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How to Use LinkedIn Video for the Business?

by emily joyce

When your planning about LinkedIn marketing, you always tend to present the best content to promote. Because this platform is mostly used by professional. Since producing quality content can drive maximum traffic. If you publish a video and that video doesn’t get maximum traffic or did not go viral. It’s a scary story? You may think it was a failure approach, right? If you’re thinking in the same sense, you’re on the wrong track.

Video content is increasingly popular in every business. They don’t require to go ‘viral’ to generate ROI or drive maximum results. Since there is clearly a high demand for video content. Furthermore, you need to use video content as your prior marketing strategy.

If you’re looking for the right social media platform to promote your videos, LinkedIn is the perfect platform for you. Video is an amazing part of the ‘LinkedIn’ content experience. With automated feed, it has proven to capture huge audiences and their attention. There is a great way to increase engagement for videos and effectiveness for content. Being a B2C and B2B medium for professional and customers to connect. Also, you can post videos, live videos that can boost your brand.

There are different types of LinkedIn videos such as

Embedded videos – Many businesses upload their videos on various hosting platforms like Youtube, Vimeo, etc. And then share the video link on their LinkedIn.

Native videos – These videos get uploaded straight to respective LinkedIn profiles.

Video ads – LinkedIn video ads is a sponsored ad. These type of videos can appear in the LinkedIn feed. Video ads can increase brand awareness.

Want to know how to use LinkedIn videos for your business? Here you go with hand-picked 5 amazing techniques.

Long-form quality content

How can you publish long-form content in LinkedIn? You can do with “LinkedIn publisher”. Of course, it is one of the useful features of LinkedIn. Reach-out to maximum people with quality and long-form content. Traditional message sharing can be done via standard status. But, a LinkedIn publisher will function in an effective way.

  • Maximizes social media sharing
  • Search engines rank higher
  • Best link building
  • Generate maximum reader value
  • Boosts conversions

On the LinkedIn platform, your content gets published in your profile. This content can enable you to get leads, visitors, prospects and other clients that land on your profile. If they get impressed, they’ll like, comment or sometimes shares the video content on LinkedIn Publisher. Publishing long-form content, i.e 2000+ words can perform better. Also, add enormous value to your visitors or clients by moving beyond just scratching the cover.  

People always tend to engage with interactive and long-form content. Visitors will spend maximum time by viewing the video. Longer content tends to rank higher. Sometimes longer video content can appear in Google’s rich snippet.

Promotional or educational videos

If you wish to stand out from the crowd? Then, you must be a step further compared to your competitors. Because the main problem is your business is not alone. No matter if you’re selling fashion products or running a food court, you face the same challenges. The question is, how will you stand different? Here is a simple solution for you. Define what your brand is, and catch your visitor’s attention? The amazing marketing approach right now is promotional and educational videos.

Do you like to watch educational videos? Of course yes!! Everyone wants to learn new things. Publish a promotional video and attract new visitors.

With promotional video, you can explain about your motto, aim, objectives, goals of your company. The promo videos can be uploaded at ‘Summary’ of your LinkedIn profile. On the other hand, educational videos can explain your product/services. Sometimes industry-related topics.

  • Give answers to your customer’s or visitors questions
  • Increases brand authority
  • Encourages visitors to discover more
  • These videos can work around the globe in the marketing funnel

Share your video in LinkedIn groups

You’ve created high-quality video for your website. Now, you’re planning to share the video on LinkedIn industry-related groups. Great idea!! Sharing a video in a LinkedIn group can be tricky compared to other social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Make sure to share quality video content. If you share an inherent content, there are many chances to be removed from the groups. You don’t want to face such kind of situations right? Create self-curate video content and publish in the right group with the right intent.

Make your task even simply by sharing your video in multiple LinkedIn groups.

  • Go to homepage
  • Click on “Share an update”. Add your video.
  • Make sure to add perfect title
  • Post the video. Now you can find the select on the share button
  • Now, select post to groups
  • Check the video to respective groups
  • Type the first letter of the group, you can find drop down menu
  • Hit enter on every group you would like to share the video with
  • Click on the share button
  • You will receive a confirmation message
  • Also, you can share the video link to individual

Start posting on an industry-related LinkedIn group and increase your brand awareness and credibility.

Promote videos through LinkedIn Ads

Are you planning to reach huge prospects on your LinkedIn profile? Then LinkedIn video ads are the best option for you. These ads can provide a compelling approach to reach your prospects.

Don’t know how to create a video ad? Here you go

  • Select your video ad objective
  • Firstly, identify the key objective for every video campaign. With proper identification, you will be informed and measure the success of your video ad.
  • There are three types of objectives: Brand awareness, Consideration and Conversion.
  • Measure your campaign success with respect to your objective. Analyze and measure the results of your video ad.
  • Plan a high-quality video content with respect to your objective. Because unique content tends to a successful video ad. The video must be concise and visually compelling. Create a video ad in the form of storytelling. This could be a great idea!!
  • Optimize the length of your video depending upon the objective. Maintain a time-limit for efficiency. How about 30 seconds of a video? Yes, it’s a great idea. As per a recent survey, video under 30-secs reported a 100% lift in video view completion rate.
  • Now, get started with creating a video ad. Log in to LinkedIn campaign manager.
  • Select your key objective. Since video formats are available for every objective.
  • Here you can find two types of videos such as sponsor videos and upload videos.
  • It’s time for bidding!! Keep in mind, your bidding strategy should equally match with your objective.

Have you heard about ‘Lemonlight tip’? Adding a short and sweet description to your video is a lemon light tip. Therefore it highly encourages visitors to keep on watching.

Repurpose your favourite and popular video

Creating quality video content for LinkedIn is unrewarding. Since, it takes lots of time and effort to create, particularly long video. Here were repurposing the video content can help you.

Probably you might be publishing hundreds of posts per month on LinkedIn. There will be few posts that earned high engagement. If you’ve such type of potential video, then you must surely make the most with those videos. Repurposing video content can maximize strength and individual characteristics.

  • Enhanced video SEO
  • Higher ROI
  • Excellent audience targeting
  • Wider reach
  • Higher video views
  • Advanced message retention

LinkedIn is the best platform to repurpose your content. Most marketers believe that LinkedIn is just for finding a job and talking about boring topics. This might be older days, but now everything has changed. Every day millions are people are getting engaged on LinkedIn. Therefore it’s a high-time to concentrate on repurposing content. When you’re posting video content, make sure to focus on “see more” button, here you can long-form content.

Follow everything and continue with the trick that purely works for your business.

LinkedIn has already gained its place in social media. The platform offers great benefits for both visitors and creators. As per research, over 52% of video marketers used LinkedIn video as a promoting channel. 89% of marketers found LinkedIn as an effective strategy.


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