essential pack for $6.19/month/employee, $8.25/month/employee for the advanced package.

SAP Success Factors

SAP Success Factors will improve your employee experience. It is industry-leading cloud human capital suite and it uses the latest technology to connect with people and scout top talent in the industry and drive your business towards success.

It uses artificial intelligence to eliminate unconscious bias in your workspace decisions like who to hire? Who to promote? And helps you in choosing the right or deserving candidates. Every company has different types of employees like contract, contingent or part-time, this tool helps you in overseeing all of them along with your full-time employees.

You can even get insights on your employee’s strengths and weaknesses, foster engagement to drive your business to the peak. It offers products and services like core HR & payroll, recruiting, onboarding, performance, compensation, workforce planning and HR analytics. It even provides 360-degree feedback too. There is a free trial version available for this software and the starting price for this tool is around $84.53/per/user.

Dayforce HCM

Dayforce HCM is a modern cloud HCM platform designed to manage the employee lifecycle. It is a global human capital management platform, which offers features like HR, benefits, workforce management, talent management, payroll. It collects data of all your employees throughout the employee life cycle and allows you to make better decision making at every level. Dayforce HCM will provide all these features in a single application.

This platform is built on a flexible rules engine with real-time updates and calculations to address the complex regulatory requirements. It automatically calculates pay throughout the pay-period, saving time and labour to you. All the information is stored and monitored from a central location, it provides insights across the HR functions, helping you make better decisions in future. It simplifies the workforce, enhance compliance and increase accuracy. You can access your Dayforce on web or mobile, from anywhere at any time. This allows employees to say up-to-date. You request a quote for the price, as price varies based on the number of employees. You can even request for the product demo before making your decision.


Gusto provides HR management solutions for modern businesses. It provides payroll, benefits etc for businesses. This software is suitable for small businesses, it provides features like robust payroll, easy-to-use interface, automation capabilities, 401(k), payroll tax computation, compensation insurance. Gusto has reimagined the HR management, payroll and other benefits for a company.

It’s operations meet HIPAA, ACA, ERISA standard. This proves that the system automatically checks data and prepare compliance reviews of benefits and it even sends automated notices too. It served approximately 60,000 happy customers across the globe. It even offers time tools too.

You can enjoy all these features free for a month.  The pricing ranges from $12/mnth/person+$149/mo base for Concierge, $12/mnth/person+$39/mo base for Complete, $6/mnth/person+ $39/mo base for Core.

Kronos Workforce Central

Kronos Workforce Central is the best tool available in the market that helps companies across different industries. This tool provides the best solution for all your workforce management troubles. It offers the best user experience, global capabilities, cloud delivery, functionality etc. KWC features help in managing complex regulatory compliance requirement with simpler and easy processes.

Features include tools that make managing your workforce easy, it uses real-time labour info to track employees attendance, expenses, time, work-status etc. it provides solutions in a single integrated system. It’s easy to use interface is making it even more desirable. It is saving managers a lot of time and effort, they can make decisions easy and fast with it from anywhere at any time, as it is available in both mobile and desktop versions. The pricing for this product is quote-based and they vary based on the module you have chosen.


Deputy is the best hr management tool available in the market. It is known as the leader for perfect and accurate time management and scheduling. No matter what your business is deputy is ready to support it. It provides you with complete staff/employee management kit. It makes scheduling easy, with this tool you can edit and create schedules in a glance. You can even notify your employees about it from anywhere at any time and assign tasks to your employees, track their performance and get notified once they’re done.

You can maintain time sheets and easily track your employee hours to maintain a higher payroll accuracy and work towards building higher productivity and stay connected with your employees and keep them updated and engaged. 

This tool helps you have the right people at the right place at the right time. It has around 90,000 happy customers around the globe. Its list of features includes scheduling, collaboration, time&attendance, tasking, on-site time clock, performance management, auto scheduling. You can start using their trial version. The pricing ranges from $2/user/month for scheduling, $2/user/month for time and attendance, $3/user/month for premium, quote-based for enterprises.


Zenefits is undoubtedly one of the best in the industry. Its clients are mostly fortune 500 companies. It provides the best hr management tool for businesses. It provides powerful and intuitive tools all in one platform to make your work easy, improve employee efficiency and reduce administrative overheads. Simply put they are reducing paperwork and helping employees do more real work. They have made tools to create an office environment.

Once you enter your information into this tool, it automatically distributes it across the other tools. It even offers person to person advisory services for complex payroll and HR questions. You can even integrate with dozens of productive apps and enterprises. You can ask for a live and interactive demo before making your decision. The prices are ranging from $21/employee/month for zen, $14/employee/month for Growth, $8/employee/month for essentials.

