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The Top 6 InfusionSoft Alternatives for Your Business

by qiel

Your business is like your baby and it needs plenty of nurturing at all times and in all matters. When it comes to sales and marketing, every business needs an extra push and it is always best to not place all your eggs in one basket. You would do well to spread your sales and marketing efforts so that you have an omni channel presence because in the world wide web, you never know where your ideal customer may be. 

But this is exactly where many businesses end up with a challenge – the challenge of time, energy and bandwidth. This is especially true for small businesses who need to grow with an online presence that can translate into relevant data and functions that will lead to conversions. So how does one do it all?

The answer lies in CRM or customer relationship management. A number of well known platforms like InfusionSoft and alternatives to InfusionSoft, can help you take care of your CRM needs and even integrate the same with marketing automation functions that can be extended to various channels like social media, email and even landing pages that can help the customer follow a specific call for action leading to a sure shot conversion. 

Before we go deeper and discuss the top 6 InfusionSoft alternatives, let us understand what a CRM system like InfusionSoft would be able to do for your business and your team. 

  • Organization: You would get the instant gift of organization once you are connected with a system like this one. CRM or customer relationship management shows you the art of creating a framework of functions based on the unique information that is stored as per the fields pertaining to these functions. So when a particular function is called up, it applies to all the information in that field. This can help in not only organizing all the data, but in organizing the data in terms of functions and tasks as well. This will make your work and approach much more organized. 
  • Productive: When you turn to an InfusionSoft alternative, you would also become more productive since you would be able to automate the mundane and time taking tasks. This will free up your time and energy to a great extent so that you have the bandwidth to actually chase those leads and nurture them for a conversion. In this sense, you will be able to concentrate on your core skills and capabilities while the CRM system does the rest for you and your business.
  • Team Work: Teams that work with CRM in the back end tend to work much better than the teams that do not use this technology. The reason is pretty simple. If you happen to look at the above two points, you will understand that alternatives to InfusionSoft would help you get organized and get more productive when it comes to all your resources. This also includes the human resource or the team that is supposed to help you make those conversions which is the sales and marketing team. With a CRM system in place, all the tasks and the functions follow one another with carefully timed notifications which would get sent out only on the completion of the previous task. This would not only eliminate all extra communication, but it would also help in ensuring that none of the tasks get missed out and no task is duplicated. In this sense, the organization and productivity of the teams would take place seamlessly thanks to the employment of a CRM structure. 
  • Revenues: All of the above would have a definite and positive bearing on your revenues since you would be able to use an alternative to InfusionSoft in order to create room to focus on core tasks that can actually convert your clients and customers with more ease. This will increase the rate of conversions and grow your brand following by leaps and bounds, thus increasing your revenue in the process as well. 

You would do well to use one of the many alternatives to InfusionSoft for furthering your business interests. Here are the top 6 that you can consider:

  • EngageBay: This is the foremost alternative to InfusionSoft for a variety of reasons. Not only has this platform won numerous awards, but it has already serviced clients from all over the world. The platform comes with fully loaded features that can instantly create a more organized and productive environment for you and your team to function in. As an added plus, you get to use the features at super affordable price points!
  • Ontraport: This is a new and upcoming InfusionSoft alternative that can help you with all your email marketing and CRM needs. 
  • Drip: Drip CRM is a new CRM system that also helps with lead generation through a great email marketing program. It helps in tracking the emails and gives you relevant insights as well. 
  • Really Simple Systems: This CRM platform helps you integrate a number of other tools and technologies for marketing automation so that you can do all your sales and marketing work on a single platform in a simple manner. 
  • Wish Pond: This is a well known InfusionSoft alternative that helps you with your CRM needs even as it gives you plenty of scope to design and send out targeted campaigns via email and even landing pages. The tracking and analytics system here helps you refine your efforts as well. 
  • Hatchbuck: This alternative to InfusionSoft helps you with CRM, marketing software and a number of integrations that can take your sales and marketing forward in the sales pipeline and towards relevant conversions. 

The above analysis shows that EngageBay would be the best bang for your buck since it offers all the features of CRM and marketing automation on a single platform, which also eliminates the extra cost of signing up for features on various platforms. 

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