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How to use Twitter?

by emily joyce

Twitter is one of the popular social networking platforms that allow you to share images, memes, thoughts, videos, and more. Unlike Facebook, Twitter is a convenient tool that keeps up-to-date right from entertainment to political news. Each post is called ‘Tweet’. Previously, there is a character limit for each tweet i.e 140 characters. Now that character count has been doubled i.e 280 characters for all languages.

Planning to tweet? Amazing!! You’ll just love it. These days, everyone from the prime minister to an actor is tweeting it up. You can get in touch with your friends and family members. Also, you can get connected with your favourite actor, journalists, political leads or businessmen, all in the single space.

If you’re running a business, then Twitter can be a powerful tool to reach your business prospects.

Twitter is a social hub to 330 million monthly users.

These users access Twitter around the globe. If you’re looking for the latest updates of your competitors and customers. That means if you’re not active on Twitter, you are missing leads and losing your customers.

Since Twitter is a powerful tool prefered by every business. Unfortunately, there are few brands tweeting every day. Many marketers don’t have a clear idea about ‘How to use Twitter for their business’. They schedule their tweets and add few brands and commercial hashtags with each post. If you’re working on the same process, then you’re in the wrong track.

What makes Twitter unique?

Celebrity profile access. When you’re browsing on Facebook, you always look for your favourite celebrities. Sometime you may find them online, then suddenly you might realize they their account is actually a fake. It happens all the time right!! By taking Twitter into consideration, it works in a different manner. At Twitter, many celebrities tweet all the time. Also, they reply, retweet and comment to regular folks.

Retweet. It’s no secret that the digital world has already aware of the concept “hashtag”. You can use it everywhere right from Facebook to Twitter. But one thing the digital world cannot take away from this platform is “Beloved retweet”. If you like a post, you can retweet that post.

RT stands for “retweet”. If you want to retweet on someone’s post, you’ve two options.

  • Respond to their post by itself
  • You can comment on their tweet

Online events. Twitter has not confided its self to news and entertainment it is much more than that. Like other platforms (Facebook, Instagram) Twitter is all about ‘engagement and connections’. You can take your business marketing strategy a step further by creating a twitter party. You can also participate to get engaged with your audience.

The Twitter party is known as an online event. Here everyone discusses a specific topic or about the company. In order to participate in online events, you need to use “Twitter party’s hashtag”. There are small and big brands use ‘Twitter parties’ to boot interest and increase engagement. Ultimately, gain followers.

Following are the actionable tricks on ‘How to use Twitter’ effectively for your business.

Set up a strategy

A well-crafted strategy is a foundation for victory on every social media. With a perfect plan and constant focus, you can invest your time & money into marketing activities that accomplish your business goals and drive leads.

Get started by figuring out – what is the purpose of your Twitter account.

Purposes can be

  • Generate maximum sales and leads
  • Enhance product and service awareness
  • Improve customer loyalty
  • Decrease customer support costs

When you have a detailed idea about your objective and goals, you can begin to develop actionable targets.

For instance, you’ve set a goal to ‘Get 1000 likes’ a month by end of the two-month campaign. Make sure that your goals and objectives are clear and measurable.

Define your niche

Who is your targeted audience? Why do you want to reach them? Define your niche before you start tweeting.

If you’re running a restaurant and planning to find more customers? You’re a marketing professional and looking to promote your business? No matter what are your specifications, goals, niche. Write them down on a paper.

Your checklist to do:

  1. Use a dashboard such as Hootsuite, Seesmic, etc
  2. Get a clear understanding of Twitter search
  3. Use twitter list
  4. Use search, directories to gain followers
  5. Schedule everyday tweets

Create your Twitter account

Your Twitter account is a powerful handy tool in your social media marketing strategy. Concentrate more and create the right brand image for your business. Therefore you’ll build trust among audiences.

Optimize your Twitter account completely:

  • Choose a quality image for your profile picture.
  • Describe your company, products and services in bio. For maximum leads, you can add a secondary link to your website in bio.
  • If you to gain trust among your customer, then get a blue verified badge to your twitter profile.

Use #hashtags in your post

It’s a known truth, hashtags are introduced by Twitter. Every social media platform is taking great advantage of this technique to generate a new audience.

Concentrate on a hashtag, they can boost your post to the next level. These hashtags help to categorise your content and help to find your brand easier. Here categories include fashion, health, travel, food, electronics, services and more.

For instance, you’ve created a tweet on ‘Body Fitness’. The hashtags can be #Getfit #FitLife #FitnessMotivation #FitnessAddict and more.

Whenever a user searches for fitness, there are multiple chances to make your tweet visible at the top of the list.

Therefore hashtags important for every tweet !!!

As per research, tweets that consist of hashtags improve engagements by 60% of brands (small & big).

  • Don’t use too many hashtags in a single tweet.
  • Never use spaces while writing a hashtag. Like #Social Media can provide reference #Social and then separates #Media. Make a note, your hashtag should link each other.
  • You can also find trending hashtag every day on Twitter on the left-hand side. Use trending hashtags to inspire your previous hashtags.

Know when to tweet

Did you know over 355,000 tweets are being sent every minute? There is no point on wandering, but it may feel difficult to reach user engagement from your followers.

Every day you post at least 3 to 4 post on your Twitter profile. Have you ever examine the reach of your post? On which day your posts are getting more engagement? Most probably on Friday right. Many marketers stats that the tweets posted on Friday has more engagement than tweets posted on other days.

  • How about tweeting on Friday? Yes, it’s the best day to post.
  • Friday can be the perfect day to post on your twitter profile
  • The perfect time to post is b/w 9 AM to 11 AM
  • Avoid posting on Sunday morning

Use visuals to boost user engagement

Are you looking for more and more engagement on Twitter? Then using visuals in your content will get you over there.

Visuals continue to be more valuable nowadays. Also, a powerful approach to engage with your audience. As per the survey, over 82% of users prefer visual content on Twitter.

Following are ways to drive engagement from potential followers such as:

There are few videos ‘behind-the-scenes’. These videos get more engagement than other videos. Start sharing ‘behind-the-scene’ videos of your business. It can help to build your organization trust and authenticity of your brand. Additionally, you can share live videos through Periscope.

Every day try to post at least 5 images on your feed. Don’t ignore visual content. Concentrate more when you design videos and images for Twitter. These can spark out your leads, sales, visitors and more. Keep a note, don’t forget to tag, you can tag up to 10 uses per image or video if necessary.

Try using GIFs and memes!! These have a quirky and fun way of your business.

Monitor and manage your performance

Monitoring and managing your brand is the most crucial part when you’re using Twitter. It means you’re paying attention to what people are talking about your brand and manage overall Twitter performance.

Keep an eye on your competitors. Following your top competitors can inspire you while creating posts and activity. Also, you can get a clear idea about what other people are talking about your competitors.

Always listen and encourage your followers, there are few tools available online. This software can help about what people are talking about you through hashtags and mentions. The best part of using these tools is you can get important keywords to your brand.

Don’t ever lose focus while using Twitter for your business. Measure your marketing techniques and strategies by using ‘Twitter Analytics”. This analytics provides with a detailed overview of your strategy.

Final Thoughts

Twitter is a powerful social media platform to engage with your audience. As many businesses rely on social media (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram) to get connected with their customers. It’s also important to ensure whether you have a perfect presence on your Twitter profile.

Follow the mentioned tips and stand out from the crowd. These tactics can ensure that you’re well connected with your followers on a deeper level. Start using Twitter for brand promotion and reach your audience in a flexible way. Also, grow your brand name and fame online.

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