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Top 10 SEO blogs to learn

by emily joyce

Are you running a website or planning to start one? Then you might have heard about ‘Search engine optimization’ several times? The ultimate motto of SEO is to generate immense traffic from related sources and to gain potential visitors.

How often do you optimize your website? A month ago or a week ago or just yesterday. Optimizing a website frequently can generate organic traffic. How do you optimize your website? By inserting primary keywords or adding backlinks or doing both. To sustain in today’s competition, you need to think out of the box. Follow top SEO blogs and stay updated with SEO tricks and technique.

Why SEO is important?

It’s a no secret that without SEO no business can get succeeded. Will you agree? Yes, many brands know that they require search engine optimization for their online presence. Since SEO will improve your website searchability & visibility.

  • Organic search increases website performance
  • Builds trust and credibility
  • Better user experience
  • Increase – engagement, traffic and leads
  • Relatively cheap
  • Long term strategy and quantifiable

If you need to learn more about SEO, there are multiple SEO blogs that can help you. SEO professionals always stay updated with the latest developments by following top SEO blogs. These blogs offer complete information about SEO and they are trustworthy.

Don’t believe everything you read online. There are few blogs who can make you fall dark side. Therefore it’s vital to differentiate a good blog from a bad one.

Following are the top search engine optimization blogs to learn:


If you’re new to SEO ‘Moz Beginner’s Guide’ is invaluable for you. If you have a basic knowledge about SEO, Moz provides with the latest SEO tricks, study materials and testimonials into which trick works best. Daily a new topic will be posted.

The attractive feature of Moz is ‘Whiteboard Friday’, where an SEO professional will break down a vast topic through a whiteboard.

Moz is an online community, SEO experts are pretty excited to share their ideas, comments and research to the world. The SEO professionals go beyond with this amazing blog!!! They contribute up-to-date posts to the Moz blog. Editors are picky about the content quality they post. They mainly focus on information that finds quality and useful for everyone.  

Search Engine Journal

If you’re looking for a dedicated SEO blog, then ‘Search Engine Journal‘ is the right choice for you. SEJ is a popularly known as ‘SEO news blog’, launched in 2003. This blog goes beyond than just introducing basic concepts of SEO. They also publish unique content on social media platforms and PPC ads as well. No matter what, SEO is the major focus.

Search engine journal offers the latest news and contributes every aspect related to the search industry. Also, provides how and what type of SEO article for better understanding. They have a combination of blog post for beginners, intermediate and experts.


Yoast was introduced by ‘Joost de Valk’ in 2010. The main motto of this bog is ‘SEO for everyone’. With the latest techniques and approaches, Yoast provides everyone with an opportunity to rank their websites in search engine. This blog helps you with website optimization techniques. You can choose from Yoast tools or online SEO tutorials.

Subscribe to Yoast and get weekly SEO tips straight to your inbox. The tips can be website optimization, conversion, traffic and more. If you’re planning to integrate the plugin to your WordPress, Yoast will help you. Choose from various plugins such as Yoast SEO, local SEO, video SEO, news SEO and more.

Search Engine Land

SEL was launched in the year 2007 by ‘Danny Sullivan’. The editorial team produce content every day. Search engine land provides information about both SEO, SEM, social, mobile and more. Amazing right?? Right from how to optimize URLs to Google smart bidding techniques. Everything has been covered under one roof. Every day they post 4 to 5 articles per day. Roughly 135 articles per month.

Search engine land offers quality content on any blog post related to ‘search engine’, with a key emphasis on search engine optimization. They cover topics such as search engine products, tips, features on various aspects of SEO.


‘G-Squared interactive’ allows digital marketing services for everyone. The primary focus of GSQi is ROI. GSQi provides leverage with the power of SEO, SEM and social media advertisements to clients. Web analytics can help to achieve your company goals and objective.

From the past few years, GSQi blog helped many industries to enhance their online marketing efforts, right from big name brands to small businesses. Follow GSQi and get proper knowledge about Google algorithm updates, manual actions and technical SEO.

If you’ve heard about any latest update on Google algorithm, checkout GSQi blog for complete information.

Search Engine Watch

Want to learn about general trends in SEO? Then stay connected to Search Engine Watch. This is one of the popular SEO blogs to learn.  Many SEO experts prefer to SEW to stay up-to-date. Search engine watch provides current news and updates about SEO and SEM.

Search engine watch is a popular publication and truly dedicated to ‘search industry’. Lately, SEW has been started publishing about a single post per day. Mostly on the current topics of SEO, SEM, digital, content and video marketing.


SEMrush is well known as ‘online visibility management software’. It is a key player among the marketing SEO tools. This blog has come up from the competitive analysis and powerful keyword tool. SEMrush provides information regarding SEO, digital marketing, PPC, AdWords, content and more. To make you happy SEMrush tend to post at least a single post per day. This post can be published by experts and SEMrush team members.

The domain authority of SEMrush is 83. This blog is trusted by over 30,00000 SEO marketers around the globe. It is proven that this blog will make a great work by providing quality and informational for you.

SEO Theory

How does SEO work? It works in a systemic approach right!!! SEO theory attempts to provide information about – how SEO works? how they interact? how they process? The systems included? and more. SEO theory strives to give complete information about everything (explain, what, how and why).

Write a blog post on updated SEO tricks and tips and get featured on SEO Theory instantly.

The SEM Post

The SEM post was introduced in 2014. This blog offers a fresh look at ‘Search marketing industry’ with up-to-date information. Also, provides with additional information like how it is useful? why it’s important? for your business. They promote quality content, tips and powerful strategies right from SEO to Adwords. These articles serve a regular format and the word count can be around 3k words.

Browse through various categories such as content marketing, PPC, SEO, security, social media, video marketing and more.

SEO book

There is no doubt ‘SEO book‘ is one of the popular publication founded in 2003. The blog consists of the latest search engine news, SEM and more. Explore a wide range of extensive guides on how to maximize SEO efforts for your website. Follow this blog regularly and implement according to your requirement. Watch out the ranking of your website.

If you’re a beginner, then join an SEO training program and gain search traffic, maximize growth and a lot you deserve. The program consists of thousands of posts, professional videos, member’s forum, tests and more. Register and improve your website monetization.

Search engine optimization standards will shift continuously. Whether it can be social media or content marketing. Follow these blogs and expand your knowledge of SEO.

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