Cake HR

Cake HR makes it easy to manage your workforce. It efficiently solves HR challenges and lets you focus on expanding your business. It’s easy to set-up software makes it even more desirable. All you to do is upload all your employee details or database to the staff directory and automate your HR, it takes care of all of it. If you have this tool you would never again have to worry about checking and keeping tracks of shift-change requests and time-offs. It provides you with so many filters to create reports and other graphs, which will provide you with useful insights about your company. Cake HR is a complete hr solution.

It consists of features like leave management, time sheets, shift scheduling, expenses, reporting, on-boarding, self-service, integrations. It even provides you with mobile apps making it easy to access from anywhere at any time and even offers employees individual login so that they can view their accurate number of days etc. You can select your modules and your monthly fees would be $4.20/month/employee.

Breezy HR

Breezy HR comes with the great recruiting system making it easy for you to hire great employees with minimum efforts. It provides you with features like reporting and analysing, advertise your jobs, candidate management, Email SMS &scheduling, career portal, source candidates and team collaboration.

This software is easy-to-use and offers features that are going to make your hiring decisions smart. With the help of this tool, you can build a team and build an optimal hiring process irrespective of its size. This tool allows your business to acquire the best talent in the market. Its interface is both modern and attractive. And this tool is SMB friendly. As mentioned above it features allow you to choose candidates from around 50 job boards. The prices range from $149/annum for start-up, $299/ annum for Business and you can even customize according to your business needs.

ADP Workforce Now

ADP Workforce Now is considered as an all-in-one platform for talent, benefit, payroll, time and HR. it comes with the best features and benefits that would make your business grow exponentially. Its key features include payroll, time& attendance, talent, HR management, Benefits and insights. It helps you make accurate payment calculations and avoid making any mistakes and makes it easy for managers to track their employees and monitor their attendance, productivity and absences closely.

It helps you hire the best talents out there and automate your employee’s performance management. ADP has made employee record keeping and other HR management easy. Its artificial intelligence identity gives you location-based insights to managers about their team. You can request a free demo before making your decision. It even offers integration with other systems. And not to forget it is a cloud-based platform which makes it easy to manage your HR requirements from anywhere.


Planday has made employee scheduling both easy and simple. It builds the best scheduling system by taking into account your account staff vacation, payroll costs, availability etc. it allows you to see financial reports in a schedule. It allows you to see the number of hours worked, revenue, payroll costs, % of revenue paid in salaries.

You can even schedule templates with it, you create a new schedule using the existing one or make a new one from scratch. You can even manage your employee availability also, your employee can even edit their availability in real-time and you can book a demo or use the trial version for 30 days. The prices ranges from $2/user/month for starter, $4/month/user for plus. And you can get a punch clock, an add on for accurate time-tracking at $1/month/user.

Tribe Pad

Tribepad provides the best recruitment process, this tool assists you in hiring the best talent. It provides features like Applicant Tracking system, onboarding, contract management, job boards, talent pooling, video interviewing. Applicant tracking system helps you in finding the best candidates quick and fast. Onboarding software assists you in welcoming new employees. It provides you control over collecting key information, policy acceptance, issue contracts etc. You can search for talent on job boards and schedule video interviewing etc. you can contact them and book a demo to understand the product better.


Lever provides talent recruiting platform suitable for any business. You can transform your business only by recruiting the greatest talent. This tool helps you in building relationships, predicting hiring needs and provides insights to data-driven talent. It unites your team with one system and manages your relationships. Its talent pipeline allows you to hire talent by unifying the process. Talent suite sources, nurture, hire, interview, measure. It’s a modern talent recruiting system will help you in recruiting fast. It responds to interest and engagement data and brings all recruiting channels into one. You can book a demo for this product.


OrangeHRM provides you with HR software that is personalized just for you to bring your employees together. This software provides you with an option to choose with what you need and leave behind what you don’t. It provides you with individual modules from which you can choose what you need or choose all of them to solve your biggest HR issues. It provides you with system administration and user roles, leave/ time-off management, personal information management, performance, recruitment, time&attendance management. Their other modules include document manager, travel & expenses tracker, disciplinary tracking, insurance benefits, employment compliance, OrangeHRM mobile app and training module. This tool is easy-to-use and saves a lot of time. It integrates with your current system too. You can try a 30-day trial version.


HR can get tricky and time consuming if not maintained properly. So it is better for companies to have an HR management software in their workplace. Irrespective of its workforce size every company need to make their workforce management digital. They provide you with a record of your employee’s accurate number of hours worked, maintain their leave record and provide insights using your employee data to improve employee productivity and business. They are even providing recruitments also and with the help of their tools they can acquire the best talent in the industry and schedule their interview online and recruitment them and even the new joining formalities are also made easy now with these tools.

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