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How to Use Twitter for Business

by jane bryon

Social media platforms have clearly gained leverage on other forms of entertainment like TV for both adults and teens. And you would have noticed that the average time spent on these platforms is more than 9 hrs in a day interacting, watching videos or randomly scrolling on social media.

Businesses have changed their direction to get more people recognise their brands. And the huge part of this rebuilding includes using social media. Brands have come out of the idea that social media is platform only used for entertainment, they have come to understand how their sales numbers would skyrocket by using social media.

Twitter is one such platform businesses use to connect with existing customers, peers across the industry and potential customers. Twitter is considered as a platform for intellectuals who have gathered to discuss politics and other serious issues. So using such a platform may help your business in connecting with like-minded people across the platform.

Build a deeper bond with your existing clients, interacting with them on a regular basis will help you understand how satisfied are they with your brand? What other changes would they like to see in your products? And answer their grievances and respond/ solve them as early as possible. By being active on your twitter can even help you in converting more leads into sales.

So here are some tips that would help your business reach its goal using twitter.

Build a strong profile

In twitter, your profile becomes your brands face. So make sure that your profile is conveying your brand’s image. Provide complete information about your brand and the product and services it offers. One look at your profile, customers should be filled with all the information they’re are looking for regarding your brand.

Have a complete profile. An incomplete profile can make leave your audience with an impression that you don’t take this platform seriously. Which is clearly not your intention? Right. Use your brand’s logo, you may also use your headshot if you represent your brand among masses. But make sure that image is not blurry or cropped. It may not look good. Use this opportunity to get your customers more acquainted with your brand logo. Use an image that fits perfectly in square size. While using a headshot, focus mainly on your face. Don’t include pets, kids etc in the frame.

Twitter Bio

Twitter bio is where you can keep your customers and potential customers locked. You can convey your brand story there. But within a character limit. Convey as much as you can and make sure it is free from any grammatical errors.

Include components like what your brand does, what services offer and other details like your company’s vision or mission statements. Review it and as your team to review it too, having a second opinion near hurts and if they offer any suggestions, try following them. Update your bio every 6 months. Don’t forget to add your website link in your bio.

Twitter followers

Having more twitter followers will definitely do good for your business. It simply means you promote your products to a special group of customers, who are clearly interested in your brand. Engaging and targeting them can convert leads into sales and benefit your brand.

There are many tools available online which can increase your followers by using your data and analytics and find conversations and users that suit your brand. You can also do keyword research and use keywords and hashtags that are more likely to drive more people towards your profile.


Influencers can seriously up your brand’s game on Twitter. Find twitters within your niche or industry. Interact with them and build a great relationship with them. Engaging with them can create more opportunities for your brand to reach more audience. A collaboration with influencers can give a huge boost to profile and increase followers, engagement on your profile. Which means more traffic to your website. Building a great relationship with your peers within the industry may help you in future.

Hashtags, Twitter Ads

Don’t just add every hashtag you find. Use hashtags that are relevant to your post. Don’t stuff your post with more hashtags. Stuffing will do no good to your posts, it is simply a bad idea. Posts with only two hashtags attract more attention than posts with more than 3. If you’re one of those who don’t use hashtags, then you’re clearly missing out on a lot. Using them will create visibility for your attract more followers. There are tools that help you find hashtags that have more reach for a particular keyword. Use such tools to increase engagement on your posts.

Twitter Ads is another great way to attract more people. Set up your twitter ad and use your tailored audience i.e., people interested in your brand. Use your email list, the subscribers for your email newsletter are undoubtedly interested in your brand. Twitter will promote your products by using email ids from the list you offered by finding them on twitter. Create unique links for each post you create and set up UTM tracking to track conversations, sales and bounce rates.

Great headlines, consistent tweeting

To attract more crowd make sure that you’re tweets are creative and unique. Use great headlines that would grab the attention of your followers. A great headline can do a lot to your post. You can get more retweets which will give you an opportunity to promote your product and brand in new waters. And gain some new followers.

Don’t forget to be consistent in tweeting. Post at least twice a week, to stay connected with your audience. Respond to the comments on your posts and follow your customers to gain visibility. Use relevant keywords in your tweet, this way your tweet can appear when people search for that keyword.

Twitter analytics

Use twitter analytics and other analytics tools to check the engagement on your profile. You can understand which tweets are drawing more attention, giving you an idea about what you’re audience like. You can get detailed insights on your posts and even understand how did your audience find your tweet. How much traffic is driven by hashtags? All of these questions are answered. By understanding your analytics, you can increase the engagement level on your posts.


Use Twitter and improve traffic to your website and interact closely with your customers. Understand your audience better and this platform allows you to build a relationship with them. You can answer their queries in your twitter profile. And using all these tips you can drive traffic, convert leads to sales and grow your business.

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