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Top 10 Tips to Improve PPC Performance

by emily joyce

When you are searching for something on Google or other search engines. Have you ever noticed the advertisement which is displayed alongside search outcomes on a search engine? If yes, then you are already familiar with PPC advertisements.

What is PPC?

PPC stands for Pay-per-Click. PPC is a powerful form of advertising approach in which you set a specific budget for your ads to display on various platforms. The platforms may be Google, Facebook, etc.

In digital marketing strategy, PPC plays a significant role. The ultimate goal of PPC is to make your website rank high on search engine naturally. Ranking high can be a time-consuming task. Also, it involves a complete analysis of ‘how your website function’.

Key advantages of using PPC

  • Get on the first-page search result organically
  • Only pay when an online user clicks
  • Traffic is targeted
  • Express measurable results
  • Get access control for scheduling and budget

PPC allows you to pay only when an online user clicks your ad on a search engine. Most of the websites are using PPC to get maximum traffic and leads.

Using a PPC is pretty easy right? PPC allows bringing qualified traffic to websites. Many organization make great advantage of PPC since the approach is consistent and scalable. Achieving great success with PPC is easy. All you need to do is to optimize your campaign effectively. Also, avoid a few common mistakes.

If you are planning to increase traffic for your website. Then this article will help you with interesting tips to improve your PPC campaign performance.

1. Define your goal

Understanding the goal of your business is important. Nothing can make higher damaging to your PPC without choosing a proper goal. Make sure that you have complete knowledge about your goals, products or services and targeted location, customer, etc.

Because when you target on wrong keywords, location and audience. You will surely lose your money. Therefore, you need to set clear goals. The goals may vary depending upon the type of business.

  • Branding
  • Conversation
  • Leads and more

If you would like to focus on your business brand building. Then running a CPM campaign will be a great option for you.

If you target on conversion, then running CPA campaign is beneficial to generate maximum conversions.

2. Concentrate on high-performance PPC keywords

You might be stuck in between high and low performing keywords. A million-dollar question is… How do you know if a particular keyword is high performing? What about other keywords? Both High and low performing keywords can rely on your business goals.

If you are planning to optimize your campaigns. Then you must surely check the performance of a specific keyword. It is very important to keep an eye on high performing keywords. These keywords can bring quality leads to your business.

Make changes frequently at the bidding strategy with high performing keywords. You can also discover the optimal bid value for each keyword.

3. Don’t ignore negative keywords

For any digital marketing initiative, keyword discovery is the most crucial part. You need to concentrate more on relevant keywords for successful PPC campaigns. Therefore you can attract targeted users on search engine who are likely to convert as customers.

Negative keywords – As the name suggest negative keywords are completely different from your targeted keywords.

Most search engines define negative keywords as a keyword that prevents your online campaign from being triggered by a distinct phrase. Your advertisement will be unavailable for the user who is searching for that certain word. This is also called as a negative match.

4. Pause keywords that have low performance

How do you consider a  keyword that has lower performance?

Maintain a perfect balance between high and low performing keywords. At the initial step, make sure certain keyword has been used for a long time to acquire maximum data to make this decision. On the other hand, if a certain keyword has been running from a couple of days. Then giving some time to collect information rather than just suspending it right away.

Analyze completely about the keyword before pausing it. Note down the point about why a keyword is not performing well.

These are a few common reasons behind keyword poor performance

  • Low Bid
  • Less search volume
  • The match type may be too restrictive

5. Increase the quality score

Quality score is an important aspect that an advertiser looks in AdWords.

According to a search engine, Quality score is the estimated quality of high and low keywords, landing pages and advertisements.

If you maintain the relevant keywords, advertisements and landing pages. It is a known fact that search engine will give the best search experience to your targeted audience.

In order to provide the relevant user experience. The search engine will reward with the best quality score.

As per Google, the quality score is based on the following three factors

  • Click through rate
  • Ad relevance
  • Landing page relevance

6. Improve landing page

A landing page is a standalone web page. These are designed for specific purposes that may be for marketing or online advertisement. This landing page acts as a performance indicator of your PPC campaign. Also, This is capable to increase your conversions exponentially.

The online visitor will land on a specific web page when they have clicked through ads or similar.

The landing pages are specially designed with an ultimate objective i.e ‘Call to Action’. These pages are capable of converting online visitors into potential customers.

7. Take advantage of ad extension

Extensions expand your ad with extra information about your business, products, etc. By using ad extensions in your campaign will significantly increase the CTR of an ad. There are two types of extension such as manual and automated extensions.

There are various extension formats such as buttons, about us, contact info, product details, location and more. By adding additional information to your advertisement, extensions provide more visibility for your campaign on the result page. Therefore it increases the number of clicks for your ad. Ultimately your ad will get more value from a targeted audience.

There are few extensions offered by Google which are added automatically. No additional set up is required for these type of extensions. They can improve your performance of your ad.

8. Perform Competitor Analysis

To run a successful campaign, you need to focus on your competitors as well. Competitor analysis can be conducted either manually or with software.

A competitor analysis is an essential aspect of every PPC campaign. It provides with an in-depth analysis of your competitors. The collected data not only lets you enhance your PPC advertisements but also increase the conversion ratio.

Conduct a powerful competitor analysis

  • Your competitors in the market
  • Products or service they are offering
  • Their strategies
  • Their strength and weaknesses

9. Conduct A/B testing of PPC elements

Want to get enough clicks to your campaign? It can be possible through A/B testing. Conducting A/B testing in ads enables an advertiser to dramatically enhance conversion ratio on their PPC advertisements.

Analyze what’s working perfectly. Also, find better solutions to what’s not getting hit. Split testing remains one of the popular approaches to test campaign. Since testing is important for PPC advertisement optimization. There are many testing approaches in the market. But A/B testing remain as the most effective testing approach.

10. Don’t monitor and manage everything manually

Launching a PPC ad is not an end for your job. You need to analyse the overall performance of the campaign to generate maximum ROI.

To run a successful PPC campaign require constant monitoring. If you are still managing the campaign manually. Then you might be in risk. Think about managing a group of the campaign all at once, it something like messy. Maintaining and managing a PPC campaign all alone may end up losing some day.

Build customized alerts and automatic updates ensure to maintain and manage your PPC advertisements in a great way.

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