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Top 10 Event Management Software

by jane bryon

Have you ever planned an event? If you have, then you might know what a painstaking process it is. You should always be ready for any type of trouble. Anything can go wrong like the change in venue, increase in attendance or worse cancellation of the event. You always have to be on your toes ready to tackle any problems and ensure that the event is organised successfully.

It always feels great to receive a helping hand when you’re having a hard time right? Event Management software can be saving graces to many event organisers. 

What is Event Management Software?

Event management software is a software that provides with the solution for many aspects of an event from planning to post-event stages. Some tools provide solutions for the entire event. Whereas, some of them provide solutions only for a specific situation in the event like registration, floor planning, ticketing, surveys, schedules and analytics.

Event Manager considers an event successful when there are 84% attendee satisfaction, 16% media coverage, 12% team building and 56% revenue. An event management software makes it easy for the organisers in achieving it. There are so many benefits of using event management software.


  • Makes it easy to communicate with several teams from a single platform
  • Makes communication clear and easy
  • Lowers overheads and is very cost effective as a small team can perform multiple tasks
  • Ensures that the event is organised well and also provides database and insights to improve for the next event
  • Helps with event promotion and also provides efficient data management

So, here are 10 event management software that can make organising an event a cake walk.


Cvent event management platform is a tool which can increase compliance and visibility. It not only provides an all-round solution to the event team but it also helps other important teams such as procurement and travel team, finance team, sales and marketing team. Cvent assists you in organising a complete event lifecycle. From finding a venue to Post-event analytics this platform makes it and offers solutions for troubles at any stage of the event. With this platform, you can increase at least 20% attendees, 27% productivity and save 15% by using tools offered by them.

Creating and organising an event is easy with Cvent. You can now create an event in minutes with fast and integrate Cvent Express. With Cvent Express event planning process is simplified for both attendee and event organiser. This online platform makes it possible to customise the event website, data management and email marketing. Its onsite functionality makes sure to run engagement and guest arrival smoothly. Cvent is offering a 14-day free trial.


Eventzilla is an all-in-one event management & registration platform. It is perfect for social events, conferences, and fundraisers. With Eventzilla there is no set-up fees, no contracts, and no monthly fees. It offers features that work for you like custom survey questions, waiting list, mobile check-in, discount codes, email invitation, mobile-friendly event websites, collect money both online and offline,event calendar, multiple payment gateways, recurring events, display location map, promoting on social media, manage orders, private events and create name badges.

It allows you to post and promote your free events with its world-class features. Pricing ranges from $1.25/ticket for basic, 1.9%+$0.99/ticket for pro and you can even get custom pricing for customised features.

Event Brite

From music festival to classes you can plan all your events within minutes with Event Brite. Its analytics, built-in payment processing, and support allow the users to create event listing pages. It is an app designed for organizers where they can run, track or promote an event from their mobile services. Event Brite doesn’t charge any fees for free tickets and they let attendees pay online and get paid quickly. It also allows you to track and manage your sales with analytics and reporting from any device. It also allows you to promote your brand with designed pages, these pages enable ticket purchasing &easy discovery.

You can sell anywhere and everywhere. Reduces no-shows by sending your attendee’s reminder about the show. Attendees can view, edit or cancel their tickets with it. Pricing starts from 2%+0.79 for essential, 3.5%+$1.59 for professional, and custom for premium.


Bizzabo is an event management software for modern planners. This software allows your team to create events and also provides insights on how to grow your events. You can create an event and integrate an event data plan also. It even customises your user experience. It provides with tools like email, event networking, reporting, polling, registration, event insights etc. Bizzabo is famous for being the most user-friendly.

It comes with 3 plans, the planner plan is great for medium events, the pro plan is great for businesses with already established event portfolio, and the elite plan is for enterprise organizations. You can request for a demo and if you like this software then you can request a quote.


Whova event management software is helpful for busy organizers. You can save time as the user can stay in control. It allows you to manage your web and mobile agenda from one place. With Whova in just 5 minutes, you can generate thousands of name badges. Fast and easy attendee check-in.

It provides live polling and allows you to create an engaging event. You can even get detailed insights to statics on your event. You can request a price quote.


Ploxel is a ticketing platform where you can manage, promote and sell your next online event. It allows you to sell tickets anywhere be it your hosted page, WordPress site or your website. Provides complete assistance to run your event and sell tickets online. This software makes it easy to promote or manage any event. Its check-in app makes it easy and simple to check-in your attendees. It also allows you to add privacy policies to your ticketing pages with which your attendees should agree before purchasing tickets.

They also offer uptime information for your ticket pages ensuring that sales will always be online so your attendees can purchases tickets whenever they like. Pricing varies depending on the type of the event. For the paid event they charge 2.5%+50p/ticket sold, for charity event and enterprise you can request for a price quote. They are also offering free services for free events.

Zoho Backstage

With Zoho Backstage you can create, engage, entertain and educate. You can design, connect, market, and access. You can build and personalize your event. Allows you to promote your event on multiple social media platforms.

It allows you to communicate better with your users, as it makes your website available in multiple languages. It helps you in attendee registration, event promotion and building your own website.

You can take 15 days trial. The prices are varying from $79/month for professional, $159/month for professional plus and $ 299/event if you opt for pay per event. They also offer services to free events.


Konfeo makes organising events easy. It is an online event registration software which enables you to create an event, customize your registration form also you can sell seats and tickets. It provides 100% GDPR compliance. This software is user-friendly. It is secure and reliable. Their dashboard is so simple to use.

It is an advanced application which manages any type of events efficiently. Pricing varies from 0.5$/registration for the free-plus event, 0.5+2.5%/paid attendee and they provide free services for the free event. It allows you to access your event from anywhere.


Caterease is an event planning software for forwarding thinkers. It is driven by innovation and is conceived by need. It makes managing events easy and quick. Increases efficiency, quick lead conversion and improves productivity. It provides the user with tools that can help them in managing events better.

Customizable booking wizards make it easy to book events. There are custom print designing tools that give you total control over your company’s images. This software is perfect for any industry. They are charging $68/month for express, $100/month for standard, $132/month for professional. Per-user one time set up fee is $200.


Everwall assists in building a beautiful social media wall for your event. This software makes it easy to engage with attendees in a customized social media wall in real time. Builder helps in defining what to display on your social media page like hashtags, phrases, @users or keywords.

It allows you to post announcements for your attendees and also allows them to take part in live polls on social media platforms. You can even use their modern browser to broadcast your social media wall. Prices range from the $39/event day for self-service and $299/event day plus $1000 for setup.

Behind every successful event, there is hard work and lots of time spent. This event management software can definitely be a helping hand in making your event a hit. Choose software that is apt for your event and provides features that drive your event successful.

